The Mole 7: The Final Showdown

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The Mole 7: The Final Showdown
The Mole Season 7.jpg
DatesJuly 9, 2016 & July 10, 2016
No. of episodes8
No. of players11
Set locationMole Cove, New World
Season chronology
Preceded byThe Mole 6: Blast From The Past
Followed byThe Mole 8: Return Of The Saboteur

The Mole 7: The Final Showdown, known colloquially as The Mole 7, is the seventh season of The Mole. 11 players, one of whom was the Mole, competed over eight episodes. The season occurred on July 9, 2016 and July 10, 2016. The maximum possible pot was $11,000 and the quizzes were eight questions, with the exception of the final quiz having ten questions. This season of the Mole was the last season of The Mole before an official nine to ten month hiatus.


Player Home Country Rank Room Number Finish
autobus22 Flag of The Netherlands.png The Netherlands Governor 608 Winner
_Kastle Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Governor 607 Mole
Baseball02 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 610 Runner-up
Narnia17 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 605 8th executed
jphgolf4321 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mod 602 7th executed
Soleurs Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 601 6th executed
mine_man_ Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Governor 604 5th executed
AyyLion Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mayor 606 4th executed
KittyCat11231 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 603 3rd executed
Skelezomperman Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mayor 609 2nd executed
jamess2912 Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Mayor 608 1st executed

Execution chart

The cast of The Mole 7.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
jphgolf4321 IN IN IN IN IN OUT
mine_man_ IN IN WIN OUT
KittyCat11231 IN OUT
Skelezomperman OUT
jamess2912 OUT
     Blue indicates the player won the game
     Orange indicates the player was the mole
     Green indicates the player won an exemption
     Light Blue indicates the player added correct answers to the quiz
     White indicates the player was safe
     Tan indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz, but finished faster
     Red indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz and was executed
     Dark Green indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz, but had an exemption.


Episode 1 - "Everything Depends On It" -KittyCat11231

Episode 1 Recap
Episode Date: July 9, 2016
Locations: Nippia & Central City
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Expedition Home $0 $300
Selling Out $625 $750
Current Pot $625 $1,050
autobus22 Sharing rooms with jamess2912
jamess2912 1st player executed
Skelezomperman 2nd player executed

Expedition Home: With all the players meeting in Nippia, players had to go from the North station to 871, 70, -8541 by foot and then on the way to make a boat per player. Once at that location, players had to take a redstone torch out of the chest then travel south from there to find MinecraftYoshi26 at the Mole Cove. If all players met Yoshi within 15 minutes, the team would receive $300. Also, all players could use dynmap, however, they could not see themselves on it. Most of the players ended up making it, however, AyyLion and jamess2912 were too late, meaning the group has earned $0.

Selling Out: The ten players were told that their assignment was to fill up all the shops in the top floor of the Central City Fairfax Street Mall. Each shop that was filled up before the time was over added $62.50 to the pot. There were a total of 12 shops, totaling in a possible $750. They could persuade people in as many ways as they could, however, the rules were:

1. You may not sell anything to other current players or current spectators.

2. You may not say you are doing this for the mole. If anyone asks, you are not doing this for the mole.

3. Worldedit and other staff powers may not be used in the builds.

4. Clientside mods and hacks are not allowed.

5. You are allowed to barter and trade with the person.

6. All interactions must be in public chat.

7. Scams are not allowed and will forfeit the challenge.

8. You can help build a franchise with another person, however, mole players can not do more than 50% of the work.

The team was given 20 minutes to fill up as many shops as they could. The result after the 20 minutes was that 10 shops were completed, adding $625 to the pot.

Room Sharing: With overflow of people by one, MinecraftYoshi26 asked someone to share a room with jamess2912 since he was the last one not to find a room. Because of autobus22's generosity and sharing rooms, he gained the game's first exemption.

Episode 2 - "Who Died?" -mine_man_

Episode 2 Recap
Episode Date: July 9, 2016
Locations: Hummingbird Islands & Santa Francisca
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Path to Temptation $1,000 $1,100
Flash Memory $350 $450
Exemption Dinner $250 $250
Current Pot $2,225 $2,850
Soleurs Prize in Path to Temptation
Soleurs Given in Exemption Dinner
KittyCat11231 3rd player executed

Path to Temptation: The nine players were taken to a skyscraper at the Hummingbird Islands, where twelve boxes were placed in a circular path. One by one, each player would take a lap around the room, open each box and discover its contents, but not be allowed to reopen the box once they have closed it. Upon completing a lap of the hall, each player would then elect the next person to take the lap around the hall, and repeat the same process. They were not allowed to converse with each other at all until the challenge is over. The boxes in order contained:

Box Contents Taken By
1 $100 for yourself KittyCat11231
2 $300 for the pot autobus22
3 Exemption for Episode 6
4 +2 correct answers for Episode 2 Narnia17
5 Two exemptions for Episode 4 AyyLion
6 $100 for the pot
7 Two +2 correct answers (one for another player) jphgolf4321
8 $200 for the pot Baseball02
9 $200 for yourself _Kastle
10 Exemption for Episode 2 Soleurs
11 $500 for the pot mine_man_
12 +1 correct answer for Episode 2

The group ended up making a total of $1,000 for the pot.

