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Tacurger Shack

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Tacurger Shack
CEO and Owner SoaPuffball
Founder SoaPuffball
Year of Founding 2017
No. of Open Stores 107
Parent Company N/A
Milestone Stores
1st Location Savacaci
10th Location Chillington
25th Location Catskill Islands
50th Location Nymphalia
75th Store Monte Isola
100th Store Sunshine Coast North Bay

Tacurger Shack is a franchise by SoaPuffball that sells tacos and burgers, as well as other food. It is known for having no cost, as well as the design of the newer shops. It was founded on around June 2017, with one being built in Savacaci, Soa’s town as a little corner shop for the town. One year passes by and the little corner shop becomes a more known franchise that has branches everywhers in the whole MRT map.

Build Style

The older Tacurger Shacks are made of mostly spruce and oak wood, and orange and brown glass, with lighting being provided by sea lanterns, and use a simple design. Newer Tacurger Shacks vary in design, using spruce wood in conjunction with acacia pillars, and use end rods and sea lanterns for lighting. The kitchen has also evolved from just having furnaces to having fridges, stoves and cabinets as well. Today’s Tacurger Shacks use andesite for the floor, a more realistic touch, or sometimes concrete powder for its texture. The part of Tacurger Shack’s build style that has changed the least are the chairs and tables: it is made of birch stairs, item frames and trapdoors since the early days.


Tacurger Shack has over 100 locations in the New World, as well as one more in the Space World.

Number Location Number Location Number Location Number Location
01 Savacaci 26 Vermilion 51 Deadbush 76 Costa Bello
02 Aviation 27 Chalxior 52 Mason City 77 Larkspur
03 Starbase 1 28 Helix Bay 53 Wazamawazi 78 Gemstride North
04 Fairfax Street Mall 29 Pearl Coast 54 Richville 79 Seoland
05 Zerez 30 Icelake 55 AT Death Arena 80 Sunshine Coast
06 Coruscant 31 Quiris 56 AT Orion 81 South Whitecliff
07 Stoneedge 32 Segville 57 Evella Airport 82 Deadbush Asulton
08 Kolpino 33 Harton Bay 58 Paixton 83 Sunshine Coast
09 SM Central City 34 Plainsley 59 AT Solarion 84 Cornus
10 Chillington 35 Snowtopic 60 Evella Expo 2018 85 Kota Lembah
11 Bearainstein 36 New Southport 61 Cadigal* 86 Kyoto
12 Chalxior 37 Schillerton 62 Nymphalia Windus 87 Sto. Domingo
13 Danielston 38 AT Mall 63 Deadbush Cirque 88 Sto. Domingo Rosebush
14 Oasis Sands 39 Central City 64 Singlwurst 89 Christmas Island 2018
15 Frosty Rivers 40 Columnville 65 Borealia 90 Antioch
16 MRT Land 41 Venceslo 66 Northgate 91 Dekuville
17 Lowami 42 Urbisan 67 Pasadena 92 Sunshine Coast Maspalmas
18 Norwest 43 Kanto 68 Valetta 93 Cremona
19 Digipool 44 Seolho-Songmyo 69 Carnoustie 94 Carnoustie New Town
20 Ilirea 45 Peripotamia 70 Espil Imperium 95 East Charlemagne
21 Mega Motion City 46 USSRgrad 71 Espil Airport 96 New Bakersville World's Fair
22 Vault City 47 Winterside 72 Birchwood 97 Gemstride
23 Woodsdale 48 Hendon 73 Creeperville Takasaki 98 AT Eastport
24 ATC International Airport 49 Tranquil Forest 74 Eden 99 Seoland Fisherman's Arrow
25 Catskill Islands 50 Nymphalia Centre 75 Monte Isola 100 Sunshine Coast North Bay
Number Location Number Location Number Location Number Location
101** Creeperville 111 Winter Games Park
102** Northberg 112 Seuland
103** Paralia 113 Espil Ecilidae
104** Miasto 114 Skogheim
105** Schusterlans 115 Charlemagne
106** Coruscant Underworld
107** Bluepoint
108** Venceslo University
109** Winterberg
110 Grisville
  • These shops are demolished *
  • These shops were given a separate designation as MiniTacurgers until when that subsidary was abandoned. They were later placed to the main list. **


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