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Socialist Kingdom of Cattington/Constitution

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We the people of the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington create this Constitution to be the highest law in the kingdom. This Constitution will have a list of the core tenets of the SKoC, the list of rights, all current decrees, short descriptions of each branch of Cattingtonian Government, and a list of all current changes.

Core Tenets

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List of Rights

All people in the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington, citizens and non-citizens have the following rights that cannot be taken away for any reason:

-Right to say what they want.

-Right to make the media how they want.

-Right to peacefully assemble.

-Right to practice any religion they want so long as it does not harm others.

-Right to be protected by the government from both inside and outside threats.

-Right to a speedy,fair,and public trial if accused of a crime.

-Right to a lawyer in both criminal and civil cases.

-Right against self-incrimination.

-Right against excessive bail and the infliction of cruel and unusual punishments.

-Right to participate in the Cattington Congress.

-Right for civilians to have weapons as long as it doesn’t harm others.

-Right against soldiers staying in civilian homes unless the soldiers are family members to the current residents of said house.

-Right against searched and/or arrests without the police officer(s) having a judge approved warrant.

The rights listed here are not all the rights people have while in the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington.


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Branch Descriptions

Cattingtonian Congrees

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Central Leadership

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Judicial System

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