The Mole 8: Return Of The Saboteur

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The Mole 8: Return Of The Saboteur
DatesApril 15, 2017, April 29, 2017, & May 6, 2017
No. of episodes10
No. of players16
Set locationLeydir, New World
Season chronology
Preceded byThe Mole 7: The Final Showdown
Followed byThe Mole 9: Trust Is A Mistake

The Mole 8: Return Of The Saboteur, known colloquially as The Mole 8, is the eighth season of The Mole. 16 players, one of whom was selected as the Mole, competed over ten episodes. The season occurred on April 15, 2017, April 29, 2017, and May 6, 2017. The maximum possible pot was $12,500 and the number of quiz questions varied per quiz.


Player Home Country Rank Room Number Finish
_Kastle Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Trial Mod 816 Winner
mine_man_ Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Governor 801 Mole
CyAmethyst Flag of Canada.png Canada Citizen 810 Runner-up
Seshpenguin Flag of Canada.png Canada Citizen 814 13th executed
hvt2011 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mayor 813 12th executed
jphgolf4321 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mod 812 11th executed
AyyLion Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mayor 807 10th executed
Soleurs Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Governor 811 9th executed
Cookie46910 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Trustee 804 8th executed
Narnia17 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mod 815 7th executed
KittyCat11231 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 809 6th executed
Baseball02 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 808 5th executed
EliteNeon Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mayor 806 4th executed
godzilltrain Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Trial Mod 803 3rd executed
autobus22 Flag of The Netherlands.png The Netherlands Governor 802 2nd executed
Shadow_Lord45 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Councillor 805 1st executed

Execution chart

The cast of The Mole 8.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
jphgolf4321 IN IN WIN IN IN IN OUT
Cookie46910 IN IN IN OUT
Narnia17 IN IN IN OUT
KittyCat11231 IN WIN OUT
Baseball02 IN OUT
EliteNeon IN OUT
godzilltrain OUT
autobus22 OUT
Shadow_Lord45 OUT
     Blue indicates the player won the game
     Orange indicates the player was the mole
     Green indicates the player won an exemption
     White indicates the player was safe
     Tan indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz, but finished faster
     Red indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz and was executed
     Purple indicates the player forfeit
     Gray indicates the player took a bribe and left the game


Episode 1 - "Yellow, Red, Red, Yellow!" -Soleurs

Episode 1 Recap
Episode Date: April 15, 2017
Locations: Central City, Laclede, Elecna Bay, & Hummingbird Islands
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Craft, Build, Replicate $300 $500
Tick Tick Boom $400 $400
Current Pot $700 $900
None The bedrock was placed outside the plot in Craft, Build, Replicate
Shadow_Lord45 1st player executed
autobus22 2nd player executed
godzilltrain 3rd player executed

Craft, Build, Replicate: All players were taken to a remote island where they had were confronted with a house. Players were given 20 minutes to rebuild the house by crafting and breaking blocks on the rest of the island. They could not edit the example structure. The example structure was a 15 by 15 plot. To gain money, players had to perfectly replicate these requirements: leaves and lawn for $100, interior decoration for $200, and structure for $200. Hidden on the island were other blocks that were useful for completing the challenge, however, there was a red shulker box on a small nearby island that had a bedrock block where the person who would place it on the plot would gain an exemption. autobus22 found the bedrock and placed it outside of the plot instead. The team correctly completed the exterior and the landscaping.

Tick Tick Boom: Players were taken to Central City where they stood in front of a large bomb. The players were told that to defuse it, they must cut three differently colored wires. The bomb would explode in approximately 15 minutes. To find the correct wires, they had to go to three locations in survival from Central City; Euhstand Tower in Laclede, Huntington Beach on the Hummingbird Islands, and the Catronics 69th store in Elecna Bay. Players were given minecarts, diamonds, and steak. The correct answer to each corresponded to a color, which they were to then give to cut, but in the correct sequence. If they solved all three puzzles, they'd have the correct wires and the bomb could be defused, adding $400 to the pot. The puzzles included:

