The 30th Floor

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The 30th Floor
The 30th Floor.png
Game Info
Main BuilderMinecraftYoshi26
Release DateJuly 14, 2013
Game TypePuzzle
Estimated Play Time2 hours
LocationSurvival Games (Y9), Old World
Secondary BuildersStealth_Eagle, CarbonM14, godzilltrain, hawksfan1010
Proceeded byThe 60th Floor
Fastest Time1 hour 24 minutes
Record Holdersmine_man_ & godzilltrain (as a pair)

The 30th Floor is a puzzle map by MinecraftYoshi26 that was released on the anniversary of the server in 2013. The map includes thirty floors, each different from the next, strangely containing either a puzzle or sheer madness. The puzzle is considered the hardest puzzle on the server, taking around 2 hours to complete.

On September 27, 2016, the sequel, The 60th Floor was released.

WARNING: This page contains spoilers of the map. If you intend playing this map, please do not check the spoilers.


  • Play in adventure.
  • Do not break blocks or place blocks.
  • Only take from chests what is told.
  • If not told how much to take from chests, only take one item from each chest.
  • Do not open dispensers.
  • Do not set home or set warps.
  • Do not give hints.
  • Do not leave until done.
  • If elevators are broken, that is okay. It adds to the challenge.

This game uses the no-log-out rule: You may not leave the map until you have completed it. To play this game, please plan accordingly before starting. If you must leave no matter what, please let the game builder know so that they can reset the map.

Floor ?? means that it is a one-way elevator, and gain entry, a puzzle must be solved to open the door.


Each elevator can only access certain floors.

Elevator Stops
Elevator Name Floors Accessible
Creeper Elevator 04, 07, 14, 18, 19, 22
Skeleton Elevator 01, 08, 09, 16, 26, 28
Spider Elevator 01, 06, 10, 12, 16, 27, 29
Zombie Elevator 03, 05, 09, 10, 12, 13, 16, 22
Slime Elevator 01, 02, 23, 25, 29
Sheep Elevator 07, 11, 20, 21
Cow Elevator 02, 03, 08, 09, 13, 15, 18, 19
Chicken Elevator 02, 04, 05, 21, 27
Villager Elevator 06, 11, 14, 20, 24, 28
Witch Elevator 11, 13, 17, 23, 25
Pig Elevator 03, 19, 21, 23, ?? (29)
Enderman Elevator ?? (17), ?? (18), 26
Zombie Pigman Elevator 04, 06
Ghast Elevator 13, 20, ?? (26), 29
Wolf Elevator 26, 27, 29


*the item is not necessary for completion of the map.