Flash Memory: All the group was taken to Santa Francisca, they were told about the challenge with blocks in the background. Then, the blocks disappeared without notice. The group was then instructed that they had to remember the nine and search the tower for the right blocks. The players had 10 minutes to search through a bunch of chests and useless blocks for the right ones and place them on the pedestals. Each correct block adds $50 to the pot. The group ended up with 7 correct blocks, ending up in $350 being added to the pot.

Exemption Dinner: The group must unanimously decide who will be given an exemption in this episode. If they do that, $250 will be added to the pot. However, if they can not reach an agreement, $250 will be taken out of the pot. The group ended up giving the exemption to Soleurs after much indecisiveness.

Episode 3 - "How About No?" -_Kastle

Episode 3 Recap
Episode Date: July 10, 2016
Locations: Mineplex (server) & Hummingbird Islands
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Wither Assault $0 $500
Morality -$100 $300
High Stakes High Wire $150 $600
Current Pot $2,275 $4,250
Narnia17 Won battle in High Stakes High Wire
mine_man_ Won battle in High Stakes High Wire
Soleurs Won battle in High Stakes High Wire
AyyLion 4th player executed

Wither Assault: Players are divided into two teams: the Wither Team (represented by red) and the Human Team (represented by green). The goal of the Withers is to kill all humans before the time limit of 5 minutes run out. The goal of the Humans is to survive until the time limit runs out. This game was held on Mineplex.

When the game starts, Withers will be floating above the edge of the map and Humans will be on the outskirts of the map. Withers receive the Blindness debuff for 15 seconds, giving Humans 15 seconds to hide; however, blindness does not restrict a Wither's movement, as they can still move and attack freely in that 15 seconds. Also, while Withers can better see where Humans are hiding when they are close to the ground, they dramatically slow down when doing so, meaning they cannot chase Humans easily.

When a Wither completely depletes a Human's health, the Human becomes stunned and they turn into a Skeleton with their arms outstretched, unable to move. It is important to note that they are not dead; instead, they can be "revived," or unstunned, by having another Human throw a Revival Potion at them. However, if a Wither was to completely destroy the floor beneath a stunned Human, they would fall into the void, rendering them permanently dead. Withers cannot die, but can be affected by status ailments from Humans, like Blindness.

All of the mole players had to be on the Human team and if they successfully allow the human team to win with at least one mole player alive, the team will add $500 to the pot. The result ended up being that the Withers won.

Morality: While on break before their next challenge, the group is asked by two people to help with their builds. Those people were KittyCat11231 (who asked in Mumble) and AP_Red (who asked in chat). If the group helps with building both people, they win $300; if they were to help only one of them, $100 would be deducted from their running total. In the end, the group ended up helping only KittyCat11231 but not AP_Red.

High Stakes High Wire: The players were asked to split into two teams: selfless and selfish. Then, they were told to team up with one person from the other team. Then, those teams would face off against each other by punching each other off of a tightrope. If a selfless player won, $150 was added to the pot. If the selfish player won, they would win an exemption. The person who was still on by the end won. If both people fell off, the round would be redone. The results ended with Narnia17, Soleurs, and mine_man_ gaining exemptions and autobus22 adding $150 to the pot.

Episode 4 - "Hope Your Face Doesn't Explode" -jphgolf4321

Episode 4 Recap
Episode Date: July 10, 2016
Locations: Telephone Arena & Mineplex (server)
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Telephone $100 $700
Speed Builders $50 $350
Current Pot $2,425 $5,300
Narnia17 Winning Speed Builders
mine_man_ 5th player executed

Telephone: In Telephone, players must name a piece of paper a thing they would like people to build and the person who gets it has to build it. Round 1 begins, and players get 300 seconds (5 minutes) to build what they are told to as accurately as possible. Then someone goes to someone else's creation and guesses what it is. This process gets repeated for 3 rounds. At the end, if the final guess is the starting word exactly, $100 would be added to the pot per person who got it right, totalling in a possible $700. Only _Kastle’s got through, adding only $100 to the pot.