  • Laclede: At the Euhstand Tower, the puzzle that confronted players stated: "A merchant can place 8 large boxes or 10 small boxes into a carton for shipping. In one shipment, he sent a total of 96 boxes. If there are more large boxes than small boxes, how many cartons did he ship?" If correctly solved, 11 total cartons (7 large boxes [7 * 8 = 56 boxes] and 4 small boxes [4 * 10 = 40 boxes]) or 12 total cartons (12 large boxes [12 * 8 = 96 boxes] and 0 small boxes) would be the correct answer, with the color gray as the correct answer.
  • Hummingbird Islands: 4 players had to stand on 4 pressure plates to reveal the color purple.
  • Elecna Bay: At the Catronics store, the puzzle that confronted players had players figuring out which logic statement was true. If chosen correct, they would get the color pink.

The group defused the bomb with around five minutes left.

Episode 2 - "Never Try To Recruit A Bunny" -CyAmethyst

Episode 2 Recap
Episode Date: April 15, 2017
Locations: Central City & Games World
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Selling Out $450 $750
Teamwork Exemption $300 $300
You Build What You Sing $150 $600
Current Pot $1,600 $2,550
KittyCat11231 Won in Teamwork Exemption
EliteNeon 4th player executed
Baseball02 5th player executed

Selling Out: The players were told that their assignment was to fill up the remaining unbuilt shops in the fourth floor of the Central City Fairfax Street Mall. Each shop that was filled up before 18 minutes was over added $75 to the pot. There were a total of 10 shops, totaling in a possible $750. They could persuade people in as many ways as they could, however, the rules were:

  • 1. You may not sell anything to other current players or current spectators.
  • 2. You may not say you are doing this for the mole. If anyone asks, you are not doing this for the Mole.
  • 3. Worldedit and other staff powers may not be used in the builds.
  • 4. Clientside mods and hacks are not allowed.
  • 5. You are allowed to barter and trade with the person.
  • 6. All interactions must be in public chat.
  • 7. Scams are not allowed and will forfeit the challenge.
  • 8. You can help build a franchise with another person, however, Mole players can not do more than 50% of the work.

The result after the 18 minutes was that all shops were completed, however, the worldedit rule was broke, only adding $450 to the pot.

Teamwork Exemption: The group must unanimously decide who will be given an exemption in this episode. If they do that, $300 will be added to the pot. However, if they can not reach an agreement, $200 will be taken out of the pot. With little time to spare, KittyCat11231 got the exemption.

You Build What You Sing: The players were asked who are two people with good eyes and ears. The two good eyes were mine_man_ and hvt2011. The rest of the group made four teams and each chose a room and were given a song and artist, and in 10 minutes, they had to build it. They were not allowed to break out of the box or build or write any words, letters, or symbols. To gain the money, the good eyes had to either guess the song or the artist. Each correct guess $150. The songs that were given to the players building were:

  • Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
  • Paris - The Chainsmokers
  • Symphony - Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson
  • Hello - Adele

The only correctly guessed build was Paris, adding only $150 to the pot.

Episode 3 - "Let's Play It Fair" -jphgolf4321

Episode 3 Recap
Episode Date: April 15, 2017
Location: Mineplex (server)
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Dragons $300 $500
Gladiators $300 $300
Facial Recognition $200 $400
Current Pot $2,400 $3,750
jphgolf4321 Won Gladiators
KittyCat11231 6th player executed

Dragons: The players are taken to Mineplex and must play in a minigame called Dragons. Dragons constantly swept through the land, smashing through terrain and knocking players off of the map. A player can either die by landing in the water, falling in the Void, or from fall damage. Players were allowed to choose any kit they wanted, if they could. The players had to work together to get the top places and survive the longest. For every Mole player in the top 5 places, $100 would be added to the pot. _Kastle, hvt2011, and Seshpenguin landed in the top five and added $300 to the pot.

