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Alert.png Sonamu is no longer owned by the previous owner. and Now Owned NoonMir Holdings Inc.
This means that the current and incumbent who is LithiumMirnuriX, is up to decide on whether to continue the franchise, or not. SonamuWestlake owners are in charge of the entire Sonamu Northwest Locations.
》 part of NoonMir
Sonamu Logo.png
ⓘ Information
Date Founded/
Date Commenced
June 25, 2015
Headquarters Seolho Peninsula, Seolho
Headperson LithiumMirnuriX
Founder Supykun
Franchise Type Restaurant
↳ Korean
Locations 10
Date Commenced June 25, 2015
Cost of Store $125
Motto "위대한 소나무"
Widaehan Sonamu
The Great Sonamu
Currently, as of March 14, 2016,
We are busy and do not take orders.

Sonamu Korean BBQ (Korean: 소나무 구이전문점), or as most would simply refer it to as Sonamu, is a gourmet Korean barbecue restaurant currently under as a franchise of Noonmir Cartering. It is the biggest Korean restaurant franchise of the MRT by both size of store and size of company. It is also the first franchise to register under corporationHB.

Although no longer effective, this franchise was also known for a notorious incident called The Sonamu Crisis that occurred throughout the later-half of 2015. As a result, Sonamu is brought up today as an example among some MRT members in order to encourage the prevention of massive delays on buildings and franchises.



The picture of the very first Sonamu ever built at Janghwa City (now closed).

Sonamu's beginning goes back to June 25th of 2015. As Janghwa City was founded and located at M22 of MRT Mesa Line. They decided that in order to express their native culture into the MRT server but yet have something that expressed gourmet and pristine quality at the same time, they decided to go with a high-class Korean restaurant as their starting structure for Janghwa City.

In order to signify the traditional wood used in medieval Korean cuisine for cooking (especially meats), the name of the restaurant was decided as Sonamu (소나무), meaning 'Pine Tree' in Korean. With acacia wood depicting the best replica of the Korean pine tree, acacia trees were used as the official tree used inside all Sonamu restaurants.

The Rise and Sonamu Crisis

All the folks waited and waited; they couldn't stand it anymore.

After the completion of the first restaurant in Janghwa City, the reputation was critical; many visitors expressed their liking on the creativity and the fanciness of the restaurant, and some demanded that the restaurant be expanded internationally as a franchise. The second location in North Laclede by jphgolf4321 opened, and further orders came in afterwards in a rapid pace. Further positive reputation streamed in, and by July of 2015, Sonamu's popularity was skyrocketing. More and more mayors demanded Sonamus in their town, and orders started to pile up rapidly. Within it's 1st week into service, Sonamu was holding up 25 locations planned and 3 restaurants open, a record speed in franchising.

On August 15, 2015, Sonamu was incorporated as a restaurant under the parent company corporationHB in order to attempt organizations on the franchises which also consisted of The Nutella House, FamilyMart, Round Records, and etc.

This popularity however, had a hidden flaw in which would later on backfire big-time onto Sonamu and corporationHB. That same month, corporationHB noticed that with the huge yet confirmed demands for Sonamu, they were slowing down on the progress from the start. This caused many orders to wait for a chronic amount of period, causing suspicion of corruption. Many began to feel irritated of the delay and began having negative feelings for not only Sonamu, but also the entire corporationHB as a company. With this down trend beginning to hurt the reputation of the company, and so they declared the incident as The Sonamu Crisis. Few began to pull out of their orders and demanded refunds, and some abandoned their towns which nullified the orders. Many criticized of Sonamu beginning to look more and more generic and simple, as descriptions such as "a huge, acacia box" began to be used towards the restaurant franchise.

As the popularity of Sonamu began to subside, Sonamu's pace was still not moving as they wished. Eventually the negative reputation subsided, but this event sparked a massive change inside corporationHB, and changes were slowly being made. On December 2015, corporationHB decided to strategize a new plan on to improve and upgrade their franchises and their situations, and declared The Sonamu Crisis to be over.

