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     User infobox
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This template will create an Infobox, or Information Box, for a user. It should be placed at the top of a page, ideally with code like this:

{{User infobox
| status = Green, Yellow, Red, or Black - your status on status walls.
| title = For staff - Director (mod) or Head (admin) titles
| name = Current user name, if it differs from the page title
| img = A screenshot of your Minecraft character or personal logo, use full file syntax
| loc = Your home location - state/province is optional, please provide country
| timezone = Your timezone (please include offset from UTC, use a line break for daylight savings difference)
| lang = Home language(s)
| gender = self-explanatory
| bday = Your birth date.
| rank = Your current rank on the MRT Server such as Mod, Member or Elf+
| projects = Your notable projects.
| guest = Date you first connected to the server.
| member = Date you were accepted as Member.
| citizen = Date you were promoted to Citizen (Mayor Pre-Gamma).
| trustee = Date you were promoted to Trustee (Trusted Pre-Gamma).
| councillor = Date you were promoted to Councillor.
| mayor = Date you were promoted to Mayor.
| senator = Date you were promoted to Senator.
| governor = Date you were promoted to Governor.
| premier = Date you were promoted to Premier.
| trialmod = Date you were promoted to Trial Moderator.
| mod = Date you were promoted to Moderator.
| admin = Date you were promoted to Administrator.
| supporter = Date you made a financial contribution (not the day you received your benefits and + tag)
| youtube = YouTube channel (youtube.com/USER or youtube.com/channel/CHANNEL-ID)
| twitter = Twitter handle (@HANDLE)
| twitch = Twitch streaming page (twitch.tv/USER)
| facebook = Facebook identity (facebook.com/USER)
| instagram = Instagram profile name
| skype = Skype ID
| discord = Discord username (include numbers at the end if applicable)
| steam = Steam profile (steamcommunity.com/id/USER or current name)
| web = Other website
| names = Put "true" if you want to show any of the following in the infobox:
| nicknames = Any nicknames you may have, e.g Foobaricus may have the nickname of "Foo" or "Bar"
| old-names = If you have changed your name, place old names here; seperate with <br>
| tags = such as {{User Team Discord}}