Southwestern Allied Territories

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Alert.png I have finished the first draft of a Constitution for us to use. If enough members ratify it, we can begin! Follow the link to read the document. If you have a suggestion or comment, feel free to do it on the document and I will be more than happy to hear you out. - Pueffie
Southwestern Allied Territories

Founder gogojakeo
Commenced November 5, 2014 (1st launch)
June 1, 2016 (2nd launch)

The South Western Allied Territories (SWAT) was created by gogojakeo on the 5th November 2014, and is an alliance devoted to helping the South Western Territories of the Gamma World with things such as planning. It helps create sensible highway routes, as well as city reaches.


SWAT Cover

SWAT is a regional union that represents the southwestern Gamma MRT World. This means that any southwestern regions in the Old World, Lab World, Games World, etc. is not considered as part of the alliance.

To be part of the SWAT Union, it is required that you own a town or a city within the regions highlighted. There are two different regions SWAT designate:

Mandatory Regions (Orange on Map)

Towns or cities within the Mandatory Regions are required to join the Native Membership as an Entirety.

  • Circle (C) Line: [C61] - [C84]
  • Desert (D) Line: [D2] - [D23]
  • Expo (E) Line: [XW2] - [XW6]
  • Mesa (M) Line: [M2] - [M38]
  • Zephyr (Z) Line: [ZS3] - [ZS22]

Optional Regions (Blue on Map)

Towns or cities within the Optional Regions will be normally placed as Affiliate Membership, but in some cases, under the decisions of the Native Membership may Optional Regions get Native Membership's rights.

  • Circle (C) Line: [C59] - [C60], [C84] - [C86]
  • Expo (E) Line: [XW7] - [XW13]
  • Island (I) Line: [I2] - [I10]
  • Zephyr (Z) Line: [ZS2], [ZS23] - [ZS26]

Member Cities

SWAT Member Cities
City MRT Station Mayor Rank
Segville  ZS6   ZS7   ZS8  godzilltrain Premier
Utopia  D14  Narnia17 Governor
Formosa  XW5   M5   D5 
 XW6   M6   D6 
camelfantasy Governor
Heampstead  M38  MikeRoma Senator
Deadbush  M36   M37  MojangChan Premier
Waverly  C79  cal76 Senator
Schillerton None chiefbozx Senator
Pixl  C83  Seshpenguin Senator
Espil  C80   C81   C82  _InDev_ Governor
Venceslo  ZS20  time2makemymove Governor
Danielston  D7  mjpwwf Senator