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Spruce Plains

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Alert.png I have officially given up on Spruce Plains
Once the new Bus Station is done, there will probably not be much new construction or improvements in the town aside from road-related stuff
Spruce Plains
Town officials
Mayor shadowboarder
Deputy mayor AyyLion
Founder shadowboarder
MRT  T20 ,  T21 
Roadways B935shield.png, Highway A89.png
Other transit

Spruce Plains Transit Authority  Blue ,  Orange (future) 
CitiRail (future) BluRail (future) PMW Commuter Rail (future)

RaiLinQ (future)
Facts and figures
Population 1
Founded March 2015
Town Rank Mayor
World New World

Spruce Plains is a small yet growing town located at  T20  and  T21  on the Taiga Line. There are many opportunities for franchise owners and for those wishing to live in the city. Please consider visiting Spruce Plains and making it your new home!


Spruce Plains was formed sometime in March 2015 when I came across T20 and thought that this would be a nice place to build a city due to it having a river and its proximity to Washingcube. After building a road for the station and organizing the basic road system, I started to build. The current city hall and the building next to it were the first buildings. For a while I expanded northward, but I eventually started expanding towards T21. Today, Spruce Plains is a city diverse in its architecture and in the number of parks it offers.


The Spruce Plains Parks and Recreation Department own, operate, and manage all parks within Spruce Plains. Currently operating parks include:

Park Name Approximate Location
Kenworth Park Washington Avenue near Chicago Road
Riverend Park Sibley Road near Washington Avenue
Broadcast Plaza Hiawatha Avenue near Chicago Road

Foreign Affairs

The Spruce Plains Department of Foreign Affairs manages all affairs and happenings with outside city-states. This includes negotiations and sanctions.

Spruce Plains co-founded and is currently a part of the Yaxier Alliance.

Spruce Plains is a member of the Northwestern Association of Governments.


The Spruce Plains Department of Foreign Affairs has declared sanctions on the following city-states, with reasons listed:

While the above cities are under sanction, no business may be done with any government agency, public corporation, or private business residing within Spruce Plains city limits. Any franchises whose owner has headquarters in Spruce Plains shall be shut down in the sanctioned cities until the sanction has been lifted.

Health Care

Spruce Plains currently has three planned hospitals, with one currently under construction. Seattle Grace Hospital is located across from the north side of T20 on Galactica Road and is currently under construction. Spruce Plains Mercy of Christ Hospital and Spruce Plains General Hospital are still in the planning stages.

The Spruce Plains Department of Health is tasked with running public campaigns about healthy lifestyle choices, emptying public garbage bins, and operating Spruce Plains General Hospital. A public health insurance program is provided by the Department of Health. The Spruce Plains Department of Health's InsuranceReady program does not cover visits to Seattle Grace Hospital or Spruce Plains Mercy of Christ Hospital. This insurance program only covers costs for publicly owned hospitals and clinics across the server.

Spruce Plains helps fund a major part of the Cancer Treatment Centers of the MRT organization. This is a not-for-profit organization that aims to bring quality health care to cities and regions across the server through Cancer Treatment Centers and through clinics which will provide basic health care. The organization was founded by Spruce Plains' own mayor, shadowboarder. Spruce Plains will most likely receive one of three planned campuses in the northwest.

Spruce Plains aims to become a regional healthcare hub for the northwest server.


Also Read: Spruce Plains Transit Authority


The Spruce Plains Transit Authority operates 1 light rail line, the  Blue Line , and has 1 metro line, the  Orange Line , in the planning stages.

Various regional rail companies, including CitiRail, MagneLink, and Northwestern Railways, have expressed interest in expanding their networks into Spruce Plains.

The Spruce Plains Transit Authority has decided to construct the Spruce Plains Railway Corridor. The purpose of this corridor is to regulate warp train traffic entering Spruce Plains. The corridor will run north-south, with immediate connections to Washingcube and Horizon National Airport. The extension to Washingcube will be built if a warp train company decides to offer service from Spruce Plains to Washingcube.


The Spruce Plains Transit Authority operates an express bus route to Harry S. Truman International Airport, with planned routes to Whitechapel Sky Harbor and Armada.

Spruce Plains is planning a new bus hub to replace the current bus station which has proven to be too small for the city's needs. The new station will be located south of the current station and will be bigger.


B935shield.png runs through the heart of Spruce Plains, connecting both East Town and West Town. Highway A89.png, also known as the Gateway to the Northwest Freeway, runs directly west of Spruce Plains, providing road connections to Armada, West Calbar, and Whitechapel. Both roads connect Spruce Plains to the New World Highway System.


A small 2-4 gate airport is planned for when (if) Spruce Plains becomes Governor. (see proposed projects for more details)


The Spruce Plains Port Authority offers a ferry service for passengers commuting to Washingcube.


Hiawatha District

The Hiawatha District encompasses all of Hiawatha Avenue, along with the following roads: Chicago Road, Willow Road south of Hiawatha Avenue, Harriet Lane north of Hiawatha Avenue. This is one of the main districts of the city, promoting business and commerce along a 4-lane avenue with a light rail line running down the median.