Gladiators: Gladiators is a minigame on Mineplex that consists of multiple combat rounds in a confined arena, where players are pitted against each other in individual matches; the winner of the match is moved forward a round, with the loser being eliminated for the rest of the game. The sole survivor of all the players is declared the winner. The group had to work together to get an outcome where they would benefit. The outcomes that could occur from this game were:

1. If two Mole players make it to the the final round and battle each other, $300 is added to the pot and the victor is given an exemption.
2. If one Mole player makes it to the final round and they defeat their opponent, $300 is added to the pot and no one is given an exemption.
3. If one Mole player makes it to the final round and they fail to defeat their opponent no money is added to the pot and no one is given an exemption.
4. If no Mole players make it to the final round, then no money is added to the pot and no one gets an exemption.

With so many Mole players, outcome one happened and jphgolf4321 defeated Seshpenguin for an exemption.

Facial Recognition: The group was taken to an abandoned town on the Old World. In this challenge, there were many chests hidden around the city with different heads They had 10 minutes to find the correct heads and place them in the right place. Each correct answer was worth $50. The things they had to figure out were (and their respective correct answers):

  • Promoted to admin in November 2012 (computerghost)
  • Owns T8 (unjinz)
  • Has won and lost The Amazing Race exactly once each (hawksfan1010)
  • Owns Eep and Izton (Ben6331)
  • Premier with no deputy mayor (kekkomatic)
  • Find the connection: aaa cba tou (autobus22)
  • Owns the highest ranking city with “city” in town name and not on the Mesa Line (kiwirainbow)
  • Longest time as moderator who is currently demoted (MonsieurKeks)

The group got the first and last two correct, adding $200 to the pot.

Episode 4 - "Against All Odds" -MinecraftYoshi26

Episode 4 Recap
Episode Date: April 29, 2017
Location: Regional Shipping Yard
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
The Nuclear Option -$300 $0
Only Connect $270 $500
Shulker Boxes $250 $250
Grave Charades $400 $600
Current Pot $2,860 $5,100
None Exemption not found in box
Narnia17 7th player executed
Cookie46910 8th player executed

The Nuclear Option: During the break between sessions, $300 was offered to the first player who would agree to quit the game. There was a machine placed at the front of Mole Castle. If pulled, $300 would be take out of the pot and the player who pulled the lever would leave the game and win that money for themselves. Narnia17 decided to pull the lever before the episode began, subsequently leaving the game. $300 was taken out of the pot.

Only Connect: Only Connect is a game show where players must either find the connection between four seemingly random clues or find the fourth clue in the sequence. Based on the timing of the guess (on which clue), the more or less points a player may get. The players must work together to solve the connections to gain money for the pot. There would be ten questions, with the first five requiring find the connection and the last five requiring to find the last in the sequence. Each question had a different team captain. The team captain would ask for a next clue and submit the group’s answer, regardless on agreement from the rest of the team. Each question allowed for two guesses and two minutes were allotted per question. For every clue they asked further, it lost money.

First Clue (5) Second Clue (3) Third Clue (2) Fourth Clue (1) Connection
Find The Connection
MRT Spleef Tournament World Rosemont Phoenix New _____
November 2, 2014 (Corporation) October 5, 2014 (Region) December 20, 2014 (Airport) December 27, 2016 (Expansion) Epsilon
Downtown Outskirts Panhandle Lavender Town Ravenna
Councillor (12) Law (30) Parties (28) Checks and Balances (1) ____ Act, United Cities Amendments
Christmas Tree (2012) 14 MRT stations Project Delag The Amazing Race 1 starting line Spawn City
Find The Fourth Clue In The Sequence
United States - Australia United States - Italy United States - Canada United Kingdom - The Netherlands Mole - Winner
December: Holiday January: Winter February: Valentine March: Spring Central Park style names
5: Valletta (Island) 6: Central City (Set Mash-up) 7: Quiris (Mountainside House) 8: Leydir (Castle) Mole Manors and closest cities
Z41 T50 X56 C119 MRT Lines with most stations
CJ: W I SoS: I I D VP: C C P: W I UC Positions and Party

Shulker Boxes: The group was told to select someone who they want to do nothing. At a shipyard, there were ten colored shulker boxes, six containing an exemption, four containing an emerald, worth $250. The group chose hvt2011 as the person to do nothing. If hvt2011 chose a box with an exemption, they'd win an exemption. If they opened a money box, the group would win $250. The team was given the opportunity to, one at a time, open a box to reduce hvt2011's opportunity to receive and exemption. Whatever was in the box would be thrown out and would change the changes of hvt2011 getting an exemption. He could only go for whatever box when the other ten decided it was time. They opened one box and got rid of one money, and allowed hvt2011 to open a box. Against probability, he opened a box with money.

