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Number Branch Name City MRT Station
1 EN26  EN26  Foobar
2 SM Central City Central City  AX - D1 - XW1 - M1  Central City—SW Station
3 Flagstaff Tower Titsensaki  NE18  Titsensaki
4 Lemon Street Station Arcadium
5 KobriX Complex Espil  C80  Espil - Eisli Central,  C81  Espil - Eisli North,  C82  Espil - Cephyl Center
6 Whiteley Turing Square Station Whiteley
7 Bearbury Bearbury
8 Knoxford Knoxford  ZS26  Foobar
9 Alexandria Bay Alexandria Bay
10 Aguaspueblos Marina Seaview & Aguaspueblos
11 Tranquil Forest Airfield Tranquil Forest
12 Spring Garden South Station New Acreadium  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station
13 Northlend* Northlend  ZN44  Foobar
14 East Spruce Central Station East Spruce  NW7  Foobar,  NW8  Foobar
15 Arcadia Shopping Center Deadbush
16 Woodsdale Municipal Airport Woodsdale  ZN10  Woodsdale