The Mole 4: Subterfuge

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The Mole 4: Subterfuge
The Mole Season 4 Logo.png
DatesAugust 9, 2014 & August 16, 2014
No. of episodes9
No. of players12
Set locationSouthwestern corner Old World (closest city: Eisitasi)
Season chronology
Preceded byThe Mole 3: The Third Treachery
Followed byThe Mole 5: Out of the Woods

The Mole 4: Subterfuge, known colloquially as The Mole 4, was the fourth season of The Mole. 12 players, one of whom was the Mole, competed over nine episodes. The season was held during August 9, 2014 & August 16, 2014. The maximum possible pot was 42,200 diamonds and the quizzes were nine questions, and the final quiz was 34 questions. The Mole's Twitter was created this season to have hints, but was closed before the fifth season occurred.


Player Home Country Rank Room Number Finish
Music3_0 Flag of Canada.png Canada Mod 403 Winner
jphgolf4321 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mod 401 Mole
Skelezomperman Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Trusted 407 Runner-up
KittyCat11231 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mayor 402 9th executed
cal76 Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Mod 411 8th executed
Soleurs Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Trusted 405 7th executed
Baseball02a Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Member 408 6th executed
Max4344 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Trusted 410 5th executed
SonicTornado Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Trusted 406 4th executed
MIKE24DUDE Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Member 412 3rd executed
6687kittycat Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Trusted 409 2nd executed
littlegopher1 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Trusted 404 1st executed

Execution chart

The cast of The Mole 4.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
jphgolf4321 IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN MOLE
Skelezomperman IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
KittyCat11231 IN IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
Baseball02a IN IN IN IN IN OUT
SonicTornado IN IN IN OUT
6687kittycat IN OUT
littlegopher1 OUT
     Blue indicates the player won the game.
     Orange indicates the player was the mole.
     Green indicates the player won an exemption.
     Tan indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz, but finished faster .
     Red indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz and was executed.
     Brown indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz and was going to be executed, but someone forfeit.
     Purple indicates the player forfeit.
     Dark Green indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz, but had an exemption.
     Pink indicates the player was neutralized. (If pink goes all the way, that means a black exemption was into effect)


Episode 1 - "Narrowly Avoiding Disaster" -KittyCat11231

Episode 1 Recap
Episode Date: August 9, 2014
Location: Birth Island
Challenge Diamonds earned Possible earnings
Riding The Rapids 0 1,200
Story Time 800 1,400
Current Pot 800 2,600
Music3_0 Finding exemption hidden in Story Time 3
littlegopher1 1st player executed

Riding The Rapids: The teams were teleported to a river marked with a starting line and had to compete in a boat track until reacting the checkered flag at the end. The teams were told that each of them have only one boat, so when they broke the boat, their game ended. To reach the finish line, they had to follow the blue pillars and if any of them reached the end, they would receive 100 diamonds. So in total, if all players reached the end. they would earn 1,200 diamonds. Sadly, not one team member reached the end, and the group earned 0 diamonds.

Story Time: In this challenge, the team had to listen to a story and remember the blocks that were listed in the story and find them in the small city and place them on either the side of red or green, red representing not in the story, and green representing in the story. This story was taken off the minecraft forums. All credits go to the author. The story is(The words in bold show the blocks told in the story):

The Blockersons were a very poor family that lived in a server that was created many years ago. Mr. Blockerson was a miner, while Mrs. Blockerson stayed at home to look after their only son, Block. Almost all of the mines in their area had already been explored. It was very hard for the family to find ores to sell. Living would cost 10 diamonds a month. But, with all the mines pretty much empty, it was very hard to live.

One day, Mr. Blockerson found a mine that had never been explored before (for he could not see any torches). It was deep underground and he was sure there would be some diamonds in the area. He wanted to explore the mine right at that second, but his iron pick was almost completely destroyed, and he figured it would take him days to explore the whole mine. Plus, Notchmas was soon approaching and he wanted to spend time with his family on that day, unlike last year. So he went back home.

Notchmas came around and the whole family celebrated. The neighbors all brought the family gifts. Block got some new music disks, Mrs. Blockerson got a brand new furnace and Mr. Blockerson got a brand new diamond pickaxe. He would use this in the cave. After Notchmas he started to get ready. He had 64 torches, 32 pork chops, a diamond pick, an Iron sword, a stone spade and 2 buckets of water just in case. The next day he was off. He found the cave and immediately started searching.

He found some iron, coal and gold. On the second day of looking, he found two diamonds. On the third day, another two diamonds. On the fourth day he found a dungeon. He managed to destroy the spawner and inside he found a music disk and a saddle. His son had always wanted a saddle so he decided to give it as a new years present. On the 5th day he decided it was time to leave. He said to his wife that if he did not come back 7 days later, they should call the police and look for him.

He started to head back, but he ran into a problem. He was lost. There were so many torches. He spent a day looking for the exit but could not find it. He then decided he would have to mine up. A few hours later he was above ground, but lost. He scouted the mountains to see if he could see any familiar sights, none. He then had an idea, he could make a compass and find his way to spawn. His house was about 100 blocks from spawn, and he would know the location. But it was staring to get dark. So he made a temporary shelter in a mountain and waited for the sun to rise.

He smelted his iron, got a compass ready and by that time, the sun was up. He came out of his little shelter and followed his compass. But, he reached the top of the mountain and came face to face with 2 creepers. He ran, but it was too late. One exploded, doing lots of damage. He fell to the ground. Three hearts left. Then, he came face to face with another creeper. It exploded and he flew off the hill and started falling to his sure death. Then, as he was about to hit the ground, a final thought raced through his mind. His family. What would they do. They would be forced to move out, and what would become of them after that. He hit the ground and died. Instantly.

A day later Mrs. Blockerson got worried. She sold half of everything they owned to hire two miners to try and find him. Eventually, they found his temporary camp and figured out the creeper explosions. They returned his remains and belongings to the family. Months later they were kicked out of their house. They moved out of the city and made a little tiny house in the middle of nowhere. The wife fell into a deep depression and died 3 months later. The son grew up and became a miner like his father. He did what his father wanted to do, explore a cave and find millions of diamonds, but died when a zombie pushed him into a lava pool. He was only 17 years old. Nothing happened after that.

The items that were supposed to be placed on the wrong side was a lock, wood pick, stone pick, gold pick, diamond shovel, iron shovel, bucket of lava, creeper head, zombie head, emerald, steak, glowstone, diamond sword, and a beacon.

The team successfully earned 800 diamonds for getting at least 16 out of 28 right.

There was also a hidden exemption in one of the chests and Music3_0 found it.

Episode 2 - "How Could We Be So Stupid" -Soleurs

Episode 2 Recap
Episode Date: August 9, 2014
Location: Lighthouse & Valgirn
Challenge Diamonds earned Possible earnings
Tick Tick Boom 0 2,000
Ready, Set, Cook! 600 2,100
Penalty -630 0
Current Pot 770 6,700
6687kittycat 2nd player executed
MIKE24DUDE 3rd player executed

Tick Tick Boom: The other eight players were taken to a hillside, where inside, a time bomb set to explode in ten minutes. The players were told that to defuse it, they must cut four differently colored wires in the correct sequence. To find the correct wires, they had to go to four locations; a wooden structure, an abandoned castle, the Magpie Mines, and the ship dock. The correct answer to each corresponded to a color, which they were to then give to cut, but in the correct sequence. If they solved all four puzzles, they'd have the correct wires and the bomb could be defused, adding 2,000 diamonds to the pot. The puzzles included:

  • Ship Dock: 8 players had to stand on 8 pressure plates to reveal the color orange.
  • Magpie Mines: In Magpie mines, the puzzle stated: If a man can paint a room in four hours and another man can paint the exact same room in two hours, how long would i take them together? Their options were 80, 120, and 150, each with a color. If correctly solved, 80 minutes would be the correct answer, with the color red as the correct answer.
  • Castle: In the castle, the puzzle confronted them said a puzzle involving logic and reason, and if solved correct, the color given would have been purple.
  • Wooden Structure: If found, a sign stated "#FFFF00" meaning yellow in web colors.

They ultimately cut the wrong wires and cause the bomb to explode immediately. An explosion of smoke signified their failure. Afterward, Yoshi informed them that the answer was in front of them the whole time - the manufacturer name on the bomb canister was PYRO Explosives, Inc. - that's pink, yellow, red, and orange wires in succession.