Grave Charades: The players form into groups: three groups of charade builders and two guessers. The charade groups are each given different names of people. They must build a build that can relay the person to the guessers so that the guessers can mark up the correct graves to dig up. Inside one of the correct people's coffins is $300. If the guessers find this coffin, that money will be added to the pot. For each marked grave correctly, the team gains $100. The two groups are in two different channels in Mumble so they cannot communicate. They also may not talk via chat or private messages. They were given 10 minutes to build and guess. The people that the builders were given were J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, and John F. Kennedy. The coffin with $300 was John F. Kennedy. They got all wrong except for John F. Kennedy, winning $400.

Episode 5 - "Amazing Race Flashbacks" -AyyLion & Cookie46910 (substitute)

Episode 5 Recap
Episode Date: April 29, 2017
Locations: Kolpino City & Fort Yaxier
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Maze Chase $200 $600
Hostage Rescue $0 $750
Current Pot $3,060 $6,450
hvt2011 No teams made it to hostages
mine_man_ No teams made it to hostages
Soleurs 9th player executed

Maze Chase: Players were taken to a maze in Yoshi’s old testing area. The group had to split into three groups. Each group would have one runner. The runner would get in the maze and have to reach the exit without getting killed by the chaser, starting at a different entrance. The other players in the group got a bird’s-eye view over the maze and had to direct the player to the exit. Each successful run to the end was worth $200, totalling to a possible $600. Only hvt2011 made it out successfully.

Hostage Rescue: The remaining players are taken to Kolpino City and were split into four groups: air, earth, water, and dumb. The dumb group were taken hostage to an unknown location (Formidite Citadel in Fort Yaxier) and were told that the other groups had to each all arrive here to rescue them. The air team could only travel by plane, the earth team could only travel by train (warp or normal), and water could only travel by boat (all teams could also walk). For every team that arrived here successfully, $250 was added to the pot. However, if none of the teams arrive, all members of the dumb group get an exemption. This aspect of the challenge was unknown to the other players. The dumb team also are given a choice to give which shulker box with a clue inside to each team:

  • Red shulker box: Take small boat to Vermilion and find boat gate 8 and take the leftmost warp on the boat. Search for hostages at notable builds.
  • Yellow shulker box: Take flight to Utopia and go to gate S16 and take the warp on the chair. Search for hostages at most notable builds.
  • Blue shulker box: Take the IntraRail train in south Kolpino and take it to Espil. Then, take the train to Birdhall. Once there, take the most northern train at the Birdhall Transit Hub to the end of the line. There, take track 5. Search for hostages at most notable builds.

Each box clearly had told a certain team how to get there using their transportation. Depending on which box the hostages chose to give to which team, the challenge could be quick or difficult. The groups could not talk between each other or trade books. They must only work with the information they were given. Once they were given their instructions, the groups had to travel to find and release the hostages. They were not allowed to use any commands other than /tpa to members of their team.

Halfway through the allotted 15 minutes, the hostages are allowed to a one sentence clue to each team. They could be differing between teams if they wanted. None of the teams made it after they were given the wrong boxes and wrong sentences.

Episode 6 - "Pulling At Your Heart Strings" -AyyLion

Episode 6 Recap
Episode Date: May 6, 2017
Locations: Mineplex (server) & Ghasts Stadium
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Block Party $300 $300
Building Whispers $250 $1,000
Penalty -$100 $0
Current Pot $3,510 $7,750
None hvt2011 won Block Party
AyyLion 10th player executed

Block Party: Block Party is a game on The Hive where players, called dancers, have to be the last dancer standing. Every few seconds, a color is chosen and announced to the dancers. After a set period of time, the other colors disappear - causing dancers on the wrong color to fall to their death. As the rounds progress, the time between a color being chosen and the floor disappearing gets shorter and shorter. Powerups are beacons that spawn randomly. When someone punches them they'll be given a random item that can give either an advantage or disadvantage.

