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Alert.png Ownership Change

Following the June 2015 GSM, hntredtie has taken ownership of the town as caretaker, and the town will be merged with the Town of Redloch and become the Solarion District, the downtown of Redloch.

Alert.png Ownership Change of Ownership Change

Following the ownership change at the June 2015 GSM, Tom_Pairs has taken ownership of the town as mayor, and the town will no longer be merged with the Town of Redloch, nor become the Solarion District, the downtown of Redloch.

Town Officials
Mayor Tom_Pairs
Deputy Mayor _Kastle
Founder Baseball02a
MRT  C16  Foobar &  XE18  Foobar
Bus None yet
Roadways None yet
Other transit Solarion Metro
Facts and Figures
Population 2: hntredtie & cal76
Town Hall Coordinates 6810, 65, -2814
Founded October 4, 2014
Town Rank Councillor
Official Language(s) American English, Tom Language
World New World

General Information

Solarion is a city in the new world located near C16 and XE18 on the new MRT. Some of our most famous attractions include the Solarion World Tower, Lunarion Beach, and coming soon, the University of Solarion.


University of Solarion

The University of Solarion is under construction, and is known for its works of research across the New World.

Encyclopaedia Gammatica

The University of Solarion's researchers publish annually the encyclopedia known as the Encyclopaedia Gammatica. This has all of the information you need about Gamma.

Science Research/Experimentation