The Mole 9: Trust Is a Mistake

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The Mole 9: Trust Is a Mistake
The Mole 9 Logo.png
DatesApril 21, 2018, April 28, 2018, & May 5, 2018
No. of episodes10
No. of contestants15
Set locationMole Gulch, New World
Season chronology
Preceded byThe Mole 8: Return of the Saboteur
Followed byThe Mole 10: Deceit, Deception, & Doubt

The Mole 9: Trust Is a Mistake, known colloquially as The Mole 9, was the ninth season of The Mole. 15 players, one of whom was selected as the Mole, compete over ten episodes for a possible pot of $18,000. The season occurred on April 21, 2018, April 28, 2018, and May 5, 2018. The number of questions per quiz was ten, with the exception of the final quiz, which was 20 questions.


Player Home country Rank Room number Finish
AyyLion Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mayor 907 Winner
sesese9 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 902 Mole
gogojakeo Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Mayor 908 Runner-up
autobus22 Flag of The Netherlands.png The Netherlands Governor 911 12th executed
Cookie46910 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Councillor 901 11th executed
KittyCat11231 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 910 10th executed
_Kastle Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mod 906 9th executed
Red_Ray Flag of The Netherlands.png The Netherlands Citizen 912 8th executed
mine_man_ Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Mod 903 7th executed
megascatterbomb Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand Trial Mod 904 6th executed
hvt2011 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mod 913 5th executed
Soleurs Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Governor 905 4th executed
FredTheTimeLord Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 914 3rd executed
MikeRoma Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Senator 909 2nd executed
Skelezomperman Flag of United States of America.png United States of America Mayor N/A 1st executed

Execution chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Cookie46910 IN IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
KittyCat11231 IN IN IN IN IN WIN OUT
mine_man_ IN IN IN IN OUT
megascatterbomb IN IN IN OUT
hvt2011 IN IN OUT
Soleurs IN IN OUT
FredTheTimeLord IN IN OUT
MikeRoma IN OUT
Skelezomperman OUT
     Blue indicates the player won the game
     Orange indicates the player was the mole
     Green indicates the player won an exemption
     Tan indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz, but finished faster
     Red indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz and was executed
     Purple indicates the player forfeit
     Pink indicates the player was neutralized
     Gray indicates the player took a bribe and left the game


Episode 1 - "It Was An Experience, To Put It Nicely" -AyyLion

Episode 1 Recap
Episode Date: April 21, 2018
Locations: Whitechapel & Fort Yaxier
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Meet Your Opponents $0 $600
Transport Travels $600 $600
Current Pot $600 $1,200
Skelezomperman 1st player executed

Meet Your Opponents: The players are shown boards which display personal information about their fellow competitors in Whitechapel. They are given three minutes to write as much down as possible (they would be able to see it for a prolonged amount of time later for quizzes). Players were not allowed to confer with others during this time. Two players with the best memories and that are fast writers are then chosen from the group. The two have to solve puzzles using the information from the screens to come up with a set of coordinates located in Whitechapel. Players not completing the challenge were not allowed to discuss the items on the screen while the challenge was going on. At the coordinates, there would be an emerald. Every two minutes, they may call someone else in to help them solve it. Then, someone working on the puzzle must run to the location to find the diamond. Multiple people may go searching. If they are successful in getting the diamond within 14 minutes, $600 is added to the pot.

Transport Travels: Teams were taken to Whitechapel's BART Stadium. From there, the players were told to divide themselves into four teams of near equal players per team. The teams players had to split into included ones who liked to travel by air, water, road, or train. Each team could only use certain methods of transportation to all make their way to the Yaxier Saikaido Waterport in Fort Yaxier. The air team could only use airplanes or helicopters, the water team could only use provided boats or any other watercraft, the road teams could only use provided minecarts for uCars or busses, and the train team could only use provided minecarts for rail or warp train. For every team that showed up within 18 minutes, $100 would be added to the pot. If all players met there within the allotted time, they would receive an additional $200. Also, all players could not use dynmap; however, they would use the wiki.

