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The Leather Emplorium

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Alert.png The Leather Emplorium is no longer selling new locations.
All locations currently open on the old world will continue to be maintained. The Feline Holdings clothing line is now provided by Sharkeisha's Secret.
The Leather Emplorium
CEO/Founder KittyCat11231
Additional Information
Number of Locations 17
Headquarters Feline Holdings Tower, Central City
Parent Company Feline Holdings
Founded 9/16/2013

The Leather Emplorium is a franchise created by KittyCat11231. It sells leather clothing dyed in every color, and was formerly the most active and dominant clothing franchise on the server. The first location opened on September 16, 2013 in Hillville. There are two formats for Leather Emplorium stores: Standard and Mall Edition. Standard stores are 11 x 13 (11 facing the street, 13 heading away). They feature two floors. The bottom floor has a checkout counter with a receipt dropper and cash register, as well as three dressing rooms. Upstairs is the showroom where our vast collection is shown. Unless custom made to fit a town theme, these stores will be made of quartz. The New Spawn City location uses the standard store format while being built into the Leather Emplorium World HQ. Mall edition stores are custom made to fit to a custom allocated mall space. Usually, no two Mall Edition stores are alike. These stores are usually a single floor mainly comprising of a showroom, with a checkout counter near the door. Dressing rooms may or may not be included, depending on space constraints. The Leather Emplorium sponsored the TacoBurritoAThon and the MRT Olympics. The franchise was put under control of Feline Holdings in January 2013, and as of the opening of the Final City location, no new locations are being built as the franchise has now been phased out. The current stores remain on the old world while Feline Holdings has replaced the franchise on the new world with Sharkeisha's Secret, acquired from the Music Nation corporation in March 2014.



  • Barrow (Custom Made To Fit Building Theme)
  • Final City - Final Leather Emplorium location built! Constructed on the anniversary of the franchise, which was also the birth of Feline Holdings, its current parent company.

Mall Edition

  • Cytus

Unique Edition