To gain money for the pot in this challenge, a Mole player had to be the last player standing. If a Mole player wins the game, then they would add $300. However, the last Mole player to fall wins an exemption if they do not win the whole game. hvt2011 won the game and added $300 to the pot.

Building Whispers: The remaining seven players had to split into three groups: two people who can design, two people who know design, and two people who can interpret design. The last person would be the person who can relay messages. The group had to work together to successfully relay a word, like chinese whispers, they would win money.

The relayer would be given four things. They would have to use only three words to convey what each thing is so that the other players can understand it. After the relayer renamed the papers and sent them off via chest minecart, it would arrive in a supermarket to the two who know design. Those people would choose blocks from the supermarket and place them into the chest to match what they think the thing the relayer was trying to convey. Then, those blocks would be sent to the two who can design. Those two would receive the paper with the three words and the blocks and have to build what they think the relayer was trying to convey. They may only use blocks and tools from that chest minecart. After all four were built or the allotted 20 minute time limit was up, the two who can interpret design had to guess what the words were of each build. They had two guesses per build. For every correct guess, $250 would be added to the pot. The words and final guesses were:

  • bakery ➝ brick oven
  • chair ➝ chair
  • spaghetti ➝ heart strings
  • deck of cards ➝ nothing

Penalty: In Building Whispers, discussion of what happened in the Supermarket after instructions not to discuss what happened caused the group to lose $100.

Episode 7 - "Jump Off!" -Everyone

Episode 7 Recap
Episode Date: May 6, 2017
Location: Mineplex (server)
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Bawk Bawk Battles $0 $300
Wither Assault $0 $300
Current Pot $3,510 $8,350
_Kastle Placed in Bawk Bawk Battles
None Forced onto Withers Team and no Withers won
jphgolf4321 11th player executed

Bawk Bawk Battles: In Bawk Bawk Battles on Mineplex, players have to hurry to complete them before a certain number of people do or one will lose a life. The last player alive will be the victor. Bawk Bawk Battles has about 30 short challenges like Anvil Dodge and King of the Ladder that will be randomly selected.

To gain money on this challenge, two Mole player had to place in the top three. If that occurs, then $300 is added to the pot. If only one Mole player is on the top three places, then no money is won but the one person wins an exemption.

Wither Assault: Players are divided into two teams: the Wither Team (represented by red) and the Human Team (represented by green). The goal of the Withers is to kill all humans before the time limit of 5 minutes run out. The goal of the Humans is to survive until the time limit runs out. This game was held on Mineplex.

When the game starts, Withers will be floating above the edge of the map and Humans will be on the outskirts of the map. Withers receive the Blindness debuff for 15 seconds, giving Humans 15 seconds to hide; however, blindness does not restrict a Wither's movement, as they can still move and attack freely in that 15 seconds. Also, while Withers can better see where Humans are hiding when they are close to the ground, they dramatically slow down when doing so, meaning they cannot chase Humans easily.

When a Wither completely depletes a Human's health, the Human becomes stunned and they turn into a Skeleton with their arms outstretched, unable to move. It is important to note that they are not dead; instead, they can be "revived," or unstunned, by having another Human throw a Revival Potion at them. However, if a Wither was to completely destroy the floor beneath a stunned Human, they would fall into the void, rendering them permanently dead. Withers cannot die, but can be affected by status ailments from Humans, like Blindness.

All of the mole players had to be on the Human team and if they successfully allow the human team to win with at least one mole player alive, the team will add $300 to the pot. Any Mole players forced onto the Withers team would have a chance at winning an exemption if their team won.