Downtown does not look like a normal downtown. Rather, it is where the center of the city is; the MRT station is located here. The MRT station also contains the southern terminus of the Blue Line. This district contains Loring Road from Riverfront Road to the Loring Tunnel, Harriet Lane from Loring Road to Hiawatha Avenue. This district is where the current city hall is located.

Embassy District

The Embassy District is an international testament to the grandeur vision of Spruce Plains. When completed, this district will be full of embassies from cities all over the MRT server. This district will also contain the brand new City Hall and the Embassy Parkway Express. This district contains all of Embassy Parkway.

Riverfront District

The Riverfront District lies along the waterfront of the Spruce River. This district contains the Port of Spruce Plains, which currently operates a ferry service from Spruce Plains to Washingcube. This district contains Riverfront Road and Sibley Road.

Mountain District

The Mountain District is unique because it has no road connections to the rest of Spruce Plains; the Red Line Cable Car is the only connection to the rest of the city. While disconnected, it also contains a small road system. It also contains beautiful, picturesque views of Spruce Plains. This district contains Marquette Road and Mountain View Road.

Proposed Projects

This section contains a list of proposed projects Spruce Plains wishes to pursue. Check back often for updates on each project.

Orange Line

The Orange Line is a new planned rail line from the Spruce Plains Transit Authority. This line will be a heavy-rail grade-seperated line. It will use the existing track of and replace the Embassy Parkway Express and will also offer stops at a planned T21 Station and offer service deeper into the Hiawatha District and to Riverend Park. It will connect near the Red Line Cable Car and will connect with the Blue Line at T21 and at the Embassy Parkway station. The Embassy Parkway station will need to be redesigned as it is currently a terminus station. When this occurs, expect partial station closures of the Embassy Parkway station, which should not affect Blue Line service. Embassy Parkway Express service will be suspended in place of the Orange Line.

Spruce Plains Canal

This canal is being reproposed after frozen shot it down. It could be one of the most expertly engineered canal given the possible terraforming challenges and even possibly being routed underneath a skyscraper in Washingcube. Shadowboarder, planner of the canal, hopes to work with nktrain, bensismith, and, _frozen to ensure that the canal is built legally and to the requested specifications by all four parties.

Shadowboarder will work with nktrain to ensure the canal is routed accordingly around or possibly through Washingcube.

Shadowboarder will work with bensismith to ensure the Spruce Plains Canal is properly connected to the Freshney Canal since plans call for a connection to this canal.

Shadowboarder will work with _frozen to ensure the canal runs properly underneath the CitiRail line and to plan a connection to the Seneca Canal.

NOTE: These plans are only proposed. Talks have yet to take place and plans have yet to be drawn up. Nothing here is final.

Spruce Plains Municipal Airport

When (if is more accurate) Spruce Plains gets Governor, a municipal airport will be constructed either directly north or directly south of the city (most likely south). This will not be a massive international airport like ATC or Epsilon International Airport. Rather it will be a small 3-4 gate airport. It will handle 1 or 2 commercial flights to provide Spruce Plains citizens connections to other cities. At least 2 of the gates will be available for private aircraft. There will be one terminal and commercial and private flights will possibly be split into two seperate concourses. The runway will most likely run north/south due to a mountain range to the city's east and A89 to the city's west. If needed, a city funded airline will provide flight service to either ATC, Epsilon International, or Whitechapel Sky Harbor. However it is hoped that a private airline such as IntraAir or Notalis, two trusted airlines on the MRT, will provide service to an airport. Currently the city is going through a Prefered Design and Prefered Route phase. Possible locations and designs for the airport are being studied while possible destinations are also being studied if a city funded airline is created. This airline will be operated either by the Spruce Plains Transit Authority or the Sprucd Plains Port Authority.

However, a feasibility study is also taking place. Because of Spruce Plains' proximity to Whitechapel Sky Harbor and Armada - which plans on constructing an airport - a municipal airport may not be necessary. A bus service to Whitechapel Sky Harbor is being planned as of now from T21 to Whitechapel Sky Harbor, but this feasibility study will continue to evaluate the feasibility of a municipal airport. Read more about the bus service below.

Whitechapel Sky Harbor Bus Link

This bus service will run from T21 to Whitechapel Sky Harbor. A dedicated bus interchange, the first of its kind on the MRT (design is not unique, but rather the fact that it is bus only) will be constructed by the Spruce Plains Department of Transportation to provide fast and easy access to Whitechapel Sky Harbor. We have yet to acquire a bus bay in the bus terminal, but this will be the first bus service running out of Spruce Plains. Construction should begin by next week and finish by the end of August. A map will be released by Thursday, August 11th.


This section contains a collection of screenshots taken from around Spruce Plains. The person who took the screenshot will be credited. If it isn't credited, it was taken by shadowboarder.
H1R4yxO.jpg Taken by MishkaMan

Ph4vWLb.jpg Taken by MishkaMan