Second Era

This marked an end to the first era of Sonamu and other franchises, but several things inside the MRT changed during the period. Many were still concerned for Sonamu, and predicted that the franchise was going to discontinue with him possibly not returning. However on February 22, 2016, he returned and announced the disbandment of corporationHB and a successor company named CYN that would be taking over most of corporationHB's former franchises. Under this company, Sonamu began to kick off actively again, and despite massive decrease in the orders, the restaurant has begun to rework on expanding the franchise, and also announced an improved and upgraded feature for Sonamu that would categorize it away from being bland, and generic.


The word 'Sonamu' (소나무, pronounced 'so-nah-moo') means 'Pine Tree' in Korean, and since traditionally and classically Korean meat grills were cooked on fire made specifically from that type of wood, the name was ultimately chosen. However, since no pine trees are available, Acacia Trees (which gives the greatest resemblance) was chosen to become the representing wood type of Sonamu Restaurants.



Alternate logo of Sonamu

Formerly, most Sonamus were encased under a huge acacia box with glass in an attempt to target a sleek, modern look. With this idea beginning to show blandness and lack of detail, the tactic shifted for a more diverse and more interesting look on each Sonamus. From beach hangars to underground hills, Sonamu's look has improved greatly and now stands out to be one of the most creatively looking restaurants out on the MRT.

On all Sonamu locations bares its famous logo (at least one) somewhere on the building. The material also varies, but are usually in acacia, quartz, or dark blocks. The logo is a calligraphic depiction of the word "Sonamu" in Korean (소나무) to symbolize our further effort to show our restaurant being very oriented. In some cases however, an alternate logo is used to encrypt in smaller spaces, and are commonly found on sign placards in the restaurant. The alternate logo symbolizes a Sonamu Tree.


Sonamu Chart.png

One of the interesting things about Sonamu is that the table design is unique from most other franchises. To depict an actual Korean BBQ Table, the team at corporationHB had studied carefully on the table design, and revealed the five unique details that would seperate it from normal restaurant desks:

  • The Hoodpipe - A required material for preventing smoke to irritate the customers from further cooking, acts as a ventilator
  • The Grill - The main thing on the table. Allows the actual cooking to occur
  • The Assistance Bell - In almost all Korean BBQ restaurants, the way to call a waiter is by pressing a button located on your desk
  • The Fire Controller - Needed for controlling the fire and heat being emitted from the grill
  • The Table Number- Most Korean BBQ restaurants have numbers on tables to prevent waiters from confusing tables

Sonamu also tends to have lots of Sonamu Trees surrounding tables, and make up the surrounding, giving it a rather forest feel in which Sonamu is best well-known for. Alongside, Sonamu has crafted ponds and waterfalls, and sometimes even an island with seatings as its decoration.


These are the food Sonamu offers in their restaurants. You can spot several of these same lists of menus on walls or fences in a Sonamu Restaurant.

Sonamu Yukhwe.png Samgyeopsal.png Ogyeopsal.png Pork Galbi.png Galbi.png Chadolbagi.png Kkotdeungsim.jpg Hangjeongsal.png Jumuluk.png Gaburisal.jpg Hangjeongsal.png

(Beef Sashimi)

(3-Layer Korean Bacon)

(5-Layer Korean Bacon)
Pork Galbi

(Marinated Ribs)

(Beef Briskets)

(Rib Eye)

(Pork Neck)

(Marinated Pork)