Episode 2 - "Shoo, Shoo, Get Off My Lawn" -megascatterbomb

Episode 2 Recap
Episode Date: April 21, 2018
Locations: Ghasts Stadium
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Key Of The Cities $300 $1,000
The Councillor Challenge $0 $750
Penalty -$100 $0
Current Pot $800 $2,950
MikeRoma 2nd player executed

Key Of The Cities: After the first elimination, the players were told that they would be assigned rooms. To get their room assignments, they would need to solve riddles to get their keys. In each room, there would be a riddle. The riddle would indicate a city in which they would use a google sheets to figure out the coordinates, using the numbers corresponding. Once the coordinates would be deciphered, then any player may go retrieve that key in creative from /spawn by only using server transport or warps. Once someone found a room key, they must bring it back and cannot help the rest of the players solve the rest of the riddles. They would be allowed to furnish their room thus. For every room key found, $50 would be added to the pot. If all room keys were found, the group’s earnings would be raised to $1,000. They had 20 minutes to find all of the keys. Most, if not all, of the correct towns on the document were towns of the players.

The Councillor Challenge: The players were taken to Ghasts Stadium, specifically to the supermarket. Each player told they were allowed to take three inventory spots worth of items to use to decorate their room. After each player chose their blocks, they were taken to WN6 where they were told that they had to build a Councillor ranked town within 15 minutes. They were required to use at least one of everything they got in the town, and were not allowed to hide them.

After getting inspected by non-competing staff members, if it is approved and meets all the requirements, then the group earns $750.

Penalty: MikeRoma placed an item from his ender chest in the town, therefore breaking a rule of the challenge.

Episode 3 - "Threatening To Commit Murder Is A Felony" -KittyCat11231

Episode 3 Recap
Episode Date: April 28, 2018
Locations: Kolpino City, Laclede, & Whitechapel
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Crafty Answers $150 $750
Morality -$200 $400
Farm Fiasco $500 $600
Current Pot $1,250 $4,700
_Kastle Placed bedrock in answer slot in Crafty Answers
None No cyan carpet created in Farm Fiasco
FredTheTimeLord 3rd player executed
Soleurs 4th player executed
hvt2011 5th player executed

The Nuclear Option: During the break between sessions, $200 was offered to players who would agree to quit the game. There was an unknown set number of people could activate it by privately telling MinecraftYoshi26.

Crafty Answers: The players were told to split into two teams: Explorers or Scavengers. The Explorer team had to have exactly 6 people. The scavengers players were taken to a remote island. The goal of this challenge was to use the natural resources provided on the island to make items that answered the questions provided. The questions’ answers would be found in Kolpino City and Laclede. The six Explorer players would be split into two groups of three, and each group would choose a city to explore. They had 15 minutes before finalizing their answers. For every correct block placed, they would earn $75, making this challenge worth $750. Hidden on the island were other blocks that were useful for completing the challenge; however, there was also a black shulker box on the edge of the island that had a bedrock block where the person who would place it on the plot would gain an exemption. The following were the questions and their correct answers, and the bolded ones were the ones that the group got right:

  • 1) What is the main block of the stage's floor in the Lubov Theatre? TERRACOTTA
  • 2) What is the block between two furnaces inside the DOYKEA? ENCHANTING TABLE
  • 3) What block is being sold under the brown tent at the Russian Festival? JUKE BOX
  • 4) Find the intersection of Aristotle Avenue and Cicero Drive. What is the block that has a sign that says "Station" on it? CYAN TERRACOTTA
  • 5) What block is the desk on the second floor of the Port House and Observation Deck? OAK LOG
  • 6) What block is the main structural block of the Euhstand Tower, excluding the glass? POLISHED ANDESITE
  • 7) What glass block is the front window of the bus at the base of the Kolpino Needle? BLACK STAINED GLASS
  • 8) What block is on stage at the Riordan Theater? HAY BALE
  • 9) What block is most abundant in the cross at the Kolpino Cathedral? YELLOW WOOL
  • 10) What block is the main structural block of The Spleefodrome, excluding any quartz blocks? SMOOTH SANDSTONE

Morality: While on break before their next challenge, the group is asked by two people to find MRT Land. Those people were Cortesi and a guest whose name’s capitals spelled “MOLE”. If the group help both, they win $400; if they were to help only one of them, $200 would be deducted from their running total. Cortesi would ask in voice chat, then moments later the guest would ask the same thing.

Farm Fiasco: The group had to whip up a series of food items by gathering items throughout Whitechapel's Sheepshead district. They had to craft a porkchop, bread, a baked potato, pumpkin pie, steak, and a cake. There was also a spot for cyan carpet. For all food crafted within 10 minutes, each adds $100 to the pot. If a cyan carpet was placed within the time, then the challenge would end immediately, and that person would win an exemption.

