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The Green Leaf

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The Green Leaf Restaurant
Number of Stores 30
Headquarters Nippia and West Calbar
1st Store Marblegate
2nd Store Nippia
5th Store Greenplain Heights
20th Store Astoria
Other Information
Founded December 2014?


Originally meant as an add-on to The Leaf Supply in Marblegate, The Green Leaf opened with the idea of a quick store like Starbuck's. However, the dream turned into another standalone franchise for Leafcorp. The Green Leaf is a fast-food chain that serves the basic food necessities such as bread, cake, fish, apples, and more! The store is designed to be able to fit into any space or plot that you want it to be.





Siletz Rooftop: GreenLeafExterior.png

How do I Request One?

Click this link and select The Green Leaf for the franchise and fill out the form! [[1]]


(Did I Forget One? Add it below!)

City (Station) Type of Store
 F27  Marblegate Original w/ Warehouse
 T11  Demonrise Standalone w/ Patio
 ZN20  Nippia Central Express
 XW16  West Vemilion Standalone w/ Patio
 D14  Utopia Standalone
 XW18  Ilirea Standalone
Western Ocean International Airport Storefront
Victory Square in  XW15  Vermilion Storefront
Promenade in  XW15  Vermilion Custom w/ Patio
 P8  Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Standalone w/ Patio
Pearl Coast Mall Storefront
 A9  Radiance Square Standalone w/ Patio
 V13  Siletz Custom w/ Patio
 T15  Tetrapolis Standalone?
 C48  Astoria Standalone w/ Patio
 ZN19  Liten Express
 ZS3  Greenplain Heights Standalone
 C1 - ZN13  BirchView Standalone
 I5  Matheson Custom
 P21 - V19  Scarborough Standalone
 XW16  Avallon Standalone
 A14  West Calbar Standalone w/ Patio
 M18  Kolpino Standalone w/ Patio
Whitechapel - Nordic Arena Custom w/ Space's Ice Cream Stand
 C94  Storalisburg Express
 M22  Janghwa City Custom
 C14  North Haven Custom
 I5 - F5  Royalston Storefront
 I21 - I22  Elecna Bay International Airport Storefront
Horizon National Airport Express