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Socialist Kingdom of Cattington

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The Socialist Kingdom of Cattington is a state that was originally used to refer to all the towns Purrcat2010 owned. It currently has 3 territories. It has a basic system of democracy, but most of the authority is concentrated on the King. The current king is Purrcat2010.


-Cattington (Capital)


-New Cattington


Dependencies include enclaves/exclaves made by the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington. They also constitute cities that are partially or fully governed by the state. The dependencies are as follows:

-There are no current dependencies.


The government of the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington is partly inspired by the U.S's Government, however elections are only held when there are multiple claimants to the position of King. The King has most of the power and is not limited by governmental constraints. The three parts of Cattingtinian government are the Cattington Congress, the Central Leadership, and the Judicial System.


All people in the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington, citizens and non-citizens have the following rights that cannot be taken away for any reason:

-Right to say what they want.

-Right to make the media how they want.

-Right to peacefully assemble.

-Right to practice any religion they want so long as it does not harm others.

-Right to be protected by the government from both inside and outside threats.

-Right to a speedy,fair,and public trial if accused of a crime.

-Right to a lawyer in both criminal and civil cases.

-Right against self-incrimination.

-Right against excessive bail and the infliction of cruel and unusual punishments.

-Right to participate in the Cattington Congress.

The rights listed here are not all the rights people have while in the Lordom of Cattington.


The following are a list of government agencies run by the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington.

- Cattington Emergency Managment Organization

This section is currently being worked on.


This section is currently being worked on.