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"Well, that didn't work!-" Oh, ignore him. He's just there in case you do something wrong.

This template can produce any road number, using the following color schemes:

  • US Interstate color scheme, used by old world highways (syntax {{road|map|CODE}}) =  I-0 
  • US business road color scheme, used by new world highways (syntax {{road|a|CODE}}) =  A0 
  • Toll (syntax {{road|toll}}) =  TOLL 
  • US National/State Highway color scheme (syntax {{road|hw|CODE}}) =  MRT-1 
  • For Airports use (syntax {{road|airport}} = Airport Sign.png
  • For Train Stations use (syntax {{road|train}} = Train sign.jpg
  • For Bus Stations use (syntax {{road|bus}} = Bussign.png
  • For Ferry Terminals use (syntax {{road|ferry}} = Ferrysign.png
  • Colored boxes, used by Ardy and a few other derps (roadardy) (syntax {{road|c|type(A-B)|ward(0-9)|name}}) =  A0 

If you actually want the InterMap/MRT Route Shield, for most major highways, use {{road|CODE}} = Intermap 0 .png, Mrt 1 .png, Highway A0.png