Speed Builders: All players will be shown the same build on their 7x7x7 plot and have 10 seconds to view the build. Then, it disappears and the players have 40 seconds to build. Players will be given the exact number of blocks and spawn eggs needed. Builds that are recreated perfectly will be announced in chat. When the timer runs out, all players will be switched to Spectator mode. Then, Gwen the Guardian will scan all builds and the player's score as a percentage will appear. Gwen the Guardian will shoot the least accurate build (or builds) with her laser, making it explode. In the event of all players getting a perfect build, Gwen will be "impressed" and the round will end without an elimination.

At the beginning of the challenge, the group was told that the winner would receive an exemption. To gain money this round, players had to drop out by not building in the first round. Each person who dropped out added $50 to the pot. In total, 1 person dropped out resulting in $50 added to the pot. The winner of the competition was Narnia17, resulting in him getting an exemption.

Episode 5 - "Automatically Stop Listening" -Baseball02

Episode 5 Recap
Episode Date: July 10, 2016
Locations: Ghasts Stadium, Whitechapel, & Bloomington
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Artsy $350 $700
Sheep Skills $100 $500
Dumb vs. Smart $300 $600
Current Pot $3,175 $7,100
None No one won in Dumb vs. Smart
Soleurs 6th player executed

Artsy: The other three players are chosen as the "artsy" group. Their test is to create a piece of artwork that mirrors that of others by lalaboy all at Studio 5 at Ghasts Stadium. For materials, they had to go to the nearby marketplace. After completing the piece, QueenSmae was brought in to see if he could spot their work and distinguish it from the authentic pieces. If they fool him and he chooses the wrong piece, $350 will be added to the pot. He incorrectly identified it, and added $350 to the pot. If the other three players (who played the sheep herding game) could pick out their piece, an additional $350 would be added. The players failed identifying it.

Sheep Skills: Three other players are chosen as the group that "can count to 257." Their test is to herd sheep into a pen, and count them. If they successfully herd the sheep in 20 minutes, $400 is added to the pot. If they count the number of sheep correctly, an additional $100 is added. The players failed at the main mission, and succeeded to earn the bonus (there were 257 sheep, the exact number listed at the beginning of the test).

Dumb vs. Smart: Three players were considered to be "Dumb" players, while three others were deemed "Smart." The "Dumb" group were presented with a series of seven different brain-teaser questions, and needed to select four to present to the "Smart" group. The "Smart" group then had ten minutes to solve the five problems for $150 apiece. If the team guessed a problem incorrectly, they were given one minute to come up with a second guess. If the "Smart" team was unable to solve all four problems, all three "Dumb" players earned an exemption; if the "Smart" players got all of them correct, however, they would earn the exemptions. The end result of it was that two out of the four puzzles were solved, giving no one exemptions and adding $300 to the pot.

Episode 6 - "Look At My Giant Head!" -Soleurs (substitute)

Episode 6 Recap
Episode Date: July 10, 2016
Location: Spawn City
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Luck Of The Dice $0 $800
Grave Charades $300 $400
Current Pot $3,475 $8,300
None autobus22 did not complete all four in Luck Of The Dice
jphgolf4321 7th player executed

Luck Of The Dice: The five other players each rolled a die after arriving at the Spawn City Casino. Depending on what was rolled, a rather unsavory task or a rather simple task had to be completed by that player (change one’s skin to a creeper skin for the week or change your name to ILoveTheMole for the month, destroying a building of your choice in your town or destroy the tallest building in your town, pay everyone online $1 or pay the poorest person online half of your balance, not able to win an exemption next episode or automatically have -2 points on the quiz) If three players completed their task, $400 would be added to the pot. The final player to roll was offered a special twist. Roll the die four times and complete all four tasks, to earn an additional $400, and an exemption for himself. All of the players refused to do their task, however, Baseball02 (substituted by Soleurs) did his task. Autobus22, the final person, refused to do the task, losing out on $400 and an exemption.

Grave Charades: The players form two groups: three charade builders and two guessers. The charade players are each given different names of people. They must build a build that can relay the person to the guessers so that the guessers can mark up the correct graves to dig up. Inside one of the correct people's coffins is $300. If the guessers find this coffin, that money will be added to the pot. If they mark all the correct graves of the person the builders are trying to convey, the team gains $100. The two groups are in two different channels in Mumble so they cannot communicate. They also may not talk via chat or private messages. The people that the builders were given were Ernest Hemingway, JRR Tolkien, and Amelia Earhart. The coffin with $300 was Ernest Hemingway. The group ended up with jphgolf4321 and Soleurs as guessers and they chose Ernest Hemingway, Pope Francis, and Amelia Earhart. They got the $300 for Ernest Hemingway but didn’t get the bonus $100 for identifying all the correct graves.

