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2014-04-27 19.15.45.png
Town Officials
Mayor jphgolf4321
Deputy Mayor italadz57
Town Councillors bham911, nopro988
MRT  B29  Cactusville
Roadways Intermap 6 .png,  I-4 ,  MRT-3 
Facts and Figures
Population 5

Splurgeville is a town in the southeastern portion of the server. It neighbors Arisa on the west, Ice Springs on the north, and Cactusville on the south. Its Mayor is jphgolf4321, its Deputy Mayor is italadz57, and its Commissioners of Public Safety are bham911 and nopro988.


1. Splurgeville Sumotori Centre. Opened Oct. 25, 2013. Member MRT Sumotori Association and its first arena.

2. 9/11 Memorial. Opened 9/12/13.

3. Twin Towers. Opened September 2013. "Functional" memorial of 9/11.

4. Redstoneless Metro Service (RMS) Test Track


1. SET Division S Line. Northbound to Cyra, Southbound to Sunville and SET Z Line Transfer.

2. ITR Bus Station. Buses to MRT International Airport, Spawn City, Edenmorr (Samdstone Fair), and Harborside.

3. Intermap 6 .png South to  Y25  Chuno via Zicronia and  B29  Cactusville and north to an interchange with  I-4  and  I-103 

4. MRT-3  to MegaTown and Ravenswood via  MRT-103 

5. Splurgeville Transit Hub: current lines servicing: JDT Blue Line (WIP), Wheelie Transit WTL 2; Darkline, IMTS CC1,


Splurgeville was founded in August 2013 by jphgolf4321. It started out as four wooden houses and grew from there to become an artificial mushroom biome and an official town on the server. Splurgeville continues to grow and expand to this day.