The City of Seoland

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Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg This city is a proud member of the People's Republic of Montego Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png
The City of Seoland (Seoland)
Town officials
Mayor CodyHM
Deputy Mayor Conric005
Founder CodyHM
Sheriff Vulpicula
Treasurer SirNatureWriter
Town Councillors SkyjumperTalon
Roadways I-40, B139 shield.png
Water SEAT
Hummingbird Boat Lines
Nearest airport Seoland Trimunicipalities Airport
Other transit Seoland Economically/Ecologically Advanced Transit (SEAT)
Facts and figures
Population Unknown
Town hall coordinates -18.395/69.500[...]/-11508.878
Founded 01/01/2018
Recognized as town Yes
Town rank [Senator+]
Official language(s) English
World New
Political Party
Liberal Sein Fein (LSF)
Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg This city is a proud member of the People's Republic of Montego Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png
Ward(s) 1, 9

The City of Seoland, commonly known as Seoland, is a moderately large town on the new world and is located in the Hibernate Sea west of ZN28. The City of Seoland is divided into three primary areas; Central, Western, and Eastern. While most of Seoland is on islands, Eastern Seoland is located directly west of ZN28-ZN25.


The City of Seoland currently uses five major transportation options, three of them being public transit.

  • Ucar
  • Metro
  • Light Rail
  • Bus
  • Boat

For more information, go to SEAT's wiki page.

Seoland Road Network

The City of Seoland names roads based on roads in San Francisco, Stanford, Berkley, and Oakland. The main roads are marked as expressways using the prefix I; the main one being I-40. Please view Seoland Roads for more information.

List of Notable Locations

Location District Status
Seoland Mall Seashore District, Western Seoland Open
Sea Gate National Park Western Seoland Open
Davies Concert Hall University Park, Western Seoland Open
Seoland Villas and Spa Civic Center, Central Seoland Open
AstroCorp Global HQ Waterfront Park, Central Seoland Lobby open to visitors, floors 2-21 restricted to employees
Jupiter Motors Manufacturing Plant IndusTree, Eastern Seoland Open
Inverness Ave. Inverness Buissness District, Eastern Seoland Open
One Sansome St Waterfront Park, Central Seoland Open
Transamerica Pyramid Waterfront Park, Central Seoland Seoland Open

Visiting The City of Seoland

The City of Seoland is home to many government officials and facilities. As such, Identification is strictly enforced. Upon arrival, you will be prompted to give a customs official as RPC accepted form of ID as follows: RPC Passport, PRC Resident Visa, RPC Visitors Visa, Letter of Asylee Status, Non-RPC Passport. If you do not have a form of identification, you must apply for a visitor visa within two weeks of your arrival.

We have numerous ways of getting here.

From Central City/Spawn

Via Highway A101.png

Proceed East on Ichnuir St. Enter the Highway A0.png Beltway North Exit on the right for Highway A101.png North

Via Nippia-Liten

Head towards the Nippia-Liten Area Take exit off of the Highway A101.png for the Highway A92.png West Continue on Route Exit on the right for the B139 shield.png North exit Continue North-West until you reach East Town Station

Via B139 shield.png

Take Quiris North exit on the Highway A101.png Continue north while following the signs for the B139 shield.png Enter the B139 shield.png Continue on the B139 shield.png while following the signs for Eastern Seoland Continue straight on Inverness Ave.

From the West


Take the SEAT Cross-Hibernate Line from Pennsylvania Hardwood Ave. Station in Birchwood to Interchange Station in Seoland.

Via Highway A92.png

Take the Highway A92.png East Exit on the right for Well, that didn't work! North Continue North until you reach Inverness Ave.

From the East


From the South East

Transit is available from Sunshine Coast via ferry service Sunshine Ferries. Ferries depart from the Sunshine Coast International Waterport to the owned and operated Seoland Dock.

From the South West


Franchise List

This is a list of all franchises currently in Seoland and Disney's Boardwalk.