The Colour of Money

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The Colour of Money
Game Overview
Run from
  • Test Run 29/12/15 - 30/12/15
  • Main Game 31/12/15 - ??/??/??
CategoryGame Shows, Luck
Number of shows7
Money Given Away$202
Created Bymine_man_
Presented By

The Colour of Money is a luck-based game show hosted by mine_man_ based on the British game show of the same name.


Twenty stylised cash machines stand on the stage, each with a screen displaying a different colour. The machines are loaded with cash amounts ranging from $1 to $20 in increments of $1; the amounts are kept secret from everyone. At the beginning of the game, the contestant selects one of three cash cards, each of which has been credited with a value of $50 or higher in multiples of $1. The value on the selected card becomes the contestant's target for the game.

On each turn, the contestant selects a machine and the host starts it. The screen displays a starting value of zero and begins to rise slowly in $1 steps. As long as the machine has not exceeded its limit, the contestant may shut it off any time by pulling the stop lever, at which point the displayed amount is added to their total. However, if the machine reaches its limit and continues to run without being stopped, it shuts itself off and the contestant banks no money for that turn. After the contestant stops a machine, the amount it contains is revealed by allowing it to keep running until shutoff occurs.

The contestant may select up to 10 machines, and must bank enough money to reach the target in order to win that total. Failure to do so forfeits all the money. In addition, if it becomes mathematically impossible to reach the target with the remaining machines, the game ends immediately and the contestant leaves with nothing.


Date Player Target Score
31/12/15 Godzilltrain $70 $62
31/12/15 Gopher $74 $74
31/12/15 MinecraftYoshi26 $79 $34
31/12/15 mine_man_ $79 $52
1/01/16 Godzilltrain $65 $65
23/07/18 MinecraftYoshi26 $65 $48
23/07/18 jphgolf4321 $59 $38
24/07/18 KittyCat11231 $71 $45
24/07/18 MinecraftYoshi26 $65 $12
24/07/18 mine_man_ $51 $43
24/07/18 Cookie46910 $68 $37
24/07/18 hvt2011 $62 $46
26/07/18 MinecraftYoshi26 $63 $63