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Stadiums, Arenas, and More (SA&M) is a company which specializes in the construction of stadiums. It is a subsidiary of the Looking East Corporation.

How we Build

Stadiums can either be copy-pasted from a schematic or custom-built to fit the plot. Either way, each stadium or arena has their own distinctive flair to differentiate it from the other stadiums and reflect the unique culture of each city. We work with you when building the stadium.

Our Prices

Contact Skelezomperman for a quote. Prices differ depending on what is requested. But here's our "generic" system.

Base prices

  • Olympic-size track and field stadium: $700
  • MAFL Stadium: $500
  • Baseball stadium: $300
  • Standard arena (floor built to hockey standards): $200
  • Small spleef arena: $50

Add-ons: Examples

  • Press/Luxury boxes: $25
  • Retractable roof: $100

And more!