Episode 8 - "That Is...Incorrect" -MinecraftYoshi26

Episode 8 Recap
Episode Date: May 6, 2017
Location: Hypixel (server)
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Murder Mystery $450 $450
Laws $0 $600
Current Pot $3,960 $9,400
None No Mole player won as a murderer
hvt2011 12th player executed

Murder Mystery: Murder Mystery is a game on Hypixel where innocent and detectives must work together to kill the murderer to win. As a innocent, the goal is to try to survive as long as possible until the murderer is killed or when the game is finished. Innocents can get a bow by either getting ten gold or a bow from the detective when he/she is killed. As a detective, they have to defend the innocents and hunt down the murderer. They are automatically given a bow. As a murderer, they must try to kill as many innocents as they can. To win the game, they have to be the last alive.

To win money for the pot, the team must play three games. To win the game, the innocents have to win to gain $150 per won game. If a Mole player turns out to be the murderer, they can win an exemption if they win the game as the murderer.

Laws: The group was told that they would be read a set of fake laws from a constitution and subsequent amendments from a secondary document. They were allowed to split up the work to write lines down if they wanted to. After all the laws and amendments were read, they would be asked to recite all six laws back. They were told that these amendments were passed in order. For every correct answer, $100 dollars was added to the pot. The original laws and amendments were as follows:

  • Law 1: Spinach can only be eaten if a permit is granted by the FDA.
  • Law 2: Mentioning Canada or Taylor Swift is illegal only in states beginning with a N.
  • Law 3: Picking apples from trees is only legal on Sunday.
  • Law 4: School busses must be painted green in honor of Earth Day permanently.
  • Law 5: Wearing blue is mandatory on Thursday.
  • Law 6: The national religion is Catholicism.
  • Amendment 1: March 4 is declared as Spain Day.
  • Amendment 2: Teddy bears are to be sold at $50 for every bear.
  • Amendment 3: All countries in the constitution are to be replaced with France.
  • Amendment 4: The two days in the constitution are to be switched.
  • Amendment 5: All foods mentioned in the constitution are to be replaced with potatoes.
  • Amendment 6: Green is now illegal. All mentions of green are to be placed with yellow.
  • Amendment 7: Puerto Rico is now a state.
  • Amendment 8: The color blue is now named magenta.
  • Amendment 9: The word religion in the constitution is to be replaced with the word flag.
  • Amendment 10: All people mentioned in the constitution are to be replaced with pearls.
  • Amendment 11: Repeal amendment 6.
  • Amendment 12: The only vehicle that is allowed to be driven are vans.
  • Amendment 13: The FDA is to be replaced with the DOF.
  • Amendment 14: The words Catholicism, yellow, and pearls are to be replaced with “a pair of pants”.
  • Amendment 15: Repeal amendments 2 and 8.
  • Amendment 16: The words illegal and legal are to be switched to their opposite.
  • Amendment 17: Wearing is to be replaced to the word painting in the constitution.
  • Amendment 18: Walking is to be replaced to the word running in the constitution.
  • Amendment 19: The FFA is to be replaced with the CIA.
  • Amendment 20: Any states beginning in the letter N is to be replaced by the newest state in the constitution.

The final resulting, annotated changes are:

  • Law 1: Potatoes can only be eaten if a permit is granted by the DOF.
  • Law 2: Mentioning France or a pair of pants is legal only in Puerto Rico.
  • Law 3: Picking potatoes from trees is only illegal on Thursday.
  • Law 4: School vans must be painted green in honor of Earth Day permanently.
  • Law 5: Painting blue is mandatory on Sunday.
  • Law 6: The national flag is a pair of pants.

Execution Bribe: Just prior to the quiz results being read, $500 was offered to the first player who would agree to quit the game. No one accepted the offer, and CyAmethyst's results were read. Then, an increased bribe of $600 was offered to all players, including those who were already shown their safe results. No one accepted the offer, and Seshpenguin's results were read. Then, an increased bribe of $750 was offered to all players, including those who were already shown their safe results. No one accepted the offer and hvt2011 was eliminated.

