Spawn City

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Spawn City
Spawn City in 2015.png
Spawn City in 2015
Deputy Mayorchiefbozx
Town recognition
Date foundedJuly 13, 2012
WorldOld World
MRT B13  G14  Y15  R7  Spawn
 B12  Government District
 B14  Y16  Theatre District
 B15  Y17  Industrial District
 G15  R6  Greater West Spawn
 G16  Financial District-SCTC
Air facilitiesSpawn City Transit Centre
Bus facilitiesSpawn City Transit Centre
Rail facilitiesSpawn City Transit Centre

Spawn City is the city at the center of the Old World. Named for its establishment around the server's spawn point, Spawn City reaches out to five MRT stations and is accessible on all four major transit lines. Spawn City is also the hub for bus travel and is also the south terminus of the non-stop LRT Airport Express.


Like any other part of the server, Spawn City started out as just an MRT station in the center of the map, and as soon as the server opened, development began. The first building was erected in an area immediately named Glowlight Town, which is still standing to the northwest of the station. The Admod Building was erected just southeast of the station, and the original "Ride the MRT" sign was put up that same day.

As the server grew, more and more buildings popped up, and a few have moved to other locations. The old MRT Lab, originally located just outside the Admod Building, has since been removed, and in its place an apartment complex named Spawnpartments has been built above ground.

Frumple has been the mayor of Spawn since its creation in July 2012, and it is expected that he will retain mayorship so long as he owns the server.


The first five districts of Spawn City

Spawn City is organized into several districts. While some key services and buildings can be found in some districts, the districts followed the construction of the city and not the other way around. This is why the Admod Building is in the Central District, rather than in Government District as would be expected.

The city's main districts are Government, Industrial, Theatre, Central, and Greater West. The Greater West district will likely be renamed, and possibly split into two or more districts, in the future. Harbourfront District on the west side of Spawn City is also a lesser known, smaller district.

Central District

At the core of the city (and server) is Central District, where players can get nearly anywhere. Aside from having S Station itself, the Central district also contains

  • the Admod Building, where all moderators have an office
  • a free pig parking lot
  • Studio Chief, where The Snapshot is recorded
  • the Spawn City Police Department and Jail
  • the old Redstone University
  • Spawnpartments, an apartment building where apartments are available for any member to claim and decorate
  • Paradise Garden Tower, the multi-purpose tower located at "1 Main Street".
  • MRT Trade Center, an old building located near the MRT Mail Centre, that will be reopening soon after it is fully renovated by hawksfan1010.

Central District is served by S Station, which has every Old World MRT Line except Orange.

Government District

Government District is where most of the functional buildings are located. Some key features of this district include:

  • Government Plaza, an office building where various players manage the different aspects of the server's community. Departments include Food, Sorcery and Public Safety.
  • The Bus Depot, where bus lines 1 through 10 depart.
  • The MRT Mail Centre, where players may communicate with each other through written books.
  • The MRT Library, where literary publications from various players are available for others to borrow.

Government District also has B12 station, and is connected to the Northern Trail via the bus depot.

Industrial District

Located on the far outskirts of Spawn, and near the settlement of Miningstone, the industrial district has many factories that not only look nice but also function. For instance, there is a functioning egg factory near the southwest entrance to the station. Most factories have smokestacks and are built using stone and related materials.

Industrial District contains B15 and Y17 station.

Theatre District

Whether you want a movie theatre, Broadway theatre or Deal or No Deal theatre, Theatre District has it all, with

  • TechyMark Studios, home of Deal or No Deal games
  • A cinema by thomasfyfe, with six screens
  • A theatre by computerghost with a large stage and room for a large audience

Theatre District contains B14 and Y16 station.

Greater West Spawn

Greater West Spawn is the western portion of the city. There is less development there, but a couple of buildings are located in Greater West Spawn:

Greater West Spawn is served by G15 and R6 station and G16 station.

Financial District

Financial District is the district in the western portion of the city, containing the Spawn City Transit Centre.

Harbourfront District

Harbourfront District is the northwesternmost district of Spawn City, containing Harbourfront Beach.


Spawn City is home to many civic services, and all players are able to use these services free of charge at any time.

Admod Building

The New Admod Building

The Admod building is the location of the offices of all the staff on the server, it also contains the Staff meeting room used for General Staff Meetings (GSMs) and the staff board displaying the active status of all staff members. The New Admod Building was designed by _MajorMagpie_ and chiefbozx with the help of several other staff members and erected in February 2014.

The New Admod Building has 9 floors, 7 of which contain staff offices. Floor 1 is the sub-terrain Spawn City link station for A and C lines, Floor 2 is the lobby level containing the staff meeting room, the staff status board, the building office directory and the Admod lounge. Floors 3 through 6 are Moderator offices each with 4 offices to a floor totaling to 16 moderator offices within the building. Above that on floors 7 and 8 are the Admin offices each floor with two offices totaling to four Admin offices. At the very top of the building is the Owner penthouse office.

Every floor is accessible via the elevator running up the centre of the building from the sub-terrain level 1 to penthouse office on floor 9, the elevator is the only way non-staff members can access each level unless they fly through one of the Admin or Owner balconies.

Staff are allowed to decorate their office as they see fit including the floor and ceiling, each office has a one block space between its floor/ceiling and that of the office above or beneath it allowing room for redstone wiring for lights and super fun sliding mini-fridge express minecart railways.

The Admod building also has a Spawn City link D line station accessible from Floor 3 as well as the A and C line stations in Floor 1.