Floor Floor Name Accessible Elevators Floor Description Items gained Photo
01 Changing Maze Skeleton, Spider, Slime Floor 1 is an ever-changing maze that changes every time a pressure plate is stepped on. The feather can be found on one side of the maze. The maze is dark and can be disorientating. Feather Floor (1).png
02 Halloween Slime, Cow, Chicken Floor 2 is a floor with floating jack-o-lanterns with a complete black floor, wall, and roof. Floor (2).png
03 Winter Pig, Cow, Zombie Floor 3 is filled with snow and includes a small igloo. The walls, roof, and floor are completely made of snow blocks. Floor (3).png
04 Questions Chicken, Zombie Pigman, Creeper Floor 4 has questions that can be answered that are knowledge based. The answers to the questions are on Floor 24. Ghast Tear, Head* Floor (4).png
05 Bank Zombie, Chicken Floor 5 is a mock bank. To solve the puzzle, a bow must be retrieved from Floor 18 and arrows from Floor 26. Using the bow and arrow, shooting through the fence gate will cause it to open, allowing access to the back, where emeralds are held. Emeralds Floor (5).png
06 Colors Spider, Villager, Zombie Pigman Floor 6 is a room where the walls, floor, and roof are all random colors. Floor (6).png
07 Lobby Creeper, Sheep, Staff Only Floor 7 is the location where you start the map and all the elevator stops are shown. The floor is decorated like a normal lobby. A Staff Only door can be found on the floor but is inaccessible from that floor. The 30th floor elevator is found behind the door. Floor (7).png
08 Heads Skeleton, Cow Floor 8 has redstone and heads all over the floor. Floor (8).png
09 Office Skeleton, Zombie, Cow Floor 9 looks like a normal office floor until closer inspections shows that if opened the right chest, it powers a signal to open the office where a gold bar lays, which is supposed to be turned into a gold nugget for the glistening melon. Gold Ingot Floor (9).png
10 3D Maze Spider, Zombie Floor 10 contains a maze where to traverse through it, jumping must be done. Floor (10).png
11 Lava Sheep, Villager, Witch Floor 11 is a floor filled with lava. To swim through it, a fire resistance potion is needed, which can be received from Floor 22. If looking in the center of the room, a chest with blaze rods can be found. There is no floor between this floor and Floor 12. Blaze Rod Floor (11).png
12 Parkour Spider, Zombie Floor 12 has no floor and Floor 11 is below, filled with lava. Floor 12 has parkour that if gone to the center, there is a bowl in a chest. Bowl* Floor (12).png
13 Spider Zombie, Cow, Witch, Ghast Floor 13 has a spider in the middle of its room while cobwebs are everywhere throughout the room. If opened the chest below the spider, a poison potion is splashed. Floor (13).png
14 Trade Villager, Creeper Floor 14 simply has a few villagers in the center of the room that sell random items. The only useful item is redstone for emerald. Redstone, Other Villager Trades* Floor (14).png
15 Fire Cow Floor 15 is a room with a netherrack floor and is filled with fire. Spider Eye* Floor (15).png
16 Shooting Range Skeleton, Spider, Zombie Floor 16 is half open and the other half contains minecarts that must be shot with a bow from Floor 18 and arrows from Floor 26. If all have been shot, a door will open revealing a chest with flint. Flint Floor (16).png
17 Maze Witch, Enderman Floor 17 is a standard maze. Floor (17).png
18 Questions Creeper, Cow, Enderman Floor 18 has questions that can be answered that are knowledge based. The answers to the questions are on Floor 24, as indicated the paintings on the wall that shape the number "24". One correct answer will open the door to an elevator. Bow Floor (18).png
19 Water Creeper, Zombie, Pig Floor 19 is a room filled with water with a air pocket in the center. Floor (19).png
20 Rails Sheep, Villager, Ghast Floor 20 is a room filled with rails that take you to Floor 21 since there is no blockage between the two floors. The room contains signs that lie, death, and more. Even though the floor seems important, it is useless. Minecart* Floor (20).png
21 Rails Sheep, Chicken, Pig Floor 21 is a room filled with rails that take you to Floor 20 since there is no blockage between the two floors. The room contains signs that lie, death, and more. Even though the floor seems important, it is useless. Floor (21).png
22 22 Creeper, Zombie Floor 22 is a puzzle referring to Taylor Swift's song "22". To receive the fire resistance potion needed, a code must be put into a machine out of the the papers in the chest across the room. To figure out it is the song "22", a large YouTube logo is on the floor with letters spelling "logo" around it, the cake surrounding the room like in the music video, the word hipsters on the roof referring to the song line, a heart referring the love, and most importantly, the floor number is 22. After figuring out the song, sign on the elevators are song lines missing words, and if filled in the numbers 21422 can be found (too one for 22). Potion of Fire Resistance Floor (22).png
23 Lobby Slime, Witch, Pig Floor 23 is a replica of the lobby but missing the leaves, which allows access to the Staff Only Entrance, which drops to Floor 7 to a one-way exit to Floor 7 and a long elevator to the Floor 30. Floor (23).png
24 Art Villager Floor 24 is filled with strange art works and signs. The sculptors' creators names and the painters' painting names are the answers to Floor 18's questions while the signs on the wall of stories tell the answers to Floor 4. Behind some paintings is access to a secret room stating "Who is it by? Floor 18" as a hint. Floor (24).png
25 Slow Slime, Witch Floor 25 is a floor with a soulsand floor with cobwebs and lava on the floor. Floor (25).png
26 Time Skeleton, Enderman, Ghast, Wolf Floor 26 has a clock in the center of the room with three hands pointing to 1 and 3 made out of gold and 10 made out of end stone. Also, there is a sun and a moon in the room. If looking in a wall, the word "time" spelt from clocks can be seen. If waiting for the times indicated on the clock in the center of the room, a door opens that allows access to arrows. Arrows Floor (26).png
27 Nature Spider, Chicken, Wolf Floor 27 is decorated as a greenhouse with an automated pumpkin and melon farm, sugar canes, and trees. Melon Slices, Pumpkin* Floor (27).png
28 Saloon Skeleton, Villager Floor 28 is a mock saloon with potions for a bar with decorations like in the Wild West. A signs states that fire resistance potions are not allowed in the bar. Potions* Floor (28).png
29 Sand Spider, Pig, Ghast, Wolf Floor 29 is filled with randomized sand that create a rough surface. Floor (29).png
30 The 30th Floor Staff Only Floor 30 has a lava floor with narrow paths and is the only escape point in the whole map. It has crafting tables and tells the items required to leave which are a glistening melon, a blaze rod, redstone dust, a ghast tear, and a feather. Floor (30).png


This is a chart of players and their times of completion of this map.

Player(s) Time
mine_man_ & godzilltrain 1 hour and 24 minutes
hvt2011 1 hour and 26 minutes
bspells, Music3_0, & Skelezomperman 1 hour and 29 minutes
ArizTrad & 0x10 1 hour and 32 minutes
Stealth_Eagle 1 hour and 33 minutes
Gopher & jphgolf4321 1 hour and 40 minutes
Skelezomperman 1 hour and 41 minutes
KittyCat11231 & _Kastle 1 hour and 43 minutes
Just_robinho, Soleurs, & Cortesi 1 hour and 43 minutes
megascatterbomb 1 hour and 48 minutes
DasNexus & lalaboy67 1 hour and 49 minutes
wilywonker 1 hour and 58 minutes
Kottlewing 1 hour and 59 minutes
Cookie46910 2 hours
computerghost 2 hours and 37 minutes

This is a chart of players and their times of completion of this map trying to speed-run it and are using aides, wiki information, and other possibly cheating methods. These time do not count toward the record and are usually for the second time runs.

Player(s) Time Notes
Soleurs 44 minutes Speed-run: Used prior notes, wiki information, etc
mine_man_ & godzilltrain 55 minutes Used prior knowledge, second attempts