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Alert.png TRONC wants to help you. But first, we need to figure out what you need. That's why we've made this survey. Please take it and tell us what we can do you help you out.
Dictator _Kastle
Special Advisor to the Dictator godzilltrain
Special Director In Charge of the Special Advisor to the Dictator MinecraftYoshi26
The Righteous Council EliteNeon, jphgolf4321, and Shyvalex
Office of Righteous Oversight KittyCat11231
Founded 3 December 2016
Headquarters Central City, BART Court Building
Membership Covina

The Totally Radically Oppressive Non-Democratic Confederation, or TRONC, is a non-democratic, autocratically run MPO controlled by _Kastle. Anyone is welcome to join the MPO.


TRONC was founded on 3 December 2016 by _Kastle with the goal of creating an MPO that works. _Kastle began to brainstorm ideas. After brainstorming, he realized that that he had quite a few great ideas about how MPOs should be run. Upon this realization, _Kastle realized that the problem with MPO's on the MRT was other people with power in the MPOs, or more specifically, people who were not _Kastle.

This prompted _Kastle to create an MPO that he had sole control over, now known as TRONC, or The Totally Radically Oppressive Non-Democratic Confederation. While _Kastle knew that he was generally in the right, he added a special advisory position, known as the Special Advisor to the Dictator. This position was filled by godzilltrain. However, _Kastle was reluctant to give one individual so much power, so he created the position of Special Director In Charge of the Special Advisor to the Dictator, which he assigned to MinecraftYoshi26.

_Kastle also decided that one of the main purposes of the TRONC MPO would be to serve justice, a dish best served room temperature. This led _Kastle to join the server and ask, "Who wants to be on the righteous council?" Based on the given responses, _Kastle appointed EliteNeon, JTrain77, jphgolf4321, and Shyvalex to the righteous council, and made KittyCat11231 in charge of The Office of Righteous Oversight. However, following an instance in which JTrain77 attempted to disobey the great leader, he was removed from the righteous council.


# State Representative
1 Covina _Kastle
2 Segville godzilltrain
3 Tranquil Forest hvt2011
4 Espil _InDev_
5 Pasadena Silverbubble
6 Waterville _Ptld
7 Bakersville FredTheTimeLord
8 Waverly cal76
9 Laclede jphgolf4321
10 City-State of Kitania KittyCat11231
11 Shadowpoint EliteNeon
12 Elecna Bay mine_man_
13 Rosemont MeetMeInSpace
14 Utopia Narnia17
15 Woodsdale Hightech_TR
16 Fort Yaxier camelfantasy
17 Birchview Creeperface
18 Royal Plaza Angel_Kevin
19 Whiteley AP Red
20 Pine Mountain BuildPilot
21 Welsbury dragonbloon419
22 Cavia Captain_Cavy
23 Royal Ferry MIKE24Dude
24 Auckland JohnNotTech
25 Mallison Jamess2912
26 Spruce Valley SubwayGamerMC
27 Norrstad _Smae
28 Titsensaki frogggggg
29 New Woodbury AlfiePops
30 Oakburgh mdbro55
31 Free State of Kitania Commander James Parkins
32 Richville woorich999


Department of Public Relations

The Department of Public Relations was established to gauge the public's perception of TRONC, and maintain TRONC's image. It is headed by the Secretary of Public Relations, KittyCat11231.