There have been two previous Admod buildings, the latest was built as part of the Operation: Delag as an attempt to reduce the lag in spawn.

The offices of the Admod Building are currently occupied by the following players:

Office Current Occupant
9 Frumple
8A chiefbozx
8B computerghost
7A thomasfyfe
7B Tom_Pairs
6A _MajorMagpie_
6B BaronThamesBank
6C Vacant
6D cal76
5A jphgolf4321
5B Just_robinho
5C Music3_0
5D Keks63
4A lalaboy67
4B yeamanator132
4C mfish125
4D _frozen

Pig Park Spawn City

Spawn City Pig Park.png

Pig Park Spawn City is a parking lot and storage area for pigs. The area was, before pig travel, a gas station built by Casey_Jones3. It is located just outside the south-facing Cyan and Black exits, at 3 Main Street. A total of 19 pigs are kept in parking bays, and saddles and carrots on sticks are kept in storage containers near the entrance. Thirteen of the pigs are reservable and are claimed by many Trusted players and staff members, however there is a row of six pigs near the exit that cannot be reserved. The Pig Park was built by thomasfyfe and LDShadowLord, with help from _MajorMagpie_ and cal76, shortly before the server updated to Minecraft 1.4 in December 2012.

Spawn City Police Department

The Spawn City Department of Justice not only has its court in the Admod Building, but it also has police offices and a jail just west of Spawn Station. Its main entrance is located at 1 Dispenser Street, and the secondary entrance is located just west of Spawn Station. The police station has offices for several defense forces and intelligence agencies, including the Atlantis Defense Force (floor 14) and MCIS (floor 13).

The police station also houses the 26-cell Central Jail. Bothersome players may be sent to jail cells here. A list of current occupants can be found in the guard's office on the basement level.

Studio Chief

One of the staples of the server's atmosphere, Studio Chief is the filming location for The Snapshot, the server's weekly news segment. Located at 4 West Main Street, Studio Chief stands where the former Rayma Studios Buildings 2 and 3 were located, and features a large glass window on the south side of the building. The main feature is this window and the desk inside, which is equipped with a pressure plate in its center. Standing on the plate sounds a five-tone note block sequence and activates lights both in the front and back of the desk. This mechanism is usually used to inform nearby players that a recording is in progress.

Recordings for various videos, including The Snapshot, occur here and players are welcome to lurk in the background and make themselves known by throwing potions, fireworks, fishing rods, anvils, experience bottles, arrows, or pretty much anything imaginable at the window during a recording. Trolling gimmicks also have included random in-flight PVP, spawning animals, and lightning cannons (where a "command button" allowed players to shock themselves).

The studio includes a green screen and interview space, but it is unknown whether those will ever be used. There is also a bacon supply cabinet near the main desk.

Corporate offices

Various corporations have offices in Spawn City, including FyfeCorp, LP Incorporated and Paradise Inc..


Getting in and around Spawn City is very easy, with roads, trains and buses serving virtually every corner of the city. Bus lines 1 through 10 also depart from the bus depot and serve various towns across the server.


There are ten lines that serve the Bus Depot, which is located in Government District.

Line Destination(s)
 1  Orwyn via Robin's Hill and Big Lake (extension to Big Lake and Orwyn in the works)
 2  MRT International Airport via Parkour, Shadow Falls, Fairfax and Hardesty
 3  Arisa
 4  TBD (Proposed destinations: Oasis, Hollis Swamps, Sandstone Fair)
 5  Talihina via Silver Spring and Crystal City
 6  Inchmuir via Miningstone (Route )
 7  Hillside-Pagoda via Ampitheatre, High Hoopsville and MineCity
 8  Ghasts Stadium, Chargestone/Kipener at  G25  Chargestone-Kipener Station)
 9  Eisitasi
 10  North Edge via Woodzy Beach


Five minecart lines have stations within the city limits.

Line Station location(s) and transfers
MRT  B  Blue Line
  • Government District  790 
  • Spawn  G   Y   R 
  • Theatre District  Y 
  • Industrial District  Y 
MRT  G  Green Line
  • Greater West Spawn  R 
  • Financial District-SCTC  RHM 
  • Spawn  B   Y   R 
MRT  Y  Yellow Line
  • Spawn  B   G   R 
  • Theatre District  B 
  • Industrial District  B 
MRT  R  Red Line
  • Greater West Spawn  G 
  • Spawn  B   G   Y 
 790  Airport Express North side of  B12  Government District. Nonstop service to  G2  O1  MRT International Airport.

In addition to the mainline rails, there are additional lines that stop at the Spawn City Transit Centre.

Spawn City Link

The city has its own local metro system called the Spawn City Link. It has four lines, lettered A, B, C and D. The A Line is a circular line that connects most of the districts, while the B, C and D lines have termini and provide other connections. Interchange stations are at:

  • Central (just outside of MRT Spawn Station), between A and D Lines.
  • Greater West, between A and B Lines.
  • Braun Llama, between A and B Lines.
  • Residential, between B and C Lines.
  • Civic Services, between A and C Lines.
  • Admod, between A, C and D Lines.
  • Minecart Avenue, between A and C Lines.
  • Trusted Tower, between B and D Lines.

The C Line serves the Morgan Freeman Transit Center of Owasso, and the A Line serves platforms A and B of SCTC.

Northern Trail

The Northern Trail starts just outside Spawn Station's north-facing brown exit and connects to many towns along the northern edge of the map, including the Redstone Gaming Centre, Robin's Hill and Owasso. It is a walking path built by Frumple and is accessible from several stations along the MRT Green Line.