Episode 4 - "You Can Put Me On Your Quiz And Go Home, I Don't Care" -AyyLion

Episode 4 Recap
Episode Date: April 28, 2018
Locations: Central City
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Only Connect $625 $1,000
All For One $0 $500
One For All -$300 $300
Current Pot $1,575 $6,500
Red_Ray Clicked "Exemption" button in All For One
None No unanimous decision in One For All
megascatterbomb 6th player executed

Only Connect: Only Connect is a game show where players must either find the connection between four seemingly random clues or find the fourth clue in the sequence. Based on the timing of the guess (on which clue), the more or less points a player may get. The players must work together to solve the connections to gain money for the pot. There would be ten questions, with the first five requiring find the connection and the last five requiring to find the last in the sequence. Each question had a different team captain. The team captain would ask for a next clue and submit the group's answer, regardless on agreement from the rest of the team. Each question allowed for two guesses and two minutes were allotted per question. For every clue they asked further, it lost money.

Half of the questions pertained to the MRT, while the other half pertained to real life trivia.

First Clue $100 Second Clue $75 Third Clue $50 Fourth Clue $25 Connection
Find The Connection
Truth C. Stanton B. Wells B. Anthony Suffragettes
Delta Stadium (Lab) Halua Island (Games) Christmas Central Park (Lab) ATC (Old, then Lab) Originally built in that world, then copied to the New World
Education reforms in Danielston United Cities becomes active Sheep is stuck in road CSoK holds press conference with bombs Radish articles
Chokster City (autobus22) Kenthurst (Cortesi) Utopia (_Kastle, Cortesi) Whitechapel (_frozen) City and their airport builders
The Lucky One The Choice A Walk To Remember The Notebook Nicholas Sparks movies
Find The Fourth Clue In The Sequence
4th: Fort Yaxier Central Station 3rd: A Refreshing Day in Victoria 2nd: Rainy Day in Verdantium 1st: Copperport 2nd Screenshot Contest
5: United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Germany 6: United Kingdom, United States of America, United States of America 7: The Netherlands, United States of America, United States of America 8: United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada Winner, Mole, Runner-up
Tuvalu Nauru Monaco Vatican City Smallest countries
6: Omsk 5: Yekaterinburg 4: Samara 3: Moscow Russian time zones (UTC +X)
Conceptual barrier in fiction Underdeveloped or developing countries The right to bear arms "I" or "am" in English 4th-3rd-2nd-1st

All For One: The players were taken to a quartz room, and were locked inside. Across from them was a smaller glass room with two buttons, and would open when all but one player could step on the pressure plates.

The player who could enter the room could either press the button to leave the room or to gain an exemption. After each person left, shortly after, they would receive an armor stand to fill the empty spot of a person who left. If all of the players escaped before 11 minutes, $500 would be added to the pot.

One For All: The group must unanimously decide who will be given an exemption in this episode in eight minutes. If they do that, $300 will be added to the pot. However, if they can not reach an agreement, $300 will be taken out of the pot.

Episode 5 - "Very Tempting, But I Don't Have Any Friends" -Cookie46910

Episode 5 Recap
Episode Date: April 28, 2018
Location: Covina
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Path To Temptation $400 $1,600
Penalty -$100 $0
Majority Rules $100 $750
Current Pot $1,975 $8,850
_Kastle Prize in Path To Temptation
sesese9 Given to from Red_Ray in Path To Temptation
mine_man_ 7th player executed

Path to Temptation: The players were taken to a skyscraper in Covina, where twelve boxes were placed in a circular path. One by one, each player would take a lap around the room, open each box and discover its contents, but not be allowed to reopen the box once they have closed it. Upon completing a lap of the room, each player would then elect the next person to take the lap around the room, and repeat the same process. They were not allowed to converse with each other at all until the challenge is over. The boxes in order contained:

Box Contents Taken By
1 $400 for the pot
2 Exemption for Episode 7 autobus22
3 $200 for yourself sesese9
4 $200 for the pot
5 $100 for yourself mine_man_
6 Neutralize a player from Episodes 5-7* AyyLion
7 $600 for the pot
8 Exemption a friend for Episode 5 Red_Ray
9 $300 for yourself KittyCat11231
10 Hint for next episode's challenge answers Cookie46910
11 Exemption for Episode 5 _Kastle
12 $400 for the pot gogojakeo

* They must declare their neutralization before a challenge begins for it to take effect.

