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SCTC Construction Progress
The SCTC is now constructing bus gates. At the moment, 96 bus gates are being built in a 2-level, 6-platform system. Each platform has 8 gates. We hope to be able to add more in the future if we need to! Right now gates are divided into 6 "concourses" of 16 gates each:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Cyan
  • White
  • Green

Stained clay indicates gates above ground while wool is used for underground gates. More details can be found below!

The Spawn City Transit Centre or SCTC is a massive, multimodal transportation hub located in the outskirts of the Financial District of Spawn City. It is currently being built by many members, and the project head is chiefbozx.

Rail Transit

The SCTC is built to have over 30 rail platforms, all but two of which are underground. Platforms are lettered A through Z, and then double letters (the upper bound of platforms is still to be determined, as there is high demand for custom platforms on the Emerald Concourse).

Platforms are either "through" platforms or "terminus" platforms. Terminus platforms are for one-way lines; they return carts back through the tunnel they came through, while through platforms are two-way stations where all carts stop. Because through platforms allow carts in both directions to stop, they count as taking up two platforms, even though only one line uses them (for example, platforms A and B are used by the same line - platform A is for westbound travel, B for east).


The SCTC uses Cyan Systems technology for platforms on the Iron, Gold, Diamond and Lapis Concourses. Platforms on the Emerald Concourse may use a different station design, which must be approved by Chief before it is added to the SCTC.

Pending clients of the Emerald concourse are:

  • RS Transit, for platforms AA through HH
  • Time Express (managed by Omricon), for platform II (Terminus)

Tunnels connecting station platforms to outside the SCTC are custom-made, with a 5x5 dimension. Unlike station platforms, rail line owners may not request different tunnels (even those on the Emerald concourse); this is because tunnels take up a lot of space and many of them must be carefully placed in order to get all of the platforms in place.


The SCTC Rail Station is organized into five concourses, which use semi-circular tunnels. Platforms connect to the concourse on the sides.

There are four levels of concourse tunnels:

  • Level B1: Iron and Diamond Concourses, maintenance hatch, elevator and stairs to exit
  • Level B2: Gold Concourse
  • Level B3: Lapis Concourse
  • Level B4: Emerald Concourse

Platforms are placed onto a concourse based on their direction of travel, type, and station technology being used.

Iron Concourse

The Iron Concourse is also known as the East-West Through concourse and houses platforms A through H, with four stations for east-west through travel. Upon entering the concourse, platforms A through D are on your left side, and platforms E through H are on your right.

The current platform owners are:

Platform(s) Owner Line Name
A/B chiefbozx Spawn City Link
C/D michealman
E/F frozen  ARR  Arrowhead Line
G/H gogojakeo Irish Minecart Transit System Cross Country 1

Gold Concourse

The Gold Concourse is also known as the Middle Concourse or North-South Through concourse and houses platforms I through P, with four stations for north-south through travel. Upon walking down the stairs from the Iron or Diamond Concourses, or up the stairs from the Emerald or Lapis concourses, platforms I through L are on your left and platforms M through P are on your right.

If you want a platform, the board to request one is located on the northern wall (right side as you enter the concourse).

At the moment, no platforms on the Gold Concourse have been assigned to lines or companies.

Platform(s) Owner Line Name
I/J samyankeesfan20 NorthHaven Line
K/L colaja953 AMR Corporation Line
M/N bestmate66 North Quartz Intraserver Railway
O/P thomasfyfe

MRT Green Line

The MRT Green Line serves the SCTC at  G16  Financial District-SCTC Station through a walkway. As such, the MRT uses SCTC platforms Q and R: platform Q is for northbound departures, while platform R is for southbound.

Platforms Q and R are the only aboveground rail platforms at SCTC.

Platform(s) Owner Line Name
Q/R Frumple G16 Financial District/SCTC Station

Lapis Concourse

Back underground, the Lapis Concourse is also known as the Lower Concourse or North-South Terminus concourse. Platforms S through V are found here. Because they are terminus platforms and not through platforms, each platform has its own access tunnel. Although it is sometimes called the Lower Concourse, it is actually not the deepest in the complex, as it is above the Emerald Concourse.

Platforms S and T are southbound terminus platforms and are on the right as you enter the concourse. Platforms U and V are on the left and are northbound terminus platforms.

At the moment, no platforms on the Lapis Concourse have been assigned to lines or companies.

Platform(s) Owner Line Name
S Pilot61721
T thomasfyfe
U paul123_crafter Truckee Transit
V Just_robinho Robin's Hill Metro Line 5

Diamond Concourse

The Diamond Concourse is also known as the East-West Terminus concourse. It is across from the Icon Concourse on the uppermost level.

Platforms W and X are westbound terminus platforms and are on the right as you enter the concourse. Platforms Y and Z are eastbound platforms and are on the left.

Some platforms on the Diamond Concourse have been assigned:

Platform(s) Owner Line Name
W Megascatterbomb FTR-SCTC Shuttle
X logiblocs Transport for MRT Central Line
Y mfish125 BMTA Rapid Transit Line 1
Z IHG5000

Emerald Concourse

The Emerald Concourse has many names associated with it: "Concourse D", "Deep Concourse", "Bedrock Concourse", and "Custom Concourse" are just some of them. The Emerald Concourse houses all platforms with double letters (AA through II). Companies may request an Emerald platform if they insist on using custom station designs, which must meet certain size and usability requirements. Stations must be approved before being installed; stations that are installed without approval will be removed, and the platforms in question released.

Requirements include:

  • Maximum size is 15 blocks wide, 25 blocks long, and 15 blocks high.
  • Station must be a center platform.
  • Station must be accessible using stairs.
  • Station must have a departure warning system (either a light or an audio warning)
  • Station must have an occupied cart detector and destroy empty carts leaving the station
  • Station must not be built using dirt.
  • Station must have sufficient signage.

The Emerald Concourse has not been built yet. To access it, take the stairs down from the Lapis or Gold Concourse.

Platform(s) Owner Line Name
AA/BB Cortesi Italian Transit Authority Metro1 Line
CC/DD hawksfan1010
EE/FF hawksfan1010
GG/HH unit1224
II/JJ unit1224
KK/LL Music3_0 SET Systems L Line
MM/NN' kiwirainbow

Requesting platforms

To request a platform, follow these instructions:

  1. Determine the route map of your line. Be sure to list it somewhere on the wiki. You don't need to use {{station/h}} and {{station}}, but those templates are recommended.
  2. If your line is a one-way line or the SCTC is a terminus, request a Terminus platform. Two-way loop lines and two-way point-to-point lines where SCTC is not a terminus need a through station.
  3. Put a sign on the cracked stone bricks on the Gold Concourse, with the following format, and you're done:
Your Name
Leave second line blank
Number of stations requested ("1 NS Through" requests one north-south through station, "1 E C Terminus" requests one east-facing terminus on the Emerald concourse)
Leave fourth line blank

We ask that you please put your name up twice if you want different kinds of platforms, such as an E C Terminus and an EW C Through.

Rail platform assignment process

Since there is high demand for platforms and little space, platforms must be assigned in one way or another. The following policies will be used when determining platform assignment:

  • All platform requests will be reviewed with transit company owners, and line maps and proposals will be made to determine the course of tunnels. Lines will be consolidated if possible. Companies requesting 3 or more platforms will be asked to prioritize lines.
  • Platforms that have equal or fewer requests than available platforms will be given immediately to all players who requested them. For instance, if there are 2 available West Terminus platforms, and 2 or fewer players request one, all players who requested a platform will have the request granted.

For platforms that have great demand, the following algorithm will be used:

