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Splurgeville Municipal Airport

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Splurgeville Municipal Airport
Airport type Airport
Owner jphgolf4321
Serves Splurgeville
Location East Old World
Hub for South Weast Airlines

Splurgeville Municipal Airport is a small airport located in the city of Splurgeville. The airport primarily acts as an old world focus city for South Weast Airlines, handling small Cessna planes used by the airline for old world service. The airport is also served by IntraAir.

Airlines and Destinations

Airline Destination(s)
South Weast Airlines Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
Western Ocean International Airport
Laclede Municipal Airport
Alturas InterRegional Airport
Ocean Suburb International Airport
Atlanta-Hillville Metropolitan Airport
IntraAir Kitania Municipal Airport
Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport
Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport
Llamapolis - Eristheeagle Memorial Municipal Airport

Airline Market Share By Destination

Airline No. of Destinations Percent Market Share
South Weast Airlines 6 60%
IntraAir 4 40%