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Southwold International Airport

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Southwold International Airport (also known as: Schillerton–Whiteley Airport, Southwold Intergalactical, or its airport code SWH) is a planned large airport that will serve the cities of Southwold: Schillerton, Whiteley, Venceslo, Hinkley, and Mortonborough, as well as cities in the immediate vicinity including Zerez, Numark, and Downsview. It will be located at  D28  Foobar on the Desert Line and have a direct connection to both the MRT and STC Metro Rail Y and Z trains.

The airport has not been built yet and will not be constructed in its final location until Schillerton and/or Whiteley reach the required rank of Governor, however it is currently in the planning process and the template is under construction in the staff world. Once all phases are completed, the airport will have 44 "standard" gates (for planes up to 41 blocks wide), over 160 gates for smaller aircraft (which will be built in stages in response to demand from airlines), and 9 helicopter gates.

As the airport may eventually have over 200 aircraft gates, some are nicknaming the project "IVY 2.0". However, the project will be built in phases and in full compliance with the sizing limitations.

Gate and Lounge Requests

Gates can be requested online here. For the initial construction plans we hope to open 96 gates on Concourses A, B, C, and D. See below for the descriptions of each concourse and its planned amenities. Please fill out the same form to request airline lounges, as we will assign lounge spaces, check-in desks, and gates all at once when the airport opens.

To request a franchise space, or space for a lounge not affiliated with a single airline (i.e. alliance lounges), fill out this form instead.

To facilitate broad access to the airport and its facilities, please observe the following restrictions when requesting gates:

  • Airlines may request as many gates as they wish in as many combinations as they wish, however some gate requests may not be honored.
  • No airline will be issued more than four (4) standard-width gates across Concourses A and C. For instance, if an airline is issued one gate in Concourse A, that airline will not be issued more than three gates in Concourse C.
  • No airline will be issued more than twelve (12) small gates across Concourses B and D. This limit may be raised in the future if and when Concourses E, F, and G are built.


The airport will support flights to both the Old World ("international") and New World ("domestic"). All flights to and from the Old World MUST occur on an international concourse. The airport will have five types of gates:

  • International, full-size: Concourse A (supports domestic and international destinations, and planes up to 41 blocks wide)
  • International, prop: Concourse B (supports domestic and international destinations, and planes up to 21 blocks wide)
  • Domestic only, full-size: Concourse C (supports domestic destinations only, and planes up to 41 blocks wide)
  • Domestic only, prop: Concourses D, E, F, and G (supports domestic destinations only, and planes up to 21 blocks wide)
  • Helicopter: Concourse H (supports domestic destinations only, and the diameter of each helipad is 25 meters)

Concourses A and B can support domestic or international flights. Domestic flights on these concourses may be relocated to a domestic-only concourse if space is available and there is additional demand for international flights. Helicopter gates, and flights on Concourses C, D, E, F, and G, can only support domestic (New World) destinations.

Lounge space will be available in the main terminal and all concourses:

  • Airlines wishing to have a co-branded lounge in the airport should indicate their request on the Gate Request Form, above. Airline lounges are permitted on all concourses and in the main terminal. We may also have some lounge space in the international arrivals area or landside.
  • Airline alliances and third parties wishing to have independent lounges will have a separate form to request lounge space in the main terminal and some concourses.