(Pork Cheek)
Chicken Galbi
> ₩30000 <
> $30 <
> ₩13000 <
> $13 <
> ₩15000 <
> $15 <
> ₩10000 <
> $10 <
> ₩15000 <
> $15 <
> ₩13000 <
> $13 <
> ₩25000 <
> $25 <
> ₩10000 <
> $10 <
> ₩10000 <
> $10 <
> ₩15000 <
> $15 <
> ₩10000 <
> $10 <
Only qualified for the cleanest beef available, you can enjoy raw beef safely- and the taste is pure phenomenon. Literally everyone's favorite- the crisp yet juicy pork belly makes the meal so much more memorable. Isn't as common as the Samgyeopsal, but if you wanna step up your game, you could go for the thicker. The spicy marinated meat is another common but popular meal among people. Not only tasty, but addicting as well. You could go marinated or unmarinated, but either one gives a real sensation of what a real meat tastes like. The thin, juicy meat has a fabulous taste and sensation, and also has a very quick cooking duration. Wanna go for a premium option? Choose rib eye, another phenomenon and the master of quality meats. Similar to Kkotdeungsim, this dish is well-loved and enjoyed in the rural parts of Korea. This meat is slowly battered carefully to produce an enjoyable chewy sensation. As the more traditional dish, take this option if you want to know the more authentic side of the Korean Barbeque. Try out the marinated Galbi- in chicken. This dish is native and popular in Gangwondo, the Northeastern part of Korea.


  • Hwachae Corner
    Somewhere in the restaurant is located a Hwachae Corner where you can get some authentic Koreans drinks with your meal. Hwachae (화채) is a traditional Korean fruit/herbal punch that tends to be sweet, crisp, and tasty. Hwachae Corners will usually be located in areas near the front desk, or anywhere that would be very visible to the public. As a Sonamu customer, Hwachaes can be freely served without charge, and is a self-service system where you go up to the Hwachae Corner and manually select your preferred drink.

    All the Hwachaes served in Sonamu was brought to you by HanokCafé, a traditional Korean café franchise in which Hwachae is one of their specializations.
배화채.jpg 복숭아화채.jpg 앵두화채.jpg 딸기화채.jpg 복분자화채.jpg 수박화채.jpg 장미화채.jpg 진달래화채.jpg
Korean Pear Hwachae

(Bae Hwachae)
Peach Hwachae

(Bokseunga Hwachae)
Korean Cherry Hwachae

(Angdu Hwachae)
Strawberry Hwachae

(Ttalgi Hwachae)
Korean Raspberry Hwachae

(Bokbunja Hwachae)
Watermelon Hwachae

(Subak Hwachae)
Rose Hwachae

(Jangmi Hwachae)
Korean Azelea

(Jindallae Hwachae)
  • Soju and Makgeolli

[ Warning ] Drinking is universally illegal for all minor age customers. The exact age spectrum may differ depending on the location and the city, but nevertheless, you are required to confirm your legal age and adulthood in order to consume these beverages.

  • Soju (소주) | $1 a bottle
Also known as Korean Vodka, it is a spirit liquor distilled from yams in which further fermentation process is instilled. Alcohol level is 25 to 30% to ensure a strong, yet smooth and satisfied feeling. Traditionally and currently so popular in Korean tables, it is slowly being considered as a staple, from men to women, from young adults to older people. It is well-drank by everyone, and is said to have caused South Korea to become the #1 highest spirit-alcohol consumption nation in the world with 15.2 shots a day. With that being more than twice the average of the runner-up Russia, you can sense the strong sensation of Soju's power into the mature Korean society.
  • Makgeolli (막걸리) | $1 a bottle
Also known as Korean Rice Wine, it is a softer drink compared to Soju in which is a traditional Korean wine based of either distilled rice or raw rice. With the same fermentation process, the alcohol level goes up to 8 to 10%, but instead have a sweet, smooth, and a delicious taste in which maintains the customer's satisfaction. Distilled ones, just like Soju, has a straighter taste along with strong alcohol content, but non-distilled ones have a bubbly, carbonated sensation in which younger generations enjoy, and is in fact, considered as a healthier choice as well.


