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Webpage :

XtremeCity Logo.PNG
Town Officials
Mayor Frosty_Creeper10
Founder XtremeCoder
MRT  ZN23  Foobar
 ZN24  Foobar
 ZN25  Foobar
Roadways Highway A101.png
Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates x: 2706 z :- 9956 (City Central Station)
Founded 3 September 2017
Recognized as town 18 November 2018
Town Rank [Councillor]
Renamed 18 November 2018
State Sultanate of Creeperville
World New
Post codes  TK1 
Ward(s) 1

Takasaki is a city that was founded by XtremeCoder, and passed on to Frosty_Creeper10 after.


(i will be filling this in later on how we [redacted] 3 [redacted] )


Rail Lines



The Headquarters for the MRT Magazine team. See MRT Magazine for more.

Government Buildings



SuperChicken is a Chicken Stall selling Fried Chicken, created by eltontay11, in a very cheap price. There is a 24/7 counter assistant (aka villager) :P To locate it : It it right outside  A1  C3  E5 City Central Station Owner : eltontay11

The only SuperChicken Stall is located here. Please refer to "How to get there" to learn more about how to get there.

Alert.png Note: There are no plans to make this franchise bigger. Alert.png

This is a Buffet

This is a Buffet is well, you guessed it: a buffet. Takasaki is the home of the very first This is a Buffet ever built.