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SmartRail is a rail company owned and founded by JamesGaming.


East Border Line

East Border Line
Status Station Connections
Service Closed.png Closed Zephyr Exchange KTA Subway, LTA Subway, KTA Bus, KTA Commuter Rail, RegionalConnect,  ZN19  Liten (250m),  ZN20  Nippia Central (250m)
Service Closed.png Closed Mason City TBD
Service New.png Planned Airchester TBD
Service Closed.png Closed Easest Central U-Bahn, STA Subway, STA Cable Car, ConnectEAST, Marblegate Centraal (250m),  EC12 - F26  Easest (100m)
Service Closed.png Closed Lakeview East U-Bahn, STA Subway, RegionalConnect, ConnectEAST,  EC15 - P28  Lakeview University
Service New.png Planned Pearl Coast TBD

Westcal Line

Westcal Line
Status Station Connections
Service New.png Planned Daneburg  C  Foobar
Service New.png Planned Utopia  D14  Utopia
Service Closed.png Closed Kenthurst  XW10  Kenthurst
Service New.png Planned Radiance Square  A9  Radiance Square
Service New.png Planned Laclede  T13  Laclede
TTC Purple Line (Thunderbird)

The  P  Purple line is a unique line because its technology is similar to the other 4 lines, but conserves the carts that are used within the line rather than burning them. This line provides express service to both Thunderbird MRT stations ( F16  Thunderbird West/ F17  Thunderbird), City Hall and the Thunderbird International Airport (TBI). Service Good.png Good service.

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png PF16  F16  Thunderbird West MRT station  Y ,  R , MRT
Dynmap Green Flag.png PF17  F17  Thunderbird MRT station  G ,  Y , MRT
Dynmap Green Flag.png PCTH City Hall  G ,  B , Landmark (Thunderbird Clock Tower)
Dynmap Green Flag.png PTBI Thunderbird International Airport None