Ready, Set, Cook!: The group had to whip up a series of food items by gathering items though out Valgirn's farm. They had to make 64 Cookies(worth 300 diamonds), 16 pork chops(worth 300 diamonds), 16 Cakes (worth 700 diamonds), 16 bread (200 diamonds), 16 baked potato (200 diamonds), and 32 Pumpkin pies (worth 400 diamonds) under eight minutes. The team had to figure out that the eggs were in the farm house. The team only completed making 16 pieces of bread and 16 baked potatoes, which in turn, gained the team 600 diamonds.

Penalty: In Ready, Set, Cook!, teams were instructed to replant all that they broke, they forgot to replant 63 plants, each causing the team to lose 10 diamonds. In the end, the team lost all diamonds made in that game and lost 30 diamonds from the pot.

Episode 3 - "That's Not The Finish Line" -jphgolf4321

Episode 3 Recap
Episode Date: August 9, 2014
Location: Pig Racing
Challenge Diamonds earned Possible earnings
Bird's View Maze 1,000 1,000
Penalty -200 0
Day At The Races 0 1,500
Current Pot 1,570 9,200
Max4344 Won the race in Day At The Races

Bird's View Maze: The ten players remaining will split between the guiders and the movers. The guiders will pair with a mover and the group will receive a turn order. One their turn, the guider will be flying about the maze and guiding the movers through the maze. If everyone is through in 10 minutes, 1,000 diamonds are possible. The team earned 1,000 diamonds.

Day At The Races: Teams broke up into 2 groups of 3 and 1 group of 2. Those teams raced each other and the winners of those groups raced and earned an exemption. The winner of the final races was Max4344 and he gained an exemption and refused all offers.

Penalty: KittyCat11231 used leads and interfered and incurred a 200 diamond penalty.

Episode 4 - "I Hate You" -SonicTornado

Episode 4 Recap
Episode Date: August 16, 2014
Challenge Diamonds earned Possible earnings
Talk It Out -1,500 1,500
Death Of Me 1,000 1,000
Current Pot 1,070 11,700
SonicTornado 4th player executed

Talk It Out: The group had to come to a consent to give an exemption to someone, which means, they are exempt from getting eliminated that episode. The team had difficulties coming to a consent and could mot get everyone to agree in the allotted time of 10 minutes. The team would have lost 1,500 diamonds if they couldn't have come to a consent, and would have gained 1,500 if they did. The team could not come to a consent and lost 1,500 diamonds from the pot.

Death Of Me: The team was brought to an area of flat stone are with a stone brick machine. They were told to choose who do they think would win the competition. They chose Music3_0. Everyone else got put into a cell with a lever in front of it. The rules of the game are game changing. Since Music3_0 was chosen as the possible winner, he was put in control of the whole game. He had to pull levers to drop people into lava pits, however, he had to choose the person who would have been eliminated last episode (since it was a non-elimination last episode). If he did it in his first try, the team would earn 1,000 diamonds and that player would be eliminated. If he did it in his second try, the team would earn 500 diamonds and that player would be eliminated. If he did it in his last try, the team would earn 100 diamonds and that player would be eliminated. However, if the person outside of the cells did not identify the person, the person would remain anonymous until the end of the series and would be exempt from this episode and next episode.

In a stroke of luck, Music3_0 chose SonicTornado as the person and he dropped and a red firework, instead of green, launched and that meant that he chose the right person, and SonicTornado was eliminated on the spot, the team gained 3,000 diamonds, and the quiz was not taken.

Episode 5 - "Why Me?!" -Soleurs

Episode 5 Recap
Episode Date: August 16, 2014
Locations: Wishington & Foobar
Challenge Diamonds earned Possible earnings
The Black Exemption Match 0 0
Exemption Roulette 400 4,000
Current Pot 1,470 15,700
cal76 Winning exemption in The Black Exemption Match
Max4344 5th player executed

The Black Exemption Match: The remaining players were put into a Wishington-PVP arena, /pa 9, the moon arena, and had to fight to the death for an exemption. The winner would receive and exemption and would be safe from the black exemption next round. Cal had won the match.

Exemption Roulette: All players were taken to a location where there was a large wheel, where when spun, could either land on 200 diamonds to the pot, 500 diamonds to the pot, black exemption, neutralizer, and an exemption. Whatever they landed on, they would receive.