Penalty: mine_man_ discussed what he got from a box when waiting with people who have also completed the challenge, therefore breaking a rule of the challenge.

Majority Rules: The players entered their own private room and were told tasks that the majority of them had to do for a money. In each round, all players would privately vote for whether they would do or not do it. If a majority them elected to do it, they would gain the money allotted per question. All the tasks would occur at the end regardless of whether it was a majority or not; however, it was revealed that the first four tasks seemed difficult but were simple. The first task was worth $100, increasing by increments of $25, up to $200, totaling the possible earnings at $750. The tasks were:

  • Have a build placed in your town and must stay there until the end of the season (a tree) - $100
  • Change your skin to a specified skin for a week (their own skin) - $125
  • My choice of structure in your town to be destroyed (a tree or cactus or something) - $150
  • Change your username to a specified name (their own name) - $175
  • Sit out of exemption challenge next episode - $200

Execution Bribe: Just prior to the quiz results being read, $500 was offered to the first player who would agree to quit the game. No one accepted the offer, and some results were read. Then, an increased bribe of $750 was offered to all players, including those who were already shown their safe results. No one accepted the offer and mine_man_ was eliminated.

Episode 6 - "I'm No Picasso" -sesese9

Episode 6 Recap
Episode Date: May 5, 2018
Locations: Games World & Silver Spring
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
You Build What You Sing $600 $900
Spleef For Safety $0 $200
Temptation Auction $895 $2,000
Current Pot $3,470 $11,950
KittyCat11231 Won Spleef For Safety
AyyLion Bought in Temptation Auction
Red_Ray 8th player executed
_Kastle 9th player executed

You Build What You Sing: The players were asked which two know the most music. The other six each chose a room and were given a song and artist and, in eight minutes, they had to build it. They were not allowed to break out of the box or build or write any words, letters, or symbols. To gain the money, the one chosen who knew the most music had to guess the song title. Each correct guess $150. The songs that were given to the players building were:

  • Dancing Queen - ABBA
  • Chained To The Rhythm - Katy Perry
  • Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
  • Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco
  • Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
  • Stitches - Shawn Mendes

Spleef For Safety: The players who did not elect to sit out this challenge in the previous episode were put into a spleef arena in Silver Spring and had to fight to compete for an exemption. The last one standing would win the exemption. The person who won was offered $200 in exchange for the exemption.

Temptation Auction: The eight players were asked to bid on certain items. The person who gained an exemption in Spleef For Safety would have to sit out; however, if the opted to take the money, they were eligible and would choose who to sit out. They were not allowed to make any form of communication to each other or find out who bid for the items (in fact, the players were placed in individual booths which were bounded by walls which would prevent them from seeing each other). For each of the items that were to be sold, the minimum was $5 and the bids would have to be in increments of $5. Bidding for each item was not compulsory. Players were allowed to re-think their bids, but they only had one minute to make them, after which the items would be sold to the highest bidder (or, in the event of a tie, the quickest).

Each player started with $250, which they could spend at the auction in whatever way they please; however, whatever money would be left at the end would be added to the pot. With the addition of the auctioning of money, the total possible earned would be $2,000.

Items up for auction:

  • $105 for the pot - sesese9
  • An exemption for Episode 6 - AyyLion
  • $300 for yourself - KittyCat11231
  • Mystery prize (revealed at the end): An inventory full of dirt - Cookie46910
  • $155 for the pot - sesese9
  • Councillor town that was built in "The Councillor Challenge" - sesese9
  • An exemption for Episode 7 - gogojakeo
  • $200 for yourself - Cookie46910

Execution Bribe: Just prior to the quiz results being read, $500 was offered to the first player who would agree to quit the game. No one accepted the offer, and some results were read. Then, an increased bribe of $750 was offered to all players, including those who were already shown their safe results. The offer was then raised to $1,000. No one accepted the offer and Red_Ray was eliminated. Then, a second elimination was revealed and the offer was reset to $500. No one accepted and _Kastle was eliminated.

