The Challenge

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The Challenge
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Game Overview
Idea CreatedSeptember 27, 2014
Game Show Start-
Game Show End-
CategoryGame Shows, Reality
Number of Seasons0
Number of Episodes0
Created BySonicTornado
Presented BySonicTornado

The Challenge was a planned reality gameshow which splits up 9 contestants into 3 teams. Each team is split up based off normal to crazy measures, from how good they are with redstone to if they prefer tacos or not. The challenge also is an elimination game which puts teams on the line of losing one of their players. Teams that win get advantages in the game. If a team is in the elimination room, they compete to stay in the game. The losing player in those games is eliminated from the show.

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Player Home Country Ranks (At the time of season) Season # Eliminated
hntredtie Not Available Member Season 1 -
Bible2000 Not Available Member Season 1 -
Narnia17 United States Member Season 1 -

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