Spleef Island

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Spleef Island
Spleef Island.png
Spleef Island in 2017
Minor contributors_Kastle
WorldNew World
Construction beganJune 24, 2017
CompletedJune 26, 2017
TransporationHummingbird Boat Lines
Coordinates9834 64 -15596

Spleef Island is an island by MinecraftYoshi26 with its main attraction being Paradise Arena in the center. Using world edit and some of _Kastle's trees, everything is made from scratch excluding the shape of the island.


On June 16, 2017, jphgolf4321 had created Major League Spleef, creating a hype in spleef arenas and games. After MinecraftYoshi26 heard about this, he decided to make an arena that he hoped would be a finale of future tournaments. After starting on June 24, 2017, he completed the arena on June 26, 2017 and subsequently allowed the public to use it.


The island has few builds, such as a lighthouse. There are an abundance of palm trees and greenery. The island's main attraction is Paradise Arena, which was used by Peripotamia as a home field in Major League Spleef seasons. The only mode of transportation currently is Hummingbird Boat Lines which connects to Heampstead, Hummingbird Islands, and Kenthurst on Line 6, the Alchemilla Line.