Subury Center

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The southwestern exterior of the West Building

The Subury Center, formerly known as the Sudbury Center, is a convention center in Central City owned by Lift Event Management. The building was built by mustang_guy in 2016.

The Subury Center comprises of two buildings: the East Building and the West Building. A North Building was planned to be built was not completed.

East Building

The East Building of the Subury Center is located just south of the NWAG headquarters. It houses 20 office spaces, the East Ballroom, and a multi-purpose room.

East Building
East Ballroom
Office Spaces

West Building

The West Building of the Subury Center is the biggest building of the complex. It is the primary building of the Subury Center and houses The Great Hall, the Nami Auditorium, and the West Ballroom. The final challenge in The Amazing Race 7 took place inside the hall. The Great Hall has an open convention floor that is 155x140 blocks.

The Great Hall

North Building

The North Building has yet to be built.


The Subury Center has direct access to the A0 beltway at Exit 11. There will be a parking garage constructed soon somewhere at the complex. The Central Trams Northwest Terminus is located within the Subury Center complex. Located adjacent to the Subury Center is Central City NW MRT Terminal.