  1. Platforms might be rerouted if reasonably possible, for instance switching a line from a West terminus to a North terminus if it goes in a generally northwestern direction.
  2. Platforms might be switched to using a Cyan platform if one is available in the same direction. Having a custom platform in SCTC is not guaranteed!
  3. Companies start with 30 - 2*S points, where S is the number of stations (1 station per 1 terminus or 2 through platforms) the company owns at SCTC. This includes ALL platform types that are DIFFERENT from the one being bid on.
  4. Companies that want multiple platforms are entered multiple times, however each entry of the same type (i.e. East-West Through) after the first will lose 3E points, where E is the number of times the company has been entered. For instance if a company tries to get two East-West Through stations, on the first entry 3E = 3 * 0 = 0, so no points are lost. However, on the second entry, 3E = 3 * 1 = 3, so 3 points are deducted. Note: If a company requests one North-South Through and one East-West Through, no points are lost on either, since they are two different platform types.
  5. Transit lines that reach to new areas of the map or provide new connections will receive 3 points.
  6. Transit lines that are entirely underground will receive 1 point.
  7. Transit lines that have two (2) or fewer of their stations within the city limits of Spawn City (not including SCTC) will receive 2 points. Lines that travel entirely within Spawn City will lose 9 points.
  8. Transit lines lose 5 points if they have fewer than 5 stations in total, and gain 3 points if they have 8 or more stations in total. Stations should be reasonably spaced apart (not every block of a city).
  9. Each line will receive a random number between -2.0 and 2.0 points (random number between -20 and 20 inclusive, divided by 10). These numbers will be generated by and their signatures will be posted for you to inspect and verify.
  10. In the event of skewed results, administrators will add or subtract up to 5 points per line.
  11. The order of assignment will be determined by the points at this step: the company with the most points gets first dibs at a platform, then the second, third, and fourth. In the event of a tie, the algorithm will be used again, using only the companies in question. If a company ties with itself, that company must choose which line(s) to serve SCTC.

Bus transit

The layout of Terminal 1. Traffic travels in the direction of the yellow arrows. The same layout is followed in Terminals 2 through 6.

Along with rails, the SCTC is home to many bus gates. The bus gate system currently has a capacity of 96 occupants however this can be expanded to 180 gates if demand is extremely high. Gates are arranged into seven color-coded terminals and are numbered instead of lettered. Each gate has a three-digit number from 010 to 637 that tells players which terminal, level and gate their bus is on without having to go and find it.

Using the gate number XYZ (where X, Y and Z are the digits of the number), it is possible to determine the location of the gate:

  • X is the terminal number starting from the southernmost terminal.
  • Y is the floor number in the elevators (lowest level is always 1).
  • Z is the gate number, numbered 0-7. Odd numbers are for north-facing gates and even numbers are for south-facing gates. Numbers increase as you go west.

For example, gate 216 is in terminal 2, level 1, and on the south side closest to the west elevator while gate 533 is in terminal 5, level 3, and the north side close to the east elevator.

Terminals 1 through 6 are in the main area of the SCTC. Terminal 0 is an auxiliary terminal for articulated buses, since they are too large to fit in standard gates which have a length limit of 12 blocks (gates ending in 0 and 7) or 13 blocks (gates ending in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6). Buses in terminal 0 are limited to 20 blocks in length, and there are 10 gates at terminal 0 (numbered 010 through 019). Terminal 0 is colored black.

To transfer terminals players must take the elevators on either end of the terminal to level 2 and follow the signs to the correct terminal. Because of this, companies with lots of lines typically reserve an entire cluster of gates within the same terminal and same floor so that players changing bus lines in Spawn can do so without going through the terminal connector.

In addition to terminal numbers, terminals are color-coded: Terminal 0 is black, Terminal 1 is red, 2 is blue, 3 is yellow, 4 is purple, 5 is white and 6 is dark green.

Bus size limits

Due to spacing limitations the following requirements are in place for all buses:

  • Buses in gates ending in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 may have a maximum length (front to back) of 13 blocks. Buses in gates ending in 0 or 7 may have a maximum length of 12 blocks.
  • Buses on level 1 have a maximum height of 6 blocks, including any redstone on top. Buses on level 3 have no height limit (gates ending in 0, 1, 6 and 7) or a limit of 7 blocks (gates ending in 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • Buses have a maximum width of 5 blocks.
  • Buses must have their doors line up with the doors in SCTC gates. Gates ending in 2, 3, 4 and 5 have front and back doors set with double iron doors. Gates ending in 0 and 7 have their front doors set with double iron doors, and back doors have a triple-wide opening which funnels through a single door. Gates ending in 1 and 6 have the same as 0 and 7 except the opposite.