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If you wish to join the PRM, please add your city/town to this table, after agreeing to the terms listed below.
a) A member agrees to comply with the laws and statutes passed by the Union Congress to the best of their ability, and to comply with this constitution to the best of their ability.

b) A member agrees to join the PRM Discord, where all voting will take place, at this link here. >> <<

c) A member agrees to vote on resolutions to the best of their ability, and agrees to vote for only ONE option.

d) A member agrees to only propose serious resolutions, as resolutions passed affect every city in the Union.

e) A member has the right to opt out of legislation passed, by contacting Echohue on discord and explaining why they would wish to opt out.

f) A member has the right to leave the PRM at any time, for any reason, and will not be restricted from doing so.

g) A member must not infringe any MRT rule. If any MRT rule is infringed, the Council will expel a member with or without notice and report the infringement to MRT staff.

h) A member agrees to be a mature and respectful member of the community.

i) The Council has the right to remove any PRM member for serious violations of the above code.

Application Table

Your application will be reviewed and we will contact you about it in less than 12 hours.
City Rank Mayor Notes Approved/Denied Denial Reason (If applicable)
Example City  [Premier]  Echohue Approved
Monte Isola [Senator] Vulpicula Approved
Sansmore [Unranked] EdwardIII Denied Only the town’s mayor may apply for membership.
Northgate [Unranked] woorich999 Approved
Savage City [Unranked] Weier Approved
Skogheim [Mayor] Starcubed Approved
Sansmore [Unranked] luigi_board Approved
The City of Seoland [Mayor] CodyHM Approved
Bakersville [Senator] FredTheTimeLord Approved
Tropica [Unranked] LithiumMirnuriX originally owned by Eliteneon, however transferred to me under Trust Territory of my Ophelia Confederation.
Winterside [Mayor] Needn_NL Winterside will be the formal member, but Kaloro City will also be part of it. Approved
Carnoustie [Governor] CaptainObi Carnoustie would like to serve as a capital/hub for goods and food in the espilon northwest Approved
Neue Savanne [Unranked] SirPenguinMay Approved
Spruce Valley [Mayor] Johngi Approved
Andros [Unranked] Kangaroo567 Approved
East Spruce [Mayor] MaxStewartS Approved
Tranquil Forest [Senator] hvt2011 Approved
Actually Every Town on Owned by fiork Multiple Ranked towns Fiork777 Actually i want to merge with montego