Episode 7 - "There's Something Inside" -_Kastle

Episode 7 Recap
Episode Date: July 10, 2016
Location: Mineplex (server) & Valgirn
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Sneaky Assassins $200 $400
Cooked To Order $300 $900
Dispenser Test $0 $200
Current Pot $3,975 $9,800
_Kastle Opened dispenser
Narnia17 8th player executed

Sneaky Assassins: Sneaky Assassins is a game of assassination and stealth, as the name implies.

All players are disguised as villagers and are released into a map filled with NPC villagers. Every so often, the players will be revealed, with only actual villagers keeping their form. The players will look like they normally do, complete with armor. After a short time like this, all players will look like villagers again, until they are revealed again. During a player reveal, it is a good idea to get out of the open, into an alleyway or behind something to conceal you. Crouching is also recommended.

Powerups spawn randomly around the map. The beacons on which they spawn shoot fireworks. These powerups can be activated by touching the floating diamond chestplate and helmet once the firework comes all the way down, and give boosts to weapons/armor. When a player receives 5 total power ups, they become a "Master Assassin" and obtain a compass which can be used to find the nearest Assassin.

To gain money, each member of the group had to kill only one random player. If a mole player killed a random person in the game, $100 would be added to the pot. The total money the group could earn was $400, and the team earned $200, as two people killed their targets.

Cooked To Order: The remaining four players were split into two groups, one being waiters and one being chefs. The waiters had to take orders from patrons at an inn, and then had to walk to the farmhouse a little ways away, both being in Valgirn. The chefs had to collect the correct items and cook it for the waiters to collect the correctly deliver it to the right table before the patrons left the restaurant. Each patron correctly server added $75 to the pot. There were a total of 12 patrons, and the group successfully served 4 patrons, adding $300 to the pot.

Dispenser Test: At the beginning of the episode, each player was given a dispenser and told not to open it and they had to keep it on them at all times, in their inventory. If they all followed instructions, the group would add $200 to the pot. However, inside the dispenser was the game’s last exemption. If any player opened their dispenser, the player who opened it first would earn the exemption. In that event, no money is added. The result came out to be that _Kastle opened his dispenser, and gained an exemption and lost the money.

Episode 8 - "Well, That's Cheating!" -_Kastle

Episode 8 Recap
Episode Date: July 10, 2016
Locations: Arisa, Cornus, Xandar, & Utopia
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
The Long & Winding Roads $0 $900
Three To Tango $0 $300
Final Pot $3,975 $11,000
_Kastle Mole
autobus22 Winner
Baseball02 Runner-up

The Long & Winding Roads: The three remaining players are asked personal and revealing questions about each other. One by one, a diamond was hidden in a chest in hidden Arisa. The two other players are asked the same questions, and must try to match the answers given by the hidden player. After each response, the two players go either left or right in a fork in the road. If they answer all three questions correctly, they will successfully guide themselves through the village and find the hidden diamonds. If they make just one wrong answer, they will go down the wrong fork in the road and will not find the diamonds. Each correct path earned them $300. In the end, the group messing up all rounds.

Three To Tango: All three players started in random locations on the old world and had to grab a key from three different locations then meet up at one location to win $300. The keys in the New World were located at Cornus, Utopia, and Xandar. The players had 25 minutes to complete this task. The team ended up failing, though, they picked up all the keys.


Episode 2: _Kastle took money for himself rather than for the pot in Path To Temptation and did nothing on Flash Memory.

Episode 3: _Kastle tried to be obvious to the Withers in Wither Assault, helped KittyCat11231 on purpose but ignored AP_Red in Morality, and purposefully lost on the selfless team in High Stakes High Wire.

Episode 4: _Kastle made his guesses in Telephone more specific and changed each guess a bit and joined the competition in Speed Builders but failed on purpose after losing money.

Episode 5: _Kastle gave false clues about Artsy builds and chose the hardest puzzles in Dumb vs. Smart.

Episode 6: _Kastle refused his task in Luck Of The Dice.

Episode 7: _Kastle constantly lost PVP challenges, including Sneaky Assassins before killing someone and was slow in Cooked To Order.

Episode 8: _Kastle took his time by taking a boat through the street and ignoring a helicopter he knew well about that took him to meet up with the others and took a convoluted way that delayed him, causing the loss of money in Three To Tango.