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The Challenge (Season 1)

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The Challenge
A game of elimination and teamwork
Welcome to the The Challenge Season 1 wiki page! This page shows information about the season.

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The Challenge
The challenge 1.jpg
Game Overview
Season started -
Season ended -
Cast Members 12
Theme New World
Number of episodes 0
Number of teams 3
Created By SonicTornado
Presented By SonicTornado


This season takes place in the New World, or Gamma, close to its release. 9 contestants are set in a manor, divided up into 3 sections. The 3 teams compete for a prize at the end at the end of the show.


Player Home Country Ranks (At the Time) Room Number Eliminated
hntredtie Not Available Member F1 -
Bible2000 Not Available Member F2 -
Narnia17 United States Member G1 -

Sign ups

Sign ups are still on. If you wish to sign up, please click on this link: