The Great Banana Tie Hunt

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The Great Banana Tie Hunt is an interactive game run by CaptainChimpy and _hnt. The goal of the game is to find a missing delivery van and save the bananas. The winner of the game will get a $15 cash prize.

The delivery truck used in challenges. This is the one you want to find.


Date Clue (part 1) Explanations Location Locater Clue (part 2) Explanation Location Locater
27/12/15 All of these clues are true.
  • Ah, I found the sea. Look, sailors!
  • Trying to get your rowing equipment down the  dark blue train link  thingy is annoying.
  • Are you trying to interchange to the buses? Sorry, they closed it for a renovation which has "a knock-on effect" to the MCR line. Guess I'm using the Expo line to get to the city hall.
  • The mayor of the town was online when the challenge was written
  • The sea was East Lake and the sailors referred to MRT Marina.
  • The train Link referred back to the Marina Express, which is coloured dark blue.
  • There were no buses as Merchant Bus Station had been closed for a reconstruction. The MCR line had been closed as a result.
  • The mayor of the town, Technological99 was online at the time.
Merchant City Martii_Scots01
  • The truck was left in a disused road tunnel.
  • This clue described a pale coloured wood, which in Minecraft is known as birch wood, hence the lead to the location of the truck.
  • The tunnel had been abandoned so it was not an airport spur.
BirchView's Leydon Airport mine_man_