Alert.png The list is currently being updated!
Don't worry if you do not see your location in the list. This list is being upgraded and hence will need some time to reupload all the registered locations.
MRT Gamma Map.jpg
Click on any city to learn about that city!
Square Icon.jpeg |(Foobar)
Locations with a * indicates that they are directly managed under the SonamuWestlake Group.
Map updated as of March 8, 2016.
Information Directions Status
Sonamu Kenthurst.jpg
Kenthurst ・ 켄트허스트점
Exit at MRT Expo Line
・Exit north, and proceed north on the North Sydney Blvd. until you hit the intersection with the Outer Ring Road (B79).
・44 tables / 232 seats
As the only Sonamu in the MRT to be based underground, the structure of this Sonamu is a hill with several outdoor seatings provided, giving both a picnic feel on the outside, and a rather unique hellish look on the inside. In fact, the inside of this Sonamu was to portray the insides of a volcano.
Sonamu Cornus.png
Cornus ・ 코너스점
Exit at MRT Taiga Line
・Exit west and use the vivoTransit Line 1 (Ring Line; clockwise), and ride to the Amphitheatre/Sonamu Station.
・Exit east, head right until you find Raccoon St. Turn left and proceed until you intersect with Redford St and turn left.
・45 tables / 232 seats
One of the tallest structures so far in Cornus, this Sonamu branch has a rather geometrically artistic exterior that gives a floating dining experience in which you feel like you're eating in the sky. Another special aspect of this Sonamu is that it has a dedicated train station (VivoRail) incorporated under the restaurant.
Sonamu Xilia.png
Xilia ・ 실리아점
Exit at MRT Taiga Line
[T5] or [T6].
・For T5, use any three exits, and head left so that you get on the B90 (Charles de Gaulle Ave.) Proceed north.
・For T6, exit south, get on the B90 (Charles de Gaulle Ave.) and proceed south.
・64 tables / 298 seats
Taking the concept of a classy yet basic-looking box and with the silky gray texture tributing to the French modern design, we've amassed it with the forest replica on the top so that it replicates a huge box of a forest makeover. The specialty of this Sonamu lies in the center with an epic, circular opening with a volcano-looking torch in the center, creating a deep landscape and view.
Sonamu Jeeka.png
Jeeka ・ 지카점
Exit at MRT Taiga Line
[T31] or MRT Circle Line [C98].
・For both stations, exit east, proceed straight until you get to the street. You may either head left via Anjelica Blvd. then turn right at Hamilton Ave...
・...Or just continue proceeding in the same direction via Varichak St. and turn left when you hit Jade Ln.
・50 tables / 246 seats
The architecture for this Sonamu is rather diversely put. With lots of both the top decks and ground usages, this Sonamu has a great standard design example of a rainforest café-like restaurant- natural, yet classy. One keypoint of this Sonamu is that a road passes through in the center- and the result of this Sonamu resulted in a great usage of that road. Not too invasive, yet perfectly fitting in.
Image Not yet Ready
(Based as Foundation Phase)
Seolho Peninsula ・ 설호반도점
This Location is not have MRT Station yet. but, you can found to Southeast from Seolho Seaport. Under Construction
・?? tables / ?? seats
Since Handover to current Owner, We need build new headquarter instead from old Unnamed Island in Fedual Territory of Janghwa. (Do not Confuse with another country!) (Still WIP)



Sonamu Westlake.png
See SonamuWestlake for further description.

Sonamu Westlake (소나무 웨스트레이크) is a separate division sector of Sonamu. They are a regional management company that takes care of the Sonamu Restaurant industry in the Northwestern Regions of the MRT Gamma World. It was created in an attempt to ease out the critical popularity of the franchise in the region, and also to act as a technical support for the franchise just in case of a technical problem occurred in a franchise. All the Northwestern Gamma World Sonamu locations follow under SonamuWestlake's order, and as a result, sometimes ends up with different events or activities from other Sonamus throught the other parts of the world.

The head of SonamuWestlake was founded on March 3, 2016, and appointed Yellowitcher and Aliksong as their representative staff. The regional headquarters are planned to be placed in Xilia.