Skyscraper City

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Skyscraper City
Skyscraper City as viewed on August 4, 2013.
Note the absence of many of the newer buildings, rail lines, and roads.
Town officials
Mayor Diemundz
Deputy Mayor skinn3rthewinner
Founder Diemundz
MRT  B21  Skyscraper-Arden
Bus  N3   N5  NORI Bus
 OMEGAbus!  803C  
Roadways Skyscraper-Arden Road
InterMap  I-1 
Other transit  N1   N2  NORI Interurban
Facts and figures
Population 7+ (Not Including Hotel Residents)
Town hall coordinates 1704, 69, 792
Founded July 2013
Recognized as town August 4, 2013
World Old

Skyscraper City is a town on the MRT server located at  B21  Skyscraper-Arden. The main attraction of the town is a large skyscraper which contains many civic facilities as well as restaurants and apartments, but the town also has many other various buildings surrounding the main skyscraper. The town is currently the headquarters of NORI Interurban, CreeperCola, and NORImark Motors, and it is also home to many of the server's different franchises.


Skyscraper City was founded in July 2013, shortly after Diemundz became a member and stopped working on the SET Systems Railways in order to build his own town. When Diemundz was a guest, he had no place to stay until he got his membership application accepted. Thus, the tower was focused on creating temporary homes for guests until they created their own towns as a member. The main tower, which the town was named after, was originally constructed to be a city inside a skyscraper. The bottom floors included a food court with 4 restaurants, the City Hall, the movie theater, the library, and the public park. The upper floors included 5 apartments and 20 pre-furnished hotel rooms for the server's numerous guests. Skyscraper City has roads designed mainly for pedestrian travel because no large roadways and highways served the area until the Skyscraper-Arden Road and InterMap  I-1  were built after the initial construction of the town. However, three rail lines and three bus routes continue to connect to the city, and more are planned to be added in the near future.

Present Day

Skyscraper City currently is a recognized town and has many buildings and roads surrounding the tower. The list of buildings currently includes the following:

  •  B21  Skyscraper-Arden Station
  • Skyscraper City Tower
    • CreeperCola
    • Enjineer's Pies
    • TheSpoon Restaurant
    • Taco Hell
    • City Hall
    • Public Library
    • Movie Theater
    • City Park
    • Rooftop Gardens
    • Skyscraper City Apartments
    • Skyscraper City Hotels
  • Appleition Headquarters
  • DJD Records
  •  NORI  Headquarters
  •  NORI  Board Center
  • Le Food Foreign Cuisine
  • Snow Forts
  • Frumpmobile Taco Truck
  • Skyscraper City Apartments 2
  •  IB03C  IntraBus Stop
  •  NORI  Bus Stop
  • CreeperCola Headquarters
    • Horse Parking Garage
  • Ryzon Tower (Imported from Fairfax!)
  • Dieselmundz Gas Station
  •  I-1  Rest Stop
  • NORImark Motors Bus Factory
  • Skyscraper City Commerce Center
    • Skyscraper City Heliport
    • CreeperCola
    • Catronics Store
    • Kalmar Fried Chicken
    • Derek Jeter's Taco Hole
    • The Fire Pit
    • McZombie
  • Music's Gems

An Atlantis Defense Force Recruiting Facility is also located a few hundred meters east of the tower under the nearby lake, although it is not officially part of the town itself.

Future Plans

Skyscraper City Hotels

The Skyscraper City Tower is home to 20 pre-furnished hotel rooms. Hotel room furnishings cannot be modified by members in order to maintain a level of similarity between all hotel rooms. All rooms contain the following furnishings:

  • 2 Beds
  • Chests and Ender Chests
  • Furnaces
  • Anvils
  • Crafting Tables
  • Table and Chairs
  • Desktop Computer

All Hotel rooms are equipped with a light above the door. When the light is off, the room is considered occupied, and when the light is on, the room is considered vacant. Hotel rooms can be occupied by anyone for free, as long as the light above the door is on and the door is open. Room occupation priority is given to Guests, but Members can occupy rooms, too. Rooms can be marked as occupied by flipping the switch above the door which closes the door and turns off the light. Rooms with an off-state light and a closed door have already been reserved and cannot be occupied. Rooms may be vacated whenever necessary by flipping the switch above the door, thus opening the door and turning on the light.

