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This is mainly used inside the {{st}} and {{s}} templates, and provides the name of a given station, or Foobar if there isn't a name yet assigned.


If for whatever reason there is a need for the name only to be sourced, it can be used as shown:

{{st/Names|STATION CODE}}

New Addition?

Please use the following format:

|UPPERCASE CODE|lowercase code=NAME

If the station name differs from the town/place page, add the page name to this list using the format defined above:

|UPPERCASE CODE|lowercase code=PAGE

and add the station name to the list located at {{st/Text}} using the same method.

If the station covers two towns, go to {{st/splitlink}} and follow the instructions. Just don't argue over whose town goes first :P

For examples of the above, look at the source of the page.

Also, please only insert officially named stations!

Can't figure it out?

Just add your town name and station code to the talk page and I'll get around to it... Lazy... :)