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Speedy's Meats

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Speedy's Meats
CEO/Founder WashingtonTdt
Company Locations
Number of Stores 61
Headquarters Loudoun
First Location Redlin
Company Info
Founded Feburary 4th, 2014
Franchise Restaurant

Speedy's Meats is a restaurant company that serves meats such as pork and chicken. The company was founded by WashingtonTdt on February 4th, 2014, and is headquartered in Loudoun. This franchise was created to have a space in the  G2  MRT International Airport. More information can be found below, and in the infobox to the right.

List of Orders

Occasionally I might need this, but it's a list of all the current orders I have

  • New Heampstead Colony, Derpy_Melon, Island Edition
  • llamafantasy (town name unknown as of now)

Special Offers

There are no special offers at the moment.

Restaurant Locations

These are the current Speedy's Meats locations, where you can have a well-cooked meat:

Old World - 12

New World - 49

Location Closest MRT Station Number Of Stores Store Type(s) World Open/Closed Store Number
Redlin  Y23  Stadium-New Boston 1 Regular Old Open 1
Inchmuir NE Island  B19  Inchmuir 1 Express Old Open 2
Atlanta  G4  Hillville 1 Regular Old Open 3
Kitania  Y24  Paradise Island 1 Regular Old Open 4
Robin's Hill Olympic Park  G10  Robin's Hill 1 Double-Decker Old Open 5
Amphitheatre  Y19  Amphitheatre 1 Large Old Open 6
Farragut North  O8  Riverend 1 Large Old Open 7
Bluemont  G13  R8  Bluemont 1 Regular Old Open 8
Edenmorr  B8  Sandstone Fair 1 Regular Old Open 9
Crosstown  Y7  Palmville 1 Large Old Open 10
Cold Spring  O6  O6 1 Regular Old Closed 11
Chesterfield  G9  Chesterfield 1 Double-Decker Old Closed 12
Loudoun  F11 - V12  Loudoun 1 Regular New Open 13
Wazamawazi  C97  Wazamawazi Main 1 Express New Open 14
Paixton  D22  Foobar 1 Regular New Open 15
Siletz  V13  Siletz 1 Regular New Open 16
Janghwa City  M22  Janghwa City 1 Large New Open 17
West Calbar  A14  West Calbar 1 Regular New Open 18
Waterville  A23  Waterville - Old Town 1 Regular New Open 19
Matheson  I9  Foobar 1 Mall New Open 20
Astoria  C48  Astoria 1 Regular New Open 21
Achowalogen Takachsin  XE11  Achowalogen Takachsin 1 Large New Open 22
Vermilion (Victory Square)  XW15  Vermilion 1 Regular New Open 23
Royal Ferry  I2 - ZS2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station 1 Regular New Open 24
Simpang Tiga  C93  Ilirea - Storalia National Park 1 Express New Open 25
Kenthurst (Mississa Bay)  XW11  Kenthurst—Mississa Bay 1 Large New Open 26
Elecna Bay - EBI  I21  Elecna Bay - Restraunt District 1 Airport New Open 27
Royal Plaza  P34 - ES20  Royal Plaza 1 Regular New Open 28
Espil  C80  Espil - Eisli Central,  C81  Espil - Eisli North (Deltix Center) 1 Express, Regular+ New Open 29, 51
Grayzen  XE3  Grayzen 1 Regular New Open 30
Liten  ZN19  Liten 1 Large New Open 31
Freshney  A16  Freshney 1 Regular New Open 32
Sulfureal Lakes  M15  Foobar 1 Regular New Open 33
AEville  ZN18  AEville-South Liten 1 Regular New Open 34
Spruce Neck  T2 - A2 - ZN2  Spruce Neck 2 Regular, Special New Open 35, 39
Scarborough  V19 - P21  Scarborough 1 Regular New Open 36
Hubian/Haibian  V24  Haibian 1 Regular New Open 37
Beaufort  P19  Scarborough - Beaufort 1 Regular New Open 38
Formosa  XW5 - D5 - M5  Formosa 1 Regular New Open 40
Storalisburg  C94  Downtown Storalisburg 1 Regular New Open 41
Armada  C108  Armada Quasar 1 Regular New Open 42
Wythern  C41  Wythern 2 Regular/Mall, Doubledecker+ New Open 43, 52
Helix Bay  C77  Foobar 1 Mall+ New Open 44
Marblegate  F27  Marblegate 1 XXL/Special+ New Open 45
Valemount  EN7  Foobar 1 Large+ New Open 46
Dandenong  C2  Dandenong West 1 Large+ New Open 47
Ravenna  NE14  (closest) 1 Regular+ New Open 48
Shadowpoint Nearest is  C5 , accessible by B11.png, The New Indigo Expressway, and B12-shield.png 1 Large+ New Open 49
Fort Yaxier  I26  Fort Yaxier 1 Custom++ New Open Great 50
Enspington None 1 Large+ New Open 53
Sixty Nein  C69  1 Double-Decker New Open 54
Zaquar - Onika T. Maraj Station  ZS30  Zaquar 1 Regular New Open 55
North Isle None 1 Island Edition New Open 56
Isle of Chez None 1 Island Edition New Open 57
Bakersville  ZN9  1 Mall New Open 58
Risima None 1 Island Edition New Open 59
Spruce Valley  T41  1 Regular New Open 60
Onemaru None 1 Island Edition New Open 61

NOTICE: Stores 1-10 have their own special menus.