Episode 6 - "This Is A Fraud" -KittyCat11231

Episode 6 Recap
Episode Date: August 16, 2014
Location: Ghasts Stadium
Challenge Diamonds earned Possible earnings
B-1-N-G-0 0 1,200
The Difference Is In The Diamonds 500 1,250
Current Pot 1,970 18,150
Baseball02a 6th player executed

B-1-N-G-0: In this challenge, players must scour around a town looking for numbers that would be placed on a board to make a BINGO row, each worth 100 diamonds. They made 1 bingo, adding 100 diamonds to the pot.

The Difference Is In The Diamonds: The players made their way to a location outside of Ghasts Stadium, where two Music's Gems are outside, and they must find the five differences and place them outside on five blocks. Each correct answer was worth 250 diamonds. The team correctly identified 2 of the 5 correct items. The correct items were a sign, light gray stained glass, a gold pressure plate, bedrock, and a gold block.

Episode 7 - "Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye" -Music3_0

Episode 7 Recap
Episode Date: August 16, 2014
Locations: Spawn City & Ghasts Stadium
Challenge Diamonds earned Possible earnings
Back To School 0 1,500
Flag Fracas 1,000 1,550
Current Pot 2,970 21,200
Music3_0 Winning Back To School
Soleurs 7th player executed
cal76 8th player executed

Back To School: The players are in the back of an elementary classroom. They were told to choose a row with colored wool blocks lining them. They were told to be asked a series of mole themed trivia questions. Each correct answer means that player can move up one seat. The players are also given a card that can hold back a player who answered a question correctly. Each card can only be used once and using that card. The player to reach the front of the class first stops the game and is offered and exemption. Music3_0 reached the front of the class and gained an exemption and turned down the money offers.

Flag Fracas: The players were taken inside Ghasts Stadium and there, 158 sets of different flags were shown and the team was told that they had to make their way back to the school to remember the flags on the wall that they saw. If found correctly, they could earn up to 1,550 diamonds, however, they only earned 1000 diamonds for some displacements.

Episode 8 - "We Are Not Fancy" -Music3_0

Episode 8 Recap
Episode Date: August 16, 2014
Location: Spawn City
Challenge Diamonds earned Possible earnings
Spot The Fancy 0 3,000
6.02 x 1023 800 3,200
Current Pot 3,770 27,400
KittyCat11231 9th player executed

Spot The Fancy: Players were taken to a location where four houses could be seen. The four houses were numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. They had to figure out which of the houses was built by lalaboy67 and they had to figure out which house was built by lalaboy67 for 2000 diamonds and which of the other two houses were built by the same people for 1000 diamonds. They incorrectly identified which houses were build by who and gained no diamonds in this challenge.

6.02 x 1023: Players were taken to a school, where they would be asked four questions, relating to past challenges and the answers being numbers. The team could earn up to 3,200 diamonds since each question was worth 800 diamonds. The team was split up on deciding answers at some point, and their choice was the one that the majority chose.

  • Problem 1: The number of letters in the first player eliminated. The correct answer is 8. They got this answer right and received 800 diamonds.
  • Problem 2: Multiply the numbers in the title of Challenge 11. Challenge 11 is B-1-N-G-0. 1 X 0 is 0. They got this answer incorrect.
  • Problem 3: The number of time given in Challenge 3 times the number of laps in Challenge 8. 10 x 1 is 10. They got this answer incorrect.
  • Problem 4: The number of spins used in total in Challenge 10 multiplied by the total possible earned in Challenge 4. 7 x 2100 is 14,700. They got this incorrect.

Only 800 diamonds out of 3200 diamonds were salvaged out of this challenge.

Episode 9 - "Hall Of Fame" -KittyCat11231 (eliminated player)

Episode 9 Recap
Episode Date: August 16, 2014
Locations: Inchmuir, Survival Games, & Big Lake
Challenge Diamonds earned Possible earnings
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words 0 8,000
The Long & Winding Roads 2,000 6,000
Final Pot 5,770 42,400
jphgolf4321 Mole
Music3_0 Winner
Skelezomperman Runner-up

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: The remaining players were told that they were to be sent on a scavenger hunt and if found, 8,000 diamonds could be found. They had 30 minutes to find the location of the treasure with only limited hints. The three locations they were given were: (1) The answer to S3E5C10, (2) The building near 7/15/14 1st van behind the chair, and (3) LAST CALLS FOR FLIGHT 101! The first clue led to the Fyfe Manor in Inchmuir and inside the theater, there was a renamed paper with a link to a picture of the word saying "break the wood". The second clue led to the Y9 courthouse and there, the link led to a picture saying "under the glass". The third clue led to the International Airport, where the link has a picture of "@ mole manor". If put correctly, the would break a piece of wood in the back of the tree, finding 8,000 diamonds. The group found all the clues, but did not have enough time to find the block and break it. The team did not earn the 8,000 diamonds.