Episode 7 - "Is This Really Going To Be An Underdog Story Right Now?" -Cookie46910

Episode 7 Recap
Episode Date: May 5, 2018
Locations: Spawn City & Trojan Valley
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Back To School $400 $400
Trojan Valley $0 $0
Current Pot $3,870 $12,350
autobus22 Prize in Path To Temptation
gogojakeo Bought in Temptation Auction
sesese9 Won Trojan Valley and voted
KittyCat11231 10th player executed

Back To School: The players are in the back of an elementary classroom at an unfinished school in Spawn City. They were told to choose a row of seats and to stand on one of the farthest spots from the front of the classroom. They were asked a series of general knowledge trivia questions. Each correct answer means that player can move up one seat. The players are also given a card that can hold back a player who answered a question correctly. Each card can only be used once and using that card. The player to reach the front of the class first stops the game and is offered a prize, untold to the players. At the end, the prize is revealed that they get to make a decision. They were given $400. They were given the choice to pocket as much as they wanted and leave how much ever left to go into the pot (the value had to be a multiple of $25).

Trojan Valley: Trojan Valley is a two-team PvP capture the flag battleground. The goal for each team is to capture the opposing team's banner, while successfully defending their own. The first team to capture their opponent's banner wins. Each team's banner is located in their main keep in their respective settlement, Northwatch Garrison in Northwatch for the Kitanians, and Fort Achilles in Outpost Troy for the Lacledians. To capture the banner, teams must enter the opposing keep, remove the banner from its pedestal, and bring it back to their own keep and place it on the appropriate pedestal. Teams must also defend their own banner from being captured. In order to capture the opposing team's banner, a team's own banner must remain on their own pedestal. While holding the opposing team's banner, team members must be holding the banner visibly in their hand. Teams may also capture the villages located in the valley, and the side controlling a village will gain access to its aid station. When players die, they will respawn in one of their team’s controlled aid stations, either the one in their main keep or one in a village their team has captured. Therefore, capturing villages allows a team to respawn in a location closer to their opponent’s keep.

For the Mole, the players were told that the winning team would win an unspecified prize. After the match, the winning team would have to decide one person from the team unanimously to give the exemption to. If they would not, it would be passed to the losing team, and if they could not come to a consensus, then no exemption would be awarded and $200 would be removed from the pot.

Episode 8 - "That's A Mood" -Cookie46910

Episode 8 Recap
Episode Date: May 5, 2018
Location: Halua Island
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Flame War $0 $900
Halua Island $0 $500
Current Pot $3,870 $13,750
Cookie46910 11th player executed

Flame War: The players are taken to a plains biome and told they must defend it from aggressors. The targets are three fires, each worth $300. The aggressor's objective is to destroy or put out the fires. To succeed, the players must keep the fires safe for 12 minutes. They had 10 to prepare. The aggressors had steak, a crafting table, iron armor, stone swords, bows, arrows, iron axes, and iron pickaxes as a starter kit, while the team had a wooden pickaxe, steak, leather armor, iron swords, bows, arrows, and one crafting table as a starter.

Halua Island: Halua Island is the location of the Christmas 2017 Adventure map built by thomasfyfe and PineapplePerv. The island was built in the Staff world over the course of the month preceding Christmas.

For the Mole, the remaining five players were told that they would have to complete the map by placing all five stones on the pedestals. The players were told where each stone was and the basic gist of each puzzle. They were not allowed to use glitches in their run. The players had to beat the record time of non-glitched speedrun of two players, 6:32. They had a few minutes to prepare and strategize, but were not allowed to physically go to the map. If they completed it in less than the record time, then $500 would be added to the pot.

Episode 9 - "According To Your Wishes" -autobus22

Episode 9 Recap
Episode Date: May 5, 2018
Locations: Games World & Ghasts Stadium
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Golden Balls $560 $1,500
Million Emerald Drop $128 $1,000
Current Pot $4,558 $16,250
autobus22 12th player executed

Golden Balls: Golden Balls is a British daytime game show which was brought onto the server by megascatterbomb. For Round 1, usually twelve balls are randomly drawn from the Golden Bank and put into a mixer, and four "Killer" balls are added. However, for the Mole, the money amounts were predetermined. These 16 balls are split equally and randomly among four players, each of whom places two balls on their own front and back row holders without looking inside. The players then open their front-row balls for all to see. The players then each secretly look at their own back-row balls and announce the contents; they may either tell the truth or lie as they see fit. They then discuss who they think is lying and try to establish who has the worst set of balls, in terms of the lowest total value and/or the most Killer balls. Each player secretly casts one vote as to whom they want to remove from the game. The player who receives the most votes is eliminated with no winnings. In the event of a two-way tie, the players not involved in it must discuss further and try to reach a consensus. If they do, the chosen player is eliminated; if not, each tied player is given one more ball at random, dispensed from the mixer. One is a Killer, the other is empty, and the person who receives the Killer is out of the game. If every player receives one vote, all four continue their discussion; the first three to reach an agreement on who should be eliminated advance to the next round.

