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Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Dynmap Construction.png 1 Foobar (under construction) No connections


Similar to the {{station}}, this template MUST be preceded by {{roadexit/h}}.

You MUST have |} on a new line after the last time you call the template, otherwise your page text below the last call will appear inside the notes cell.

By default, the destination will have a link. Use the following parameters in your template call:

  1. Exit status, can be open (Dynmap Green Flag.png), closed (Dynmap Cross.png), planned (Dynmap Pin.png), or construction (Dynmap Construction.png, default). In general, closed exits are closed in both directions for maintenance, planned exits have not been built yet or are awaiting approval, exits under construction are being built (also including the road between the last open exit) and have been approved, and stations that are open allow traffic in one or both directions.
  2. Background color of the exit number cell. This must be a hexadecimal color code (i.e. a8b29f).
  3. Exit number. This can be either a number or a number with a letter after it if it is added later.
  4. Destination(s) of that exit.
  5. (optional) Road connections available at the exit. If not added, "No connections" will be added.
  6. (optional) Destination name if it is different from the page you want to link to. You can also use the t parameter instead.
  7. (optional) Any notes that need to be applied, either about the status or access to roads, or anything else.

If you don't want to have a link at all, or are having several destinations to separate pages, ignore parameter 6, and add |nolink=true to the end of your template call. You can then add the links back manually if required.

If you are using a dark background color (for example a black line) and black text is not easily readable, you can change the color of the text using |c=white or |c=#a82b0f (or whatever suits the page best).