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Southern Transport Operations Inc.
Senior staff
Founder ondist
CEO ondist
Facts and figures
Headquarters 1 Waterfront Sq
Founded October 2019
Previous names Southern Ferries


Soto is a transportation company. It is short for Southern Transport Operations. As of November 28th, 2019, it has a rail and a ferry branch. Soto currently only operates in the far south of the New World Epsilon region, with their hub and headquarters in Villanueva (SW26).

Intercity Service

Soto's main rail hub is currently at Villanueva Central.


Station MRT Station Status
Villanueva Central SW26 open
Villanueva–Alorçon open
Stormhold Bay H34 open
Savannah South under construction
Savannah Central H30 under construction
Savannah Queens Park ready


Station MRT Station Status
Haguenau Central SW36 planned
Sansvikk Karlstad SW34 planned
New Southport planned
Villanueva Central SW26 ready
Gillmont under construction
Southbank SW19 ready
Eskis SW17 under construction
Tinimia SW16 planned
Lowami SW15 planned
Paralia planned