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Spawn City Delag

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Spawn City Delag, short for the Spawn City Delagification Project and also known as Operation Delag, was a project by MRT staff in early 2014 during Omega to attempt to reduce lag in Spawn City. The project was initiated as there were increases in complaints about increased levels of lag when at Spawn Station and its surrounding area.

While some members had reported a reduction in lag in Spawn City, whether Spawn City Delag was the main cause has not been supported with concrete evidence.


Spawn Station was at the center of the delagging initiative. Signs and entities were removed within the station. The redstone areas were also modified using a customized "less laggy" MRT design, MRTv4.3, designed and implemented by thomasfyfe. The new design completely removed the dispenser level and replaced numerous redstone torches with redstone blocks.

The MRT lines around Spawn Station had their redstone torches replaced with redstone blocks as there were claims that the redstone torches emitted particles that would cause lag.

Underground areas

MRT staff claimed that Minecraft trying to render the caves below the Spawn area was a source of lag. MRT staff scanned the underground area in Spawn City for caves, unused builds, and unnecessary air blocks. The spaces, along with underground pools of lava and water, were filled up in an attempt to reduce lag.


Wolf Air Industries Blimp before it was removed

MRT staff believed that shadows cast by floating builds above Spawn City were causing lag as Minecraft had to calculate the change of light values when the night and day shifted. The Wolf Air Industries blimp above Spawn Station was removed and was the largest removal as a result of Spawn City Delag.

Other aircraft, such as planes and helicopters, were also moved further from Spawn Station.

Spawn Station Retail

Retail spaces inside Spawn Station

Retail spaces in Spawn Station were created in the years prior to the Spawn City Delag, sometime between 2012 and 2013. In regards to Spawn City Delag, chiefbozx claimed that the retail spaces may have contributed to the lag, citing lag appearing at Orwyn Mall, speculating that the WorldGuard regions were a major contributor to lag.

The stores were set to be removed following an announcement on the Spawn City Delag Wiki page. It was noted that if the lag was not improved, the stores would be brought back. In February 2014, the retail spaces in Spawn Station were removed and were not brought back.


The effectiveness of the project is inconclusive. Although some members had reported a reduction in lag when at Spawn and around Spawn City, there has been no concrete evidence to support that the project was the main reason for the reduction.

While some members have lauded the efforts, there were some questions raised regarding the validity of the claims made about what causes lag. In regards to the effectiveness of the project, chiefbozx claimed that there was a general increase in framerate and that players who continued to complain about framerate losses were limited.