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WeAreTheMRT Snowy.png
Deputy MayorMatthieu_Dinh
Town recognition
Date foundedNovember 2, 2013
Town hall coordinates1288, -2149
WorldOld World
Local transitSnowy Town Metro

Snowy is a town by Duechayapol and Matthieu_Dinh.This town is in the snow biome. It is also near to towns including Fairfax, Atlanta and Riverside. Also Snowy town was established in Saturday 2th, November 2013 right after Duechayapol get his member rank. This is a first town that Duechayapol have built. Snowy was deemed completed on September 9, 2014.


Snowy Town Hall

Snowy is a town that founded after Duechayapol get his member rank. This town is near to these towns/cities including Ryzon (Now Fairfax), Shadows Falls(Now Snowy South), Atlanta and Riverside. It was good spot to make a town. So, Duechayapol has established this town called Snowy because of snow biome. Then later on, Matthieu_Dinh decided to build and developed the town with Duechayapol and he was promoted to be a Deputy Mayor of this town. This town used to have SimpleTransit cross by but it is closed for major renovations. About 1 month, Duechayapol decided to build an exit to I-0 West but then it was removed by a request from Benie. Then in January, Duechayapol has been taking time to renovate the town to be more nice by starting a Snowy 2.0 Transit Hub (which is gonna to be moved over to Snowy South). After about 4 months of work in Snowy, _frozen has built a MetroFairfax Station from a town itself to Snowy. This thing will make you travel to Snowy 'easier' and 'faster'. Later on, Duechayapol promoted to Mayor rank because of his work on Snowy.


This happen when Duechayapol is getting back to Snowy to work on the town itself. Suddenly, Benie was told Due to removed the exit meanly. And said that if not he will asked to temp-ban Due (obviously Due has not gained any warnings yet and there are no temp ban policy for those who have no warnings yet). But then Duechayapol wants to apologize to him but he said no because this is the serious problem in the timeuntil about later he said yes (confused?). Then Duechayapol logged into Mumble and help Benie delete the old exit and make a road to the town on the road after the Shadows Falls exit (Now Snowy exit).

Snowy Town Metro

Snowy Town Metro will be served around the town including Snowy South. This is made so that people can travel to an important areas/places in Snowy easier.

Line Status Stations Terminus Style
Snow Line Under Construction 6 Eastbound: Industrial Station & Westbound: Transit Station Cyan Systems IRRv3.3
Express 1 Under Construction 2 Northbound: Snowy North & Southbound: Snowy South AMR Underground Station
Stone Line Planned SimpleTransit Modified v1.0

Snow Line

This line includes stations from every district in Snowy.

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png STM1-1 Transit None
Dynmap Green Flag.png STM1-2 Government  STME1   STM2 
Dynmap Green Flag.png STM1-3 Residental None
Dynmap Green Flag.png STM1-4 Shopping None
Dynmap Green Flag.png STM1-5 Production None
Dynmap Pin.png STM1-6 Industrial (planned) None

Express 1 Line

This line goes from Snowy North to Snowy South. It is currently a smallest line in Snowy Town Metro.

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png STMEX1-1 Snowy North (under construction)  STM1   STM2 
Dynmap Construction.png STMEX1-2 Snowy South (under construction) None

Stone Line

This line goes to each important places in Snowy.

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png STM2-1 Transit Hub (planned) None
Dynmap Pin.png STM2-2 Duechayapol Studio 1 (planned) None
Dynmap Pin.png STM2-3 Government (planned)  STME1   STM1 
Dynmap Pin.png STM2-4 Shopping Mall (planned) None
Dynmap Pin.png STM2-5 Duechayapol Production (Duechayapol Studio 2) (planned) None
Dynmap Pin.png STM1-6 Space Hub (planned) None

Areas of the town

Snowy North

Snowy North is a main section of this town including the government district, transit district, residental distrct and shopping district. Also, This section/area is connected with Atlanta and Riverside with MetroFairfax passing by (Spruce & Flint Line).

Government District

This district includes a city hall, police station and others that are government related. It also futures some metros including Snowy Town Metro (Snow Line, Express 1 Line and Stone Line) and MetroFairfax

Transit District

This district includes transportation to other cities/town. Including bus station, transit hub and helicopter hub. There is also Duechayapol News Studio (used to be MRT News Studio) for Duechayapol's future recordings.
This district contains:

  • Duechayapol News Studio
  • Snowy Heliport Transit
  • Mini-Shopping
  • Snowy Bus Station
  • Snowy Transit Centre
Snowy Bus Station

Under Construction

Snowy Heliport Transit

Under Construction

Residental District

This district has houses to live in and apartments for rent. This district is connected to Riverside. There are currently 1 house to rent. There will be so many houses when finished. But, this district is now on hold due to Riverside border agreement.

Shopping District

This district includes franchises that are in this server. For example, Music's Gems, BTBaker etc. This district is currently developing and accepting more franchises.

Snowy South

Snowy South is an area of this town that Duechayapol got it in April GSM auction. This area used to be a town by sgtxRoflcopter called "Shadows Falls". His town theme was the evilish buildings. Now when Duechayapol got it, this area will be used to create buildings such as bigger studios, research factory , shopping mall and others. Currently Matthieu_Dinh have a semi-control of this section.

Production District

This district includes studios provided by Duechayapol Production company. There is currenty 1 studio, Figure It Out. This district will be used for some Youtube projects too.

Industrial District

This district will be including some factories like in the Spawn City Industrial district. Also, there will be Snowy Spaceport for space explorations like stars, moon etc. This project is the same as Kitania spaceport and Inchimuir spaceport.


Franchises in Snowy serves an important part of this town. These are the list of Franchises that are inside the shopping district and outside of shopping district.

Shopping District Shopping Distrct Outside Shopping District Outside Shopping District
Music's Gems Floral Supply Matt's Fast Food STOP N' DROP
BTBaker CreeperCola Speedy Spade Kalmar Fried Chicken
Palelmo Clothing Feline Wireless The Duechayapol Restaurant Kung Fu Pao Chinese Food
SleepStar ChiselPicks Dave's Doughnuts
Mczombie The Fire Pit
Uncle Carl's

Snowy Transit Hub

Snowy Transit Hub (Inside)

How to claim a platform

  • First,you MUST notify either Duechayapol or Matthieu_Dinh(usually don't online much) about your request for platform(s).
  • Second, if your request is accept, you have to write a book which contains your company name, line name, code and the platform that you want to claim
  • Next, If it is accept, you can now place your station on your given platform. The station platform has to be completed in 1 week. If not, your platform will be available for others.
  • When you are done, please notify Duechayapol about it. So that I can add the station to this wiki page.


Platform Code Station Code Line Name Company Terminus System Used
1A STM1-1 Snow Line Snowy Town Metro North: Transit & South: Industrial Cyan Systems IRRv3.3
1B STM2-1 Stone Line Snowy Town Metro