The Long & Winding Roads: The three remaining players are asked personal and revealing questions about each other. One by one, a diamond is hidden in a chest in hidden in a village. The two other players are asked the same questions, and must try to match the answers given by the hidden player. After each response, the two players go either left or right in a fork in the road. If they answer all three questions correctly, they will successfully guide themselves through the village and find the hidden diamonds. If they make just one wrong answer, they will go down the wrong fork in the road and will not find the diamonds. Each correct path earned them 2,000 diamonds. This took place at Big Lake. The team won one out of the three and gained 2,000 diamonds.


Episode 1: jphgolf4321 placed items in the wrong side and broke his boat purposely.

Episode 2: jphgolf4321 gave incorrect answers in Tick Tick Boom and threw away food in Ready, Set, Cook!.

Episode 3: jphgolf4321 tried to get lost in the maze in Bird's View Maze and tried to win the race in Day At The Races.

Episode 4: jphgolf4321 sometimes stopped the team from earning diamonds in Talk It Out at some points.

Episode 6: jphgolf4321 hid maps needed in B-1-N-G-0 and purposely gave incorrect answers in The Difference Is In The Diamonds.

Episode 7: jphgolf4321 butchered questions in Back To School and did no help to the team and became a burden rather than a help in Flag Fracas.

Episode 8: jphgolf4321 tried to throw the other members of the team off by giving incorrect answers in both challenges.

Episode 9: jphgolf4321 misled the group in A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words and answered questions incorrectly on purpose in The Long & Winding Roads.

Hidden clues

In some episodes, there were hidden clues toward the Mole's Identity.

Twitter Feed:

  • "Where there's a winner, there's also a loser." - Quote from Grimsley, from Pokémon, which jphgolf4321's skin is from.
  • Help Jets Oh Mi... - Anagram for "The Mole Is Jph"
  • A City Decides, The Black Hole. It Happens Every Spring. - All movies set in Saint Louis, Missouri, which is where jphgolf4321 is from.
  • Anyone know Bobby Brackin's song? - Bobby Brackin's song is 143. 143 is the pokédex number for a Snorlax, or jphgolf4321's skin.

Episode 1: In Story Time, there was a hidden sign that started "Don't get lost in the Saint of MO. Love, The Mole." which refers to the location where jphgolf4321 is from.

Episode 2: In Ready, Set, Cook!, in the pool of water, there were the numbers 629 etched into the ground. 629 refers to 6/29, June 29, which is jphgolf4321's birthday.

Episode 3: In Bird's View Maze , the host, MinecraftYoshi26, stated that the maze had 629 blocks inside it, which was obviously a lie, but stated again, jphgolf4321's birthday. In Day At The Races, there was a hidden sign on the track that stated 071214. 071214 refers to 7/12/14, which is the day of jphgolf4321's mod promotion.

Episode 4: In Death Of Me, a hidden sign stated "#00FF00", in which is the wiki color for lime, which is the mod position color, and jphgolf4321 is a mod.

Episode 5: In Challenge 10, Exemption Roulette, there were two horses set to the side, which as the horse in jphgolf4321's mole picture.

Episode 6: In Challenge 11, B-1-N-G-0, the first numbers in the grid were 143 and the roof lights had the numbers 143. 143 is the pokédex number for jphgolf4321's skin, a snorlax.

Episode 7: In Challenge 14, Flag Fracas, the numbers (in roman numerals) stated III XXIX XXIV, which was 3 29 14. That is the date of jphgolf4321's trusted promotion.

Episode 8: In Challenge 16, 6.02x10^23, a homework assignment stated Page 43 Chapter 21. jphgolf4321's username has the numbers 43 and 21.