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StaDev Party

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Alert.png This is an old, outdated page.
The party is as of today, no longer active.
Standardized Development Party
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Member # 9 Cities

Standard Development Party, or more commonly just called The StaDev Party, is a rather consecutive but open party that gives more focus to literal development and progress than most other parties. StaDev Party allows major rights and freedom to the people, but restricts certain things in order to keep an order maintained under a stable image.

This party was one of the several parties that the League of Cities (now defunct) recognized and accepted of.


StaDev Party is about using power to target onto the growth of the city by the means of the people, the community, the infrastructure, and the quality. We consider balance and control as our number one priority on whatever we do, for we know that too much of anything, from the left party to the right, can mean no guarantees of stability, richness of quality, and a satisfactory state.

What is StaDev?

StaDev is an abbreviated word for Standardized Development. Our party gives the utmost focus and concern on the development of the city (state)'s overall standards. This can signify from the physical economy and the industrial power to the quality of human living standards and freedom.


 * a rather conservative, but an adequately liberal party. We favor a governmental dominion, but we also favor the people to have a flexible foundation on the political world so that they do not receive too much difficulties on thoughts of their own government or their system.

  • not a liberal/left party. We do not become dependent on details that does not affect an individual's living. We do not sway on complicated thought process, and do not believe in complete equality and monolinear progress.
  • not a conservative/right party. We do not prioritize industrialization or economic/wealth concerns. We do not triumph or strive for infrastructure and power, and do not believe that classes and severe citizen differences should be prevalent.

How does StaDev affect each individual city (state)'s Law and Regulation?

Unlike most parties, StaDev has a very minimal common law, but has a massive amount of individual preferential laws. This means that each city's StaDev-influenced laws are significantly diverse as a result- this can be traced to the more liberal aspect of the party. Besides from the common law that the city may not overall go too left or too right (this is judged and decided by consensual meetings), and that it must be an effective, healthy, and a beneficial law, there is nearly no limit or censorship on what to or what not to do.

For Instance...

  • ...we will make sure that the regulations are not out of hand. It is a universal, moral, and a sensual fact that harming others, especially for your own good, is considered an offensive, and therefore, a derogatory action. As a political party that is for the social community, any kind of this actions that can relate to this statement is considered an illegal offense.
  • ...we will not demand excessive regulations. We will not enforce a requirement to praise or support LGBT, Feminism rights, or Anti-Racism for instance, as not praising or supporting these topics does not directly refer to harming others or letting them suffer in any kind of way. Additional sidenote is that as the individual mayor create their own StaDev Rules, they reserve the right to alter what they prefer to believe or enforce in of the party.


Stadev Group.png
Member States Representing Joined Alliances
(Janghwa Metropolitan City)
Lithium645 December 15
Espil _InDev_ December 15
Pyeongmun City BangtanSky December 15
Leo_2807 December 22
Armada DarkPrismarine December 22
Archon benjaminguo December 29
Saint Roux
(Sint Roe)
bestmate66 December 29
Lancaster BernieForPrez February 18
Kolpino City MishkaMan June 3
Member States Representing Joined Exited
Dandenong MC_Dunc December 19
February 29
Royal Plaza AngelKevin December 22
June 3