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MRTvision infobox


This template will create an Infobox, or Information Box, for a town. It should be placed at the top of a page, ideally with code like this:

{{MRTvision infobox
| color = Color of the headers in the infobox. Use hexadecimal (with the #) codes or words.
| name = Contest name, if it differs from the page title
| img = Logo. You need to use the full parameters, including brackets, file prefix and extension. Add the slogan with <br>
| venue = Name of venue and city
| presenter = Name of presenter
| producers = Name of producers
| broadcaster = Name of official broadcaster
| joining = Joining period dates
| submission = Submission period dates
| voting = Voting period dates for both semi-finals and final broken up by <br>
| semi = Semi-final ceremony date
| final = Final ceremony date
| entries = Number of entries
| debut = Debuting cities, broken up by <br>, use ---- to break up lines
| return = Returning cities, broken up by <br>, use ---- to break up lines
| nonreturn = Non-returning cities, broken up by <br>, use ---- to break up lines
| system = System of voting
| weight = Vote weight between qualifiers/participants and public
| nul = Cities receiving nul points
| winner = Winning screenshot with city and photographer
| chronology = [[MRTvision Screenshot Contest X|← X]] • '''[[MRTvision Screenshot Contest]]''' • [[MRTvision Screenshot Contest X|X →]]
| b/w = black/white for header text color