All four players reveal their back-row balls, and the eliminated player must then "bin" their balls, dropping them down a chute and removing them permanently from play.

For Round 2, the remaining balls from the three surviving players are closed and put into the mixer. Two more cash balls are drawn from the Golden Bank. Since it is the Mole, however, they are not random. Additionally, one more Killer is added to give a total of 15 balls in play. Each player receives five balls, placing two on their front row and three on their back, and play proceeds as in Round 1.

For Bin or Win, the two remaining players' balls are again closed and put back into the mixer, and one more Killer ball is added to give a total of 11 balls in play. The balls are mixed and placed in dispensers. Starting with the player who brought more money into this round, each first chooses one ball to "bin" (eliminate) and then one to "win" (place in the jackpot). Each ball is opened as it is chosen. If a cash ball is chosen to win, its value is added to the potential jackpot; if a Killer is chosen, the jackpot is immediately divided by 10. Any "win" Killers that are found before the first "win" cash ball do not affect the jackpot. The players take turns choosing until they have five "win" balls, after which the one remaining ball is opened and binned.

Depending on the distribution of the balls in the first two rounds, the number of Killers in play at the start of this round can range from one to six.

For Split or Steal?, each player must secretly choose either to "Split" or "Steal" to indicate their intentions after looking inside to confirm which is which. The players may speak to each other before making their decision.

For the Mole,

  • If both choose Split, all of the money goes into the pot.
  • If one chooses Steal and the other chooses Split, the Steal player takes the jackpot for themselves.
  • If both choose Steal, neither player wins any money and no money goes into the pot.

Million Emerald Drop: The four remaining players were taken back to Ghasts Stadium to participate in an adapted version of The Million Emerald Drop. The group began with $1,000, and had to get through four general trivia questions to get the money. Each question had a four answers, one being correct, three being wrong. They had to bet their money and if it was wrong, their money would fall into the void. They were allowed to split their money on all the drops but one, meaning, they had to leave at least one drop empty.

Episode 10 - "Yippie Ki-Yay, That Was A Rootin' Tootin' Good Time" -AyyLion

Episode 10 Recap
Episode Date: May 5, 2018
Locations: San Reinoldi & Games World
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
The Long & Winding Roads $300 $900
Big Brother Cup $0 $850
Final Pot $4,858 $18,000
sesese9 Mole
AyyLion Winner
gogojakeo Runner-up

The Long & Winding Roads: The three remaining players are asked personal and revealing questions about each other. One by one, a diamond is hidden in a chest. The two other players are asked the same questions, and must try to match the answers given by the hidden player. After each response, the two players go either left or right in a fork in the road. If they answer all three questions correctly, they will successfully guide themselves through the village and find the hidden diamonds. If they make just one wrong answer, they will go down the wrong fork in the road and will not find the diamonds. Each correct path earned them $300. This took place in San Reinoldi.

Big Brother Cup: For the final challenge, the players would have a chance to view the Mole Dossier. Inside would contain information helpful for the final quiz. To view the Dossier, the remaining three players would face off in minigames from Big Brother. The player who won three minigames first would win the opportunity to view the Dossier. However, before the winner could view the Dossier, they were offered to add $850 into the pot by not viewing the Dossier.


Episode 1: sesese9 attempted to get his team lost in Transport Travels.

Episode 2: sesese9 kept switching houses, attempted to give wrong answers, and told people to focus on one house in Keys Of The Cities. He also did not build anything and chose difficult items in The Councillor Challenge.

Episode 3: sesese9 helped get the exemption used, losing the team money, and was slow in giving resources in Crafty Answers. In Morality, sesese9 purposefully distracted other players by having pointless conversations.

Episode 4: sesese9 kept encouraging disagreements in All For One.

Episode 5: sesese9 took money for himself in Path To Temptation.

Episode 6: sesese9 attempted to build a confusing build in You Build What You Sing and wasted money in Temptation Auction.

Episode 8: sesese9 encouraged poor defense in Flame War and tried to confuse other players in Halua Island.

Episode 9: sesese9 encouraged the splitting of money onto wrong answers in Million Emerald Drop.

Episode 10: sesese9 gave confusing answers in The Long & Winding Roads.