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Flag of Storalia.png
Prime Minister Vulpicula
Deputy Prime Minister EmTheKittyKat
Capital Monte Isola
Currency $MRT
Date Founded December 21, 2015
Date (Re)Founded October 22, 2019
City Count 6
National Animals/Plants
State Tree Storalian Oak
State Bird Yellow Warbler
State Flower Azure Bluelet

Storalia is a small, fledgling nation consisting of six towns. The nation has only recently been reformed after over two years of inactivity and decay. Unlike other nations on the server, it seeks to have a much more minimal presence. It does not (currently) hold elections for positions, and functions more so as a mutual agreement of partnership and cooperation between the largely independent member towns.

It currently has no intention of expanding beyond three towns.


At one point, Storalia did not exist, but now, it does! :O

//Actual history coming soon. Mainly making this edit to flag it as not minor as the last two were, because I is the dumb. c: