Stew Stop

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Stew Stop

Stew Stop is a fast food restaurant created by willowars. It focuses on food with stew as a base.


  1. Sigma Orionis Square, Midnight, Willow
  2. Drifton
  3. Gemstride
  4. Valence
  5. Wexford
  6. Endor
  7. Seoland
  8. Woodburn

Obtain a Stew Stop

There are currently no standards for a Stew Stop but a location can be very small, as long as there's space for a kitchen, seating, and a menu. Prices range from 8$+ depending on size until a standard shop can be set.


  • Beef and mushroom stew 1.5$
  • Chicken and mushroom stew 1$
  • Carrots and mushroom stew 1$
  • Potato and rabbit stew 1.5$
  • Mutton and beetroot stew 2$