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Silver Mountain

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Alert.png This page is outdated! Some of the info on this page is no longer applicable to Silver Mountain, because JTrain77 is too lazy to update this page!
Silver Mountain
2017-06-13 20.57.10.png
Mayor JTrain77
World New
Founded December, 2016
Location Northwest corner of Epsilon World
Status Very W.I.P.
Transit None (Yet)

Silver Mountain is a small town in the far Northwest of the MRT. The town was started around December of 2016 after epsilon took place. The town is currently under heavy development, and has a few buildings. The town was about 5000 blocks away from anything else on the server until SoaPuffball built Frosty Rivers ~300 blocks away, and ModernArt relocated his town to about ~500 blocks south of that.


As mentioned above, there are seven buildings in Silver Mountain. Five of them are houses, and two of them are shops. Also, all building in Silver


Silver Mountain Residential Area.png

All the houses are partially built into the mountain, most have two floors, and most include a balcony. One is for sale.

Resident Colors Additional info
JTrain77's sister Orange and Red, Stone Roof First House built in Silver Mountain
Hvt2011 Lime and Green, Stone Roof
time2makemymove Black and Orange, Sandstone Roof Has a small tunnel to enter
Itz_Lego Blue, Red Sandstone Roof Only one floor, no balcony
Mine_man_ & Tarheelscouse Yellow and Blue, Nether brick Roof Built at an angle


Silver Mountain Shops.png

There are two shops in silver mountain, Silver Mountain Clothing, and Sam's Chicken.

Store Name Description Additional info
Silver Mountain Clothing Clothing Store First Building built in Silver Mountain, Built at an angle
Sam's Chicken Restaurant Only has two walls, all other sides are open to the outside.

Additional Buildings and Structures

Mountain Totem Cropped.png

Roughly in the center of Silver Mountain is the Silver Mountain Pillar of Establishment, the first structure built in Silver Mountain. It was built originally simply to mark the land as claimed, but has grown over the months to represent the Establishment and pride of Silver Mountain.

There is also a town hall under development. The town hall will be be constructed in three towers connected by bridges.

Future Plans

There are plans to construct a commercial area directly south of Silver Mountain, as well as a town hall, which is currently under construction, and a mansion built into the side of a cliff for JTrain77.