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Space's Ice Cream Stand

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Space's Ice Cream Stand
CEOs sesese9 and MeetMeInSpace
Number of Stores 15
Headquarters Nippia and West Calbar
1st Store West Calbar
2nd Store Siletz
5th Store Janghwa City
20th Store Hopefully!
Other Information
Founded 6/29/15


After a slight stagnation in Leafcorp, sesese9 decided to create another franchise based on a snow-cone stand in his hometown. However, this franchise is an ice-cream stand!! The naming of the stand was decided after one day, sesese asked people for names and Space asked for a stand in his town. In turn, the stand was named after him and the holdings of this franchise are split 50-50 with Buy n Large The stand uses all-natural ingredients in the making of its ice cream. Ingredients include: milk, ice, and snow for the perfect, cold ice cream for a warm day. If you would like to request one, please fill out this form! [1]


City (Station) Type of Store Special Flavor
 A14  West Calbar Original West Calbar Watermelon
 V13  Siletz Original Siletz S’ mores
Pearl Coast Mall Pearl Coast Gem
 I2 - F2  Royal Ferry Custom Royal Ferry Light Show
 M22  Janghwa City Custom Janghwa Jellybean
 A2 - ZN2  Spruce Neck Custom Spruce Neck Strawberry
 P21 - V19  Scarborough Mall Scarborough Stracciatella
Schillerton Waterfront Schillerton Sherbet
 ZS22  Whiteley Custom Whiteley Watermelon
Deadbush Custom Deadbush Delight
 ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station Custom New Acreadium Galaxy
Horizon National Airport Mall Horizon Huckleberry
Peripotamia Mall Peripotamia Pineapple
Coruscant Mall Coruscant Cherry
Whitechapel Sky Harbor Mall Whitechapel White Out


Original Design in West Calbar
Mall location in Scarborough