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 Z0  Foobar

This template is used for new world MRT stations really, but it does still work with the old world stations.


{{st|CODE|STATION}} is the format for normal, singular stations.

If you want a transfer station, please use {{St/t}}!

Code List

A - Arctic
C - Circle
D - Desert
E (EN/EC/ES) - Eastern (North/Central/South)
F - Forest
I - Island
J - Jungle
L - Lakeshore
M - Mesa
N (NW/NE) - Northern (West/East)
P - Plains
H - Savannah
S - Southern
T - Taiga
V - Valley
W - Western
X (XW/XE) - Expo (West/East)
Z (ZN/ZS) - Zephyr (North/South)

Station Parameter

For the station, please just enter the code of the station, but bear this in mind: whatever you put as the text will be what is on show, so putting in c32 will produce:  c32  New Bark South and not  C32  New Bark South!

Also, if you add |station=false on the end, like {{st|c|C32|station=false}}, then you can now not have the station on the end! Example:  C32 . Alternatively, there is the {{St/n}}, which does the exact same.