Meat Menu

Here are the things you can order off of the menu, which will only appear in new stores. Each item is part of a class, which include the following classes:

Primary: The basic meat and fish in Minecraft, such as pork, salmon, chicken, and beef. Available at all restaurants.

Special Specially cooked foods. They are not similar to the basic kind. Available at All Restaurants

Super Class: These items are world-class made items. 1 can be chosen if it is a + or large store, if it's a ++ or Doubledecker then 3, And a special plus a double decker (or exclusive) is 4.

Food Item Meat Class Description
Pork Primary Basic Pork meal, cooked on our special grill. Made well done or medium rare.
Steak Primary Basic marinated steak, cooked to perfection on our special grill. Made well done or medium rare.
Chicken Primary Basic meal of grilled chicken.
Salmon Primary Basic meal, one of two fish meals on the menu. It is very cheap, as it is a basic meal. Smoked.
Turkey Special Our special turkey, served whole. This meal cannot be ordered with the delivery system, as it is a special item on the menu. Grilled.
Smoked Beef Patty Special Our burger, to bring out the real meat. Does not come with sauce. Grilled with our special grill.
Bacon Special Our signature dish, a plate consisting of 6 slices of bacon. Bacon made well done.
Veal Special Special veal, grilled using our special grill. Made well done or medium rare.
Lamb Special Classic lamb, made well done or medium rare.
Fillet Mignon Special Our best cut of meat, grilled on our special grill, and made to order.
Veal Parmesan Super Class Some fried veal, covered with parmesan cheese. Made to order.
Super Burger Super Class A double or triple-decker burger, topped with American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion. Beef patty is made to order.
Seasoned Brisket with Parsley Super Class Some Texas-style brisket, garnished with some parsley. Brisket made to order.
Salmon and Cod Fillets Super Class A set of Salmon and Cod, take-home basket or for dine-in purpose. Made to order.

Restaurant Types

These are the different restaurant types that you will be able to see:

  • Regular: The normal Speedy's Meats, with a normal 12 by 12, 11 by 11, or 10 by 10 size. These restaurants also contain a small eating area with some tables, and chairs as well. These can be fitted into medium sized areas.
  • Express: These restaurants are meat to be fit into areas where small stores and retails can fill in, like an Airport or Transit Center. The size of these are variable, but can likely be 8 by 8. These size restaurants also contain smaller menus, with not as many options, but will contain tables.
  • Large: These size Speedy's Meats restaurants are built for large cities and towns. They will contain an enlarged line so more people can fit in. Tables and chairs will be fitted, and the average size is around 20 by 20, sometimes more or less. These will need to be located in large areas where it can fit in the space well. Please note that there can still be a lot of these amount. There are already a few. This version of Speedy's Meats is only available for [Councillor] or above, with exceptions.
  • Large Double-Decker: These size Speedy's Meats contain all the fixings of the large version, but can fit into smaller spaces, such as 12 by 12 spaces. However, there will be 2 floors, 1 mainly for dining tables. There will be stairs connecting the 2 floors. This version of Speedy's Meats is only available for [Mayor] or above, with exceptions.
  • Island Edition: Exclusive to only islands and bay areas, the island edition is similar to a Large restaurant, but contains outside seating as well as inside incase of rain (if no space is available for outdoor seating then indoor seating only, still custom made).

Speedy's Meats+

Speedy's Meats+ is similar to the normal versions of Speedy's Meats, however, are specially marked, normally have longer menus, with more choices of drinks as well. These stores share the same sizes as regular Speedy's Meats, but they are marked with a plus sign at the entrance/exit. These stores can ONLY be purchased during a special promotion, such as #RoadTo50SPM.

Speedy's Meats++

Speedy's Meats++ shares the same design and menu as Speedy's Meats+, but can only be found when the company reaches a certain milestone, such as 50 or 100 stores. These stores are also marked as ++, not +. Speedy's Meats++ also comes only in a special type, the diner type, of restaurant, to make it stand out from others.


Some Photos of Speedy's Meats Stores/Buildings:

Double Decker Speedy's Meats (Location: Robin's Hill)
The Speedy's Meats Headquarters Building, located in Loudoun.

How To Request A Speedy's Meats

If you would like to request a Speedy's Meats, please do one of the following to do so:

  • Contact me in-chat
  • Send me MRT Mail to my P.O. Box with the following format:


Town/City Name:

Size: (Regular, Express, Large, or Doubledecker)

(Express Only) Area Name:

  • Sometimes you may find me asking if anyone wants a Speedy's Meats, so you can also contact me then.