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Town officials
Mayor Skelezomperman
Deputy Mayor KittyCat11231
Founder RLcrafters
MRT  L30  Svobodny Chalkskiorskiy
Roadway(s) N/A
Other transit РЖД (RZD) service to Norwest (under construction)
Facts and figures
Population 856
Town hall coordinates -14156,-16966
Founded 26th June 2018
Town rank Senator
Official language(s) Русский, English
World Gamma / New

Svobodny is an ex-soviet styled town constructed by RLcrafters in the very NW corner of the Epsilon map region in the New World. Noticeable features about the town are its distinct Khruschyovkas (Хрущёвка) introduced by the USSR as a cheap housing alternative, and the general run down feel of a heavily industrialised city, lots of areas overgrown and neglected.

Районы Districts

Метеор Айленд

Meteor Island (The English translation) is so called because of the almost perfectly spherical hole in the southern tip of the island, of which a small park and riverside walks have been built around it, the name was also coined due to the numerous natural caves and water spring craters dotted around the island before almost all of them were paved over. Meteor Island is a primarily heavy industrial district, with several small and large businesses setting up on the island, it also has it's own spur off the RZD (РЖД) mainline running parallel.


Южный Жилой

The Southern Residential district (or Residential 1) was the first district to be constructed and expanded upon in the city, it is home to most of Svobodny's residents at the time of writing, also within the district you will find the current City Hall (Ратуша) though, this is due to be moved into a much larger building in the central district at a later date.

Within the Southern Residential district you will also find the city market and the entry-level school (Школа) adjacent to the railway station (Вокзал)



The Central district is still to be developed, but it is planned to have lots of office and commercial space as well the new City Hal complex.

Метро Metro

Svobodny's metro is based heavily on the metro networks of both St. Petersburg and Moscow, of which both are notorious for having incredibly grand stations with ornate designs carved into the walls, stunning artwork on the walls and ceiling and chandeliers at most stations. The metro stations on Svobodny's metro have been modeled on these aspect, to the best of the builders ability. Below are some screenshots of some stations on the Svobodny metro.

Метеор Айленд metro station

Metro Line  1 

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png Иркутская (Irkutskaya) (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png Новгородская (Novgorodskaya) (under construction) Станция РЖД
Dynmap Construction.png Рыночная (Rynochnaya) (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png Царский проспект (Tsarskiy Prospekt) (planned) No connections

Fun Facts:

  • Svobodny is a real city in Russia in the Amur oblast. It is the second such city to be named after a Russian town/city the first of which was Kolpino (Колпино) which in real life is located a few km from St. Petersburg.
  • Svobodny in Russian means "free"