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The Metro Station Challenge

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The Metro Station Challenge is SkyjumperTalon's challenge game based off of other Searching Games, with Talon's twist. The winner of every search gets 15 dollars.

Format and Rules

  • Every time a challenge is opened, it will be announced in #events channel on discord.
  • The challenge is to travel to a certain metro station (old or new world) on any city. You must figure out what metro station that is by solving clues.
    • Two clues will be revealed on day 1. One will be about the city, one will be about the station itself. The challenge is always solvable with just these two clues
    • A clue about the city will be revealed on day 2
    • A clue about the station will be revealed on day 3
    • On days 4, 5, 6 and 7, the 4 clues will each be narrowed down to make the search easier.
  • A challenge ends when either:
    • Someone has found the metro station and won
    • 168 hours (1 week) have passed since the announcement on #discord.
  • Once you arrive at the metro station, you will find a chest with a light blue banner. Inside the chest, you will find a book with 1 word.
    • This chest will always be on a platform. You should search all platforms at a station if you don't find it at the first.
  • Send the word to @Talon#1599 on discord. If you do not have discord, you can ask someone else to send me the message on your behalf.
  • Personal homes are allowed.
  • Google, Wikipedia, or any outside sources are allowed
    • You are allowed to work together with other players
  • All stations will be on a line with active service. This can be warp train or powered rail.

Season 1 (provisional)

At the end of October, all players who have won a search will be invited to four major searches. Once one player wins one major search, they are guaranteed to go to the final round. The four remaining players (who each will get 50 dollars) compete for a 200 dollar prize in one last search.


Player Searches Won First win Latest win
KittyCat11231 1 09/11/2018 09/11/2018
AP_Red 1 09/12/2018 09/12/2018
Cookie46910 1 09/15/2018 09/15/2018
MinecraftYoshi26 1 09/18/2018 09/18/2018
SirNatureWriter 1 09/18/2018 (2) 09/18/2018 (2)
Narnia17 1 09/20/2018 09/20/2018


Date Clue Clue Explanation Location Locator
  • 1861-1865
  • Cat and a mouse
  • These were the years of the US Civil War. Kitania is currently having a civil war
  • The TV show Tom & Jerry is about a cat and a mouse. The station was Jerry Boulevard.
Jerry Blvd - WTC
 4 LINE ,  5 LINE ,  6 LINE ,  7 LINE 

Kitania Metro, Kitania, Old World.

KittyCat11231 in 14 minutes
  • Manchester United all-time top goalscorer. What team does he play for today?
  • Where did it go?
  • Fly high, maybe even to the sky. I mean, that is what Eagles do, right?
  • What lake? All I see is stone
  • Wayne Rooney currently plays for DC United. DC United's fanbase is called the Screaming Eagles.
    • Talon is also from DC, and his main town is Eagleshore. Talon is a known DC United fan
  • "Lake" Eagleshore used to be a lake before it was replaced with a Mini-golf course
  • References the town name of Eagleshore
  • This once again references the destruction of Lake Eagleshore replaced with the town square and mini-golf course
Lake Eagleshore Station
Line 1
Eagleshore Metro, Eagleshore, New World
AP_Red in 3 days, 3 hours, and 12 minutes
  • A0-10 / A8-2 / A7-7 (or is the last number A7-5? It's A7-5 ingame but A7-7 on the wiki) Hint: Think roads
  • Trumpet? I'll never even step on a campus playing the trumpet
  • Soviet Union
  • That's not what the map on the wiki said... Not even close!
  • This refers to the directions to Vermilion from spawn. A0 exit 10, A8 exit 2, A7 exit 5 (but it says 7 on the wiki)
  • The station on the map is called Coronet Street but ingame is League Campus
  • Vermilion is a shade of red, and the Soviets were also red
  • The map found at File:Vermilion_Metro.png states Coronet Street, but really it's League Campus
League Campus
 VERM  E   Emerald Line
VMTA, Vermilion, New World
Cookie46910 in 1 day, 10 hours, and 54 minutes
  • Maldives, Angola, Russia, Italy, Equatorial Guinea, United States, Germany
  • These were attacked during the September 11th attacks
  • The currencies of these countries are Laari, Angolar, Chervonets, Lira, Ekwele, Dollar, Euro. They spell out, using the first letter, LACLEDE
  • The World Trade Centers attacked during 9/11
Trade Center
(Yellow Line)
LTA Laclede Metro, Laclede, New World
MinecraftYoshi26 in 2 hours, 33 minutes
09/18/2018 (2)
  • Virginia State Bird + What airplanes do at a runway
  • 0017-2
  • Cardinal + land = cardinalland. His main town is Grayzen
  • This is the Minecraft ID for Birch Wood.
Birch Street
 1  3 
Grayzen Rapid Transit, Grayzen, New World
SirNatureWriter in 57 minutes
  • Population (according to this): 22, 127, 77, 10, 127, 30, 31
  • Lr Byqr Rhebcr
  • The countries first letter spell out Formosa (France, Oman, Rwanda, Mexico, Oman, Spain, Argentina)
  • All the letters are shifted up or down 13 spots (ex. A is N, N is A. B is O, O is B, and so on) to spell out Ye Olde Europe
Ye Old Europe
 Diamond Line 
Formosa Transit Authority, Formosa, New World
Narnia17 in 13 minutes