Skyscraper City Apartments

The Skyscraper City Tower also contains 5 apartments, four of which are rentable. All rentable apartments contain the same amenities as the hotel rooms, but they have permanently locked doors and pictures on the walls. Apartments can be claimed on a first-come, first served basis by any member or guest. Squatting in any apartment is prohibited, and you must first ask the owner of the apartment for permission to enter. Two of these apartments have vacancies. Diemundz has a special penthouse apartment on the top floor. Since he built the tower, it is only fair that he gets to own the large apartment. The rooftop gardens (on the roof) are also private and a part of Diemundz' apartment. Trespassing in this apartment or on the roof is prohibited, and all violators will be taco'ed.

The Skyscraper City Apartments 2 complex is adjacent to the tower. This building contains 12 more customizable apartments for members+ to edit. The current design allows for two rooms on each floor with 6 floors, for a total of 12 rentable rooms. The same rules apply to these apartments as the ones in the main tower. The new apartments include the following amenities (although more can be added at the discretion of the renter):

  • 2 Beds
  • Chests
  • Furnaces
  • Anvils
  • Crafting Tables
  • Coffee Table and Couch
  • Bookshelves

Transit Connections

Minecart Rapid Transit System

Skyscraper City is located at the  B21  Skyscraper-Arden station on the MRT Blue Line. The line provides connections to the northwest and southeastern parts of the server, as well as many major cities such as Spawn City and Inchmuir.

NORI Interurban

The NORI Interurban is headquartered in Skyscraper City, next to DJD Records and the Board Center. The  N1  line provides a connection to  B19  Inchmuir Central with an infill stop at Inchmuir North and the  N2  line provides a direct connection to the nearby town Arden.


The NORI Bus  N5  Skyscraper - SCTC Link stops north of the Skyscraper City Apartments 2 complex and provides a link to the company hub at SCTC. At the hub, other buses can be taken to different parts of the server. The  N3  Crystal City Express also provides a connection to  R11  Crystal City and countless other bus and rail lines.


The OMEGAbus! 803C line provides a link to the nearby town of Rockstone. From there, you can transfer to the 803 line among others and travel to many other destinations on the server along northbound/southbound I-1 and I-3. It departs north of the Skyscraper City Apartments 2 complex, next to the Frumpmobile Taco Truck.

Skyscraper-Arden Road

The Skyscraper-Arden Road is a pathway (similar in design to the Northern Trail) that connects Shadow Rock, InterMap  I-1 , Skyscraper City, Arden, and Rockstone. The road currently follows its origional section along the path of the  N2  Interurban and then continues through downtown Skyscraper City. It then leaves the city to intersect with InterMap  I-1  at a highway interchange before continuing to Shadow Rock. Alternatively, another section of the road continues through the town of Arden and on a bridge across the Arden River before terminating at the Rockstone Ring Road in Rockstone.

InterMap Highway System

The InterMap  I-1  highway goes through the eastern part of the city. It is used by the  N3  and  IB03C  buses and can also be used to access destinations such as Chuno, Crystal City, Audenville, and Morningside that are not served by any direct rail lines. The median of the highway also contains a gas station and a rest area for travelers who are tired or low on gas.

Ye Olde Info Board

If you're too lazy to walk over to Ye Olde Info Board in front of City Hall, check here for the same announcements posted in-game.

  • Reminder: Hotel rooms cannot be modified.
  • Reminder: Members+ can edit their own apartments only.
  • MRT Mail Diemundz with questions and comments!
  • Griefing and Editing any part of the town is not permitted.
  • Skyscraper City Apartments 2 is now open! Rent Now!
  • XP Bottles are not allowed in the tower at any time.
  • Le Food Restaurant is now open! (Back of Tower)
  • Ride the new NORI Interurban to Arden! (Back of Tower)