Episode 9 - "There Are So Many Better Armies" -_Kastle

Episode 9 Recap
Episode Date: May 6, 2017
Locations: Games World & Parkour City
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Animal Sort -$50 $750
Game Prediction $200 $200
Jumping Puzzle $450 $500
Current Pot $4,560 $10,850
Seshpenguin 13th player executed

Animal Sort: The four remaining players would split into two teams. Those two teams would be playing the same game simultaneously, each working with their own team member. The teams would have animals fall through a water passage and have to use levers and sort the creatures into the correct holding pin. For every cow and sheep put into the correct route, it would add $5 to the pot. For every mooshroom put into the correct route, it would add $10 to the pot. Additionally, there was a lava route that would send any creature to death. Villagers would also spawn with the animals. For every animal in the wrong pin, $5 would be taken away. For every villager that survives, $10 would be taken away. Any creature that fell into the lava pit would not count negatively or positively toward the group’s total. A total of $750 could be won between the two groups.

The group ended up having net loss of $50.

Game Prediction: Each team would take a guess on whether them or the other team would do better in this challenge. For each correct guess, $100 would be added to the pot, totaling to a possible $200.

Jumping Puzzle: The remaining four players are split into two groups again. Two who are better at jumping and two who are better at puzzles. The jumpers would have to complete parkour to retrieve pieces of paper to give to the puzzle team to place on a board to match a city to descriptions. For every city correct, $50 would be added to the pot. If all were correct or the parkour was completed to the emerald platform, an additional $200 would be added to the pot.

The players got only one incorrect and the parkour was complete, totaling a $450 gain to the pot.

Episode 10 - "The Final Countdown" -CyAmethyst

Episode 10 Recap
Episode Date: May 6, 2017
Location: Whelburn
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
The Long & Winding Roads $0 $750
Speed Read $0 $600
Box Test $0 $300
Final Pot $4,560 $12,500
mine_man_ Mole
_Kastle Winner
CyAmethyst Runner-up

The Long & Winding Roads: The three remaining players are asked personal and revealing questions about each other. One by one, a diamond was hidden in a green shulker box in hidden Whelburn. The two other players are asked the same questions, and must try to match the answers given by the hidden player.

After each response, the two players go either left or right in a fork in the road. If they answer all three questions correctly, they will successfully guide themselves through the town and find the hidden diamonds. If they make just one wrong answer, they will go down the wrong fork in the road and will not find the diamond. Each correct path earned them $250.

In the end, the group messing up all rounds and got no money for the pot.

Speed Read: The players are designated as fastest, clean up and good memory. The three remaining players are read people’s names seemingly random order. The heads were actually past winners, past moles, and the elimination order of his season's players, not counting forfeits and bribes. Question marks take the place of the three current players in the respective sides of the board. The players are read all the names at once with no repeat. Each player is given one minute, starting with the fastest player and ending with the player with the best memory, to put up as many pictures as they can. Each correct set added $200 to the pot.

Again, the group messed up all the rounds and failed.

Box Test: At the beginning of the episode, each player told not open the red shulker box. If they all followed instructions, the group would win $300 for the pot. If any player opened the box, the shulker box would come up with core inspect data. In that event, no money is added.

_Kastle opened the box and no money was added, and the box was empty.


Episode 1: mine_man_ lost diamonds, bone blocks, and other materials in Craft, Build, Replicate and broke blocks on the structure and replaced them with incorrect blocks. He also attempted to misguide the group in Tick, Tick, Boom.

Episode 2: mine_man_ did not call out when godzilltrain was using world edit in Selling Out and incorrectly guessed most songs in You Build What You Sing.

Episode 3: mine_man_ threw heads out in Facial Recognition.

Episode 4: mine_man_ purposefully got questions wrong in Only Connect and built a semi-abstract build in Grave Charades.

Episode 5: mine_man_ ran in circles in Maze Chase to get caught and persuaded hvt2011 to take the exemption with him by losing money.

Episode 6: mine_man_ jumped off on purpose in Block Party and kept blocks out in Building Whispers.

Episode 7: mine_man_ died on purpose in both Bawk Bawk Battles and Wither Assault.

Episode 8: mine_man_ gave incorrect answers in Laws.

Episode 9: mine_man_ sorted some incorrect animals in Animal Sort and purposefully chose a locked position in Jumping Puzzle where the puzzle could not be fully solved 100%.

Episode 10: mine_man_ gave confusing answers in The Long & Winding Roads and